Albany.-Character and Labours of Mr. E. C. Delavan.-Opposition of the Rich.

Backed by the Clergy.--Wide Field yet open for Temperance Efforts. - Examples of

Disaster from Rum and Gunpowder.—Lines in Commemoration of the 4th of July.--

Climate of Albany.- Extreme Cold and Heat.-Excessive Heat at all the great Cities.

-Ludicrous Effects attributed to this.- Badness of the Pavements in America.- De-

ficiency of Benevolent Institutions in Albany. - Visit to the Orphan Asylum there.—

History of its Origin and Funds.- Description of the Establishment.-Successful Ex-

periment on Vegetable Diet.- Exercises of the Children in Geography.- Patriotic

Speech of one of the Pupils.-Republican flymn.-Air of God save the King.-Ef.

fect of such Exercises on the youthful Mind. - Annual Cost and Weekly Expense of

each Orphan.-Unsatisfactory Visit to the Albany Museum

Page 42


Excursion to the Shaker Village of Niskyuna.-Description of their Place of Worship

- Arrangement for the Reception of Strangers.—Costume of the Shakers, Male and

Female.--Silent Commenceinent of their Devotions.--Address of one of the Male

Elders.--First Hymn sung by all the Worshippers.— Address of a second Elder to the

Visiters.- Attitude of Kneeling, and Invitation to the Angels.- Defence of the Char-

acter of the Institution.-Speech of one of the Female Élders.-Commencement of

the devotional Dancing.-Gradually increasing Fervour of iheir Devotion.-Hymns to

Quick, and a Gallopade. - Extravagant Evolutions of the Female Dan-

cers.-Comparison with the whirling Dervishes of Damascus.-Fanaticism of Chris-

tians, Mohammedans, and Hindus


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Excursion to the Tuscarora Settlement.-History of this Tribe of Indians.-Council of

the Sachems, Chiefs, and Warriors.Object of the Meeting.–Women and Children

present at the Council.- Description of the mixed Assembly – Terms proposed to the

Indians.- Translation of the English Speech into the Tuscarora Tongue.-


tion made to the Treaty.-Final Assent of the Chiefs.-Signatures and Ratification

by Witnesses. --Statistics of the Tribe in Numbers and Lands.-Mode of Government

and State of Property.-Missionary Labours, Religion, and Education.-Difficulty in

teaching the Women and Children.-- Return to Niagara along the Banks.—Extensive

Forests towards Lake Ontario.-Brock's Monument.-Outlet of Niagara.- Descrip-

tion of the Devil's Hole and Whirlpool.- Finest distant View of the Cataract.--Pas-

sage of the Ferry after Sunset.-Grandeur of this Night-view of the Cataract.- Last

Look at the Falls from Table Rock.-Increased Beauty and Sublimity of the Scene



Leave Niagara for the Village of Chippewa.-Embark in the Steamboat for Buffalo.-

Passage by Schlosser.- Wreck of the Caroline.-Difficulty of Ships going over the

Falls. -Descent of an Indian' over the Cataract.- Passage by Navy Island. - Canadian

Rebellion.-Escaped Prisoner one of our Passengers.-Landing at Whitehaven on

Grand Island.-Splendid Forests of Oak and other Timber.--Saw.mills and Frames

of Ships here.- Proposed City of Refuge to be built here for the Jews. - Monument

of Major Noah recording this Project. ---Passage along the Canada Shore.-Waterloo

and Fort Erie.- Second Arrival in the Harbour of Buffalo .

. 157

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Stay in the City of Buffalo.-Sketch of its History.-Destruction by the British.-Sub-

sequent grant of Congress to repair its Losses.—Revival and rebuilding:-Rapid

Progress from thence.-Statistics of its Commerce.-Financial Report to the State

Legislature.- Prospects of future Greatness.- Advantageous and agreeable Situation

of Buffalo.-The Welland Canal from Lake Erie to Lake Ontario.- Description of

Buffalo, its Buildings and Population.- Projected Public Buildings, University and

Exchange.- Environs, Rides, 'Villas, Prospects, Climate -Steamboats, Schooners,

Brigs, and Ships.-Source of the great River St. Lawrence.-Size, Depth, and Ele.

vation of the Lakes.- Lakes Superior, Huron, Michigan, Erie, Ontario.- Public Meet.

ing of the Bethel Society of Buffalo.-American Picture of the maritime Population



Visit to the Settlement of the Seneca Indians.--Statistics of this Tribe in Numbers

and Lands.- Council of the Chiefs in the open Forest --Description of the Tribe and

their Condition.- Visit to the Grave of the great Chief Red Jacket.-Anecdote of

Red Jacket and Lafayette.--History of the White Woman,” Wife of an Indian

Chief.-Atrocities of the English leading the Indians.—Testimony of Corn-planter, a

retired Seneca Chief.—Corroborating Narrative of the “ White Woman."--Evils pro

duced by the use of intoxicating Drinks. - Winters at Buffalo. - Freezing of the

Lakes.--Church-going, Sleighing Parties, and Religious Revivals.--Progress of the

[blocks in formation]

Catholics in the Western Cities.-Alarm of the Protestant Sects at this.-Episcopa-,

lian Measures of counteraction. - Division of New York into two Bishoprics.- News-

papers of Buffalo, Number and Character - Discussion on the rise of Water in the

Lakes.- Curious Theory broached on this Subject.- Journey from Buffalo to Roches-

ter.-Williamsville, Ransom's Grove, Peinbroke. --Batavia to Rochester by Railroad

Page 176


First Settlement of Rochester. --Contest with wild Bears -Purchase of Indian Land

-Death and Character of the original Founder -Last Pagan Sacrifice of the In-

dians. - Striking Resemblance to the Scapegoat of the Jews. — First Christian

Church.-Incorporation as a City.--Education, Sunday.schools.- Temperance Soci.

eties.--Plan of Rochester.-Streets and Buildings. --Staple Trade, Wheat and Flour.

-Extent of Water-power.-Genesee, or the Pleasant Valley.- Poetical Beauty of

Indian Names.--Falls of the Genesee.-West and Catlin.-Fatal Leap from the Falls

by an American --Great Flood.-Carpet Manufactory, Paper-mills, Pianos.-Edge-

tools, Iron-works, and Machinery.--Cabinet-making, Cooperage.-Impolicy and Ef.

fect of the British Corn-laws.-Recent Introduction of Silk. --Soil and Productions

of the Genesee Valley.-Institutions of Religion, Benevolence, and Literature. -Com-

parison with Towns of the same Size in Britain -Erie Canal.--Difficulties attending

this work.--- Prospective Views of General Washington.-Opinions of Gouverneur

Morris.--Ceremony of opening the Canal at Rochester.---Love of Display in Public

Celebration in America. --Extent of Inland Navigation


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Description of the White Mountains.- Names and Elevations of the principal Peaks.-

Journey from the Mountain Pass to Conway.–Stage-drivers and Passengers from

Conway to Centre Harbour.-Winnipiseogee, or the beautiful Lake Meredith.–River

Merrimac.--Shaker Village.-Concord, the Capital of New Hampshire.- Excessive

use of Tobacco.-Danville to Littleton.-Road through the Forest.-Autumnal Fo-

liage.-White Mountain House-Entry into the “ Notch" or Pass through the Mount.

ains. - Romantic Wildness of the Scenery.- Accumulation of Granite Rocks.-Light-

ning and Storms.-Descent of Slides or Avalanches from the Mountains.-Tragical

Instance.-Fate of the Willey Family.-Concord and its public Buildings.-Suitors

attending the Court.-Prolixity of legal Proceedings.- State of New Hampshire.-

History of the early Settlement.--Statistics of its Population, Manufactures, and

Trade-Institutions for Education.—Colleges of Dartmouth and Exeter.-Religious

Establishments and Sects in New-Hampshire.- Journey from Concord to Lowell and



Stay at Boston.— Delivery of Lectures there.-Resolutions presented at their Close.-

Mr. George Combe's Lectures on Phrenology.-Mr. Cushing's Lecture on the Influ-

ence of Women.-Governor Everett's Lecture on the Voyages of the Northmen. -

Afternoon Lectures and Madame Caradori's Concerts. Public Meetings in behalf of

the "Sailor's Home."-Institutions visited in Boston.--Public Characters.--Environs.

-Salern and Marblehead. - Military Levee .


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