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Behold she comes, the fiend forlorn,
Array'd in Horror's settled gloom ;
She strews the briar and prickly thorn,
And triumphs in th’ infernal doom.
With frantic fury and insatiate rage,
She gnaws the throbbing breast and blasts the glowing

No more the soft AEolian flute”
Breathes through the heart the melting strain;
The powers of Harmony are mute,
And leave the once-delightful plain;
With heavy wing, I see them beat the air, >
Damp'd by the leaden hand of comfortless Despair.

Yet stay, O! stay, celestial pow'rs,
And with a hand of kind regard
Dispel the boist’rous storm that lours
Destructive on the fav'rite bard;
O watch with me his last expiring breath,
And snatch him from the arms of dark, oblivious death.

[blocks in formation]


* The Progress of Poesy. # The Fatal Sisters, an Ode.


Thus fades the flow'r nipp'd by the frozen gale,
Though once so sweet, so lovely to the eye:

Thus the tall oaks, when boist'rous storms assail,
Torn from the earth, a mighty ruin lie.

Ye sacred sisters of the plaintive verse,
Now let the stream of fond affection flow;

O pay your tribute o'er the slow-drawn hearse,
With all the manly dignity of woe.

Oft when the Curfew tolls its parting knell
With solemn pause yon Church-yard's gloom survey,
While Sorrow’s sighs and tears of Pity tell
How just the moral of the Poet's lay”.
O'er his green grave, in Contemplation's guise,
Oft let the pilgrim drop a silent tear;
Oft let the shepherd's tender accents rise,
Big with the sweets of each revolving year;
Till prostrate Time adore his deathless name,
Fix'd on the solid base of adamantine same.

EPITAPH ON MR. GRAY'S MONUMENT, IN WESTMINSTER, ABBEY. BY MR. MASON. No more the Grecian Muse unrivall'd reigns; To Britain let the nations homage pay! She boasts a Homer's fire in Milton's strains, A Pindar's rapture in the lyre of Gray.

* Elegy in a Country Church-yard.



Printed by J. F. Dove, St. John's Square.

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