Atlantic Reporter, Volum 43

West Publishing Company, 1899
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Side 226 - No law shall be revived, amended, or the provisions thereof extended, or conferred by reference to its title only, but so much thereof as is revived, amended, extended, or conferred, shall be reenacted, and published at length.
Side 310 - If, when the unconstitutional portion is stricken out, that which remains is complete in itself, and capable of being executed in accordance with the apparent legislative intent, wholly independent of that which was rejected, it must be sustained.
Side 266 - In the capacity of a clerk or servant, shall fraudulently embezzle any chattel, money, or valuable security, which shall be delivered to, or received, or taken Into possession by him, for or In the name, or on the account of his master or employer...
Side 310 - And if they are so mutually connected with and dependent on each other, as conditions, considerations, or compensations for each other, as to warrant the belief that the legislature intended them as a whole, and...
Side 5 - Bequest shall not lapse, but shall take effect as if the Death of such Person had happened immediately after the Death of the Testator, unless a contrary Intention shall appear by the Will.
Side 324 - Water and oil, and still more strongly gas, may be classed by themselves, if the analogy be not too fanciful, as minerals ferae naturae. In common with animals, and unlike other minerals, they have the power and the tendency to escape without the volition of the owner. Their 'fugitive and wandering existence within the limits of a particular tract is uncertain,' as said by Chief Justice Agnew in Brown v.
Side 212 - Have you formed or expressed an opinion as to the guilt or innocence of the prisoner at the bar?
Side 266 - Master or Employer, although such chattel, money, or security, was not received into the possession of such Master or Employer, otherwise than by the actual possession of his Clerk, Servant, or other person so employed...
Side 177 - An inquiry what real estate the said testator was seised of or entitled to at the date of his will and at the time of his death.
Side 325 - And now, to-wit, this cause came on to be heard, and was argued by counsel, and thereupon, upon consideration thereof, it is ordered, adjudged, and decreed as follows...

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