Square Feet.
inf. s. 36.



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536.: 8 Fourtbly, Common Brick-work is meafur'd by the Square Rod, containing 2725 Square Feet : But if the Wall be not one Brick and half thick, it muft be reduced to that Standard, by this General Rules Multiply the Superficial Content of the Wall by the thickness thereof in half Bricks; divide that product by 3, and it gives the true Quantity:

Example. If a Brick Wall that is IBrick thick be 40. Feet long, and . Feet II Inches high from the Foundation, it will con tain í Rod 1. Qu. 56 Feet.

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Example. If a Brick Wall 2. Bricks thick be se Feet 6 Inches in length, and 14 Feet 9 Inches in breadth; the true content atter it

. is reduced to the Standard, viz, Brick, is 3 Rod, 2 Quarters, 40 Feet.

14 4

700 : 0
37 :6



744 : 10 Numb. Bricks 4: 0

3)29 79 : 4 (993 Which divided by 70, 272, gives 3. Rods 176. Feet: Which is the true Content of the Wall.

N. B. The Bricklayers have a particular way of measuring Chimneys: Which is by multiplying the Girt of the Chimney, by the heighth

thereof, from the Foundati: on to the Hearth of the next Chimney; and the thickness of the Jams is taken for its thickness; which method they follow, till they come to the Shafts.

And those they girt for the length of a Wall, the heighth of which is the heighth of the Shafts, and the thickness always two

Example. If a Chimrey be 24 Feet 3 Inches about, its Heighth 9 Feet 5 Inches, and the thickness of the Jams one Brick and half, what will be its Content ? Anf. o Rod 3 Qu. 24 Feet.

94 5


I :
2 ; 3
0 : 1

228 : 4. Anf. in FeetNote, Thus they measure the Chimneys of every Floor till they come to the Shafts.

If the Girt of the Chimney Shaftsbe 20 Feet and the heighth 12 Feet 3 Inches,

. how much is their Content ? Ans, o Rod 3 Qu. 41 Feet.

I 24

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The measuring Book ought to be divid. ed into three Columns (as the Example News ) in the first, the Names of the Dimensions are set down, in the second, the Dimensions themselves, and in the last the product of those Dimensions.

After you have taken, and set down the Dimensions: Your next work is to multiply them upon a waste Paper, and set down their products over aguinst them in the second Column: As you may see in the Example


Nim's of the Dim. Dimen | Their Produ&ts. :;

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IB. Door deduct.

3:6 = 28 Feet, Girt upper Wall | 115:4

I B. Heighth. 13:0 =1499F.4.In. Chimneys twice.


I B.

9:6 = 494 Feet. Windows deduc.

B. : 7 times

3:6 =171 F. 6 In, Chimney Shafts


2, B. twice.

4:01 = 96 Feet.


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