A Treatise on the Law of Suits by Attachment in the United States

Little, Brown, 1866 - 613 sider

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Side 47 - Eighth: Where the debtor is about fraudulently to conceal, assign, or otherwise dispose of his property or effects, so as to hinder or delay his creditors.
Side 508 - The jurisdiction of the District Court of the United States, and the right of the plaintiff to prosecute his suit in that court having attached, that right could not be arrested or taken away by any proceedings in another court. This would produce a collision in the jurisdiction of courts that would extremely embarrass the administration of justice.
Side 33 - Walker was an inhabitant of another government, so that the ordinary process of law could not be served upon him...
Side 584 - ... the plaintiff, at the time of issuing the summons, or at any time afterwards, may have the property of the defendant attached...
Side 573 - Before making the order the judge shall require a written undertaking on the part of the plaintiff, with or without sureties, to the effect that if the defendant recover judgment, the plaintiff will pay all costs that may be awarded to the defendant, and all damages which he may sustain by reason of the arrest, not exceeding the sum specified in the undertaking, which shall be at least two hundred and fifty dollars.
Side 572 - When a debtor has sold, conveyed, or otherwise disposed of his property, with the fraudulent intent to cheat or defraud his creditors, or to hinder or delay them in the collection of their debts ; or, 2.
Side 552 - Has left the county of his residence to avoid the service of a summons ; or, Fourtli.
Side 431 - It is needless to enumerate here the instances in which by the general practice of civilized countries, the laws of the one will, by the comity of nations, be recognized and executed in another. Where the rights of individuals are concerned...
Side 61 - But when the proof has a legal tendency to make out a proper case, in all its parts, for issuing the process, then, although the proof may be slight and inconclusive, the process will be 'held valid, until it is set aside by a direct proceeding for that purpose.
Side 571 - Is about to remove his property, or a part thereof, out of the jurisdiction of the court, with the intent to defraud his ereditors ; or, 6.

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