abandoned reservations in, 1179.

acceptance of cession of Glacier National Park, 1183.
appropriation for classification of mineral lands, 1156, 1157.
classification of railroad lands within, 1152.
coal, iron and stone lands excluded from railroad grant, 1126.
disposal of coal lands in abandoned reservations, 1179.
mineral lands in abandoned reservations, 1179.
effect where school lands are mineral, 1289.

grant of school lands, 1289.

lieu lands granted in place of mineral lands, 1288.
mineral lands excepted from State grant, 1288.

practice in action on adverse claims, 460.

residents may cut timber on mining land for certain purposes, 1339.
selection of lieu lands for school purposes, 1288, 1289.
statute as to aliens holding mining claim, 675.

area and placer claim, 674.

sufficiency of declaratory statement, 227.
forfeiting aliens title invalid, 712.
for recovery of placer claims, 672.
giving time for swinging claim, 233.
to complete location, 191.
makes possessory title real estate, 701.

regulating action on adverse claim, 452.
statutes regulating mining locations, 191.

time grant of school lands takes effect, 1289.

See also Description, Mining locations, Mineral surveyor, Natural objects, Patent, Stakes, Survey,
Surveyor general.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]


to Trinidad for water storage, 1306.



See also Description, Mineral monuments, Mining locations, Monuments, Survey.
as permanent monument, 201.

insufficient reference to, in description, 228.

kinds of, 229.

liberal construction of provision as to, 229.

location notice insufficient without reference to, 201.

not required to be on ground located, 231.

provision of statute of New Mexico as to, 229.
purpose to secure definite description, 226.
question of fact, 228.

reference to, in location notice, 201.

record of notice, 209.

use as reference in description of claim, 227.

what constitute, 229.


jurisdiction of United States extends to, for guano mining, 858.

See also Débris deposits, Hydraulic mining, Streams.

depositing mining refuse in, prohibited, 941, 944.

See also Débris deposits, Hydraulic mining.

obstruction by deposit of mining débris prohibited, 942.

coal testing for, 825.

United States has right to purchase coal in Alaska for use of, 891.

application of statute as to salines, 1202.

effect of enabling act on salines and salt springs, 1272, 1273.

vested rights in salt springs, 1272.

salines excepted from, 1207, 1208.
granted to, 1273.

reserved from grant to, 1272.

salt springs excepted, 1208.

excluded from grant where private rights are vested, 1273.
granted to, 1273.

limited to twelve, 1272.


selection of salines satisfies grant, 1273.

vested rights in salt springs protected, 1273.

action under statute of, to maintain possessory right, 311.
admission by, as to exclusion of mineral lands, 1286.
disposal of mineral lands in, 1271.

school sections when mineral in character, 1271.
effect of acceptance of public grant, 656, 1276.
estopped from claiming title to mines, 1276.
grant of lands in lieu of school section, 1286.

lieu lands not to include mineral lands, 1286.
knowledge of mineral wealth, 1271.
lieu lands not to include mineral lands, 1286.
mineral lands excepted from college grant, 1276, 1277.
grant to, 1271, 1274.
railroad grants, 1274.
State grant, 1274.

not selectable as lieu lands, 1286.

reserved from sale in, 1275.

mining claims reserved from college grant, 1277.

practice in action on adverse claim, 460, 476.

residents may cut timber on mining land for certain purposes, 1339.

sale of State lands subject to mineral reservation, 1286.

saline statute not applicable to, 1212

school lands accepted with conditions and reservations, 656.

State can not authorize appropriation of water in Sutro Tunnel, 1387.

California survey act has no reference to mineral land in, 1259.
duty of surveyor general as to mineral lands in, 1208.

enabling act, 1301.

grant of salines, 1298.

lands granted for school purposes in lieu of mineral land, 1297.
minerals excepted from grant to State, 1296, 1301.

reserved from school sections granted to, 1297.
policy of Government to reserve minerals, 1297.
relief of settlers on railroad lands, 1231.

residents may cut timber on mining land for certain purposes, 1339.

salines excepted from grant to, 1205, 1301, 1302.

granted to, 1298.

State selection can not include gypsum with chloride of sodium, 1298.
statute as to reference to natural objects in descriptions, 229.

statutes regulating mining locations, 192.


See also Land Department, Notice, Publication, Register.

computation of time for publication, 713.

designation of, by register, 289, 713.

discretion of register in designating, 713.

distance in contemplation as to nearest, 362.
effect where several are equidistant from claim, 713.
insertions in daily, 714.

weekly, 714.

nearest to mining claim, 289, 362.

when several published in some town, 362.
publication all in one paper, 714.

in nearest, to mining claim, 306, 713.
of notice, 289.

sixty-day period, 714.


reservation and location, 1051, 1052.

lands containing, as mineral lands, 689.


See also Coal locations, Group claims, Mill site.

application to mill site, 596.

entry of, 395.

improvements not apportioned to, 352.


mill site and mining claims, 596.
as, 596.

of coal lands not subject to entry, 729.
parts of severed claim, 405, 409.
patent for, 409.

part of severed claim, 405, 409.
application for patent, 332.

included in mining statutes, 80.


patent for surface reserving coal deposits, 812.

effect where school lands are mineral, 1289.
grant of school lands, 1289.

lieu lands granted in place of mineral lands, 1288.
mineral lands excepted from State grant, 1288.
selection of lieu lands after school selections, 1289.
for school purposes, 1288.

time grant of school lands takes effect, 1289.

See also Classification, Coal lands, Lands valuable for mineral, Mining locations, Railroad grants,
Stone lands.

building stone and granite quarries excepted, 1116.

claims excepted from grant, 1116.

classification of lands within Idaho and Montana, 1152.
mineral lands, 1148.

coal and iron lands not excluded from grant, 1115.

lands not selectable in lieu of mineral lands, 1120.
commission to classify land of, 1152.

completion of classification of mineral lands in Idaho and Montana, 1158.

grant of coal and iron not affected by other acts, 1115.

lands valuable for fire clay excepted from, grant, 1116.
granite quarries excepted, 1116.
sandstone excepted, 1116.

location of mining claims on lands within grant, 1116.
mineral lands excepted from grant to, 1114, 1115.
excluded from original grant to, 1274.

not limited to metaliferous minerals only, 1115.

mining claims excepted from grant to, 1109, 1116.
rights initiated after grant to, 1116.
nonmineral lands only included, 1114.
patent to mineral lands void, 1127.
preemption right excepted from grant, 1109.

privilege of exploring for mineral land excepted from grant, 1109.
relinquishment and selection of lieu lands, 1180.

reservations in contemplation of future legislation, 1114.

right of Government as to mineral lands within limits of grant, 1121.

stone lands excepted from grant to, 1314, 1332.

words omitted from original grant, 1113.


See also Affidavit, Oath, Verification.

incompetent to administer oaths in support of coal claims, 763.

perjury not predicated on coal affidavit made before, 763.

claimants charged with, 357.


See also Adverse claims, Coowners, Judicial notice, Land Department, Location notice, Mining loca-
tion, Newspaper, Publication.

adverse claim as, 441.

after filing adverse claim, 429.

aid in determining situs of monuments, 198.
all published in one paper, 713.
amendment not intended to cure defect, 505.
of, as to miner's lien in Alaska, 881.
application for patent, 289, 301, 356, 665, 713.
for mill site, 598.
to purchase stone lands, 1318, 1319.


as marking location, 197.

by coowner must be to heirs and not administrator, 275.
coal location, 770, 784.

in Alaska, 886, 890.

computation of time for publication, 713.
conspicuous places-instances, 359.
meaning, 359.
contents and sufficiency, 200, 358.

of, for coal locations in Alaska, 886.
to coowner, 275.

required, 197.

copy filed with application for patent, 306.
defective, will not affect homestead entry, 845.
description of mining claim must be definite, 198.
effect of actual want of, 666.

error of register, 361.
posting only, 197.

when signed by receiver, 361.

entry as, 700.

essential parts, 366.

failure to give, 368.

for coal location, 770.

fee for filing miner's notice for lien in Alaska, 881.

indexing in Alaska, 881.

recording in Alaska, 881.

filing as evidence of intention to hold claim, 286.

for record in Alaska, 899, 900.

of adverse claim, 434.

by laborer claiming lien on mine in Alaska, 880.

miner claiming lien in Alaska, 880.

in Alaska, 880.

for coal locations, 784.

form and sufficiency of coal locations in Alaska, 886.

effect of errors, 368.

insufficiency in, 368.

sufficiency in, 365.

of for lien of laborer on mining claim in Alaska, 880.
miner's lien in Alaska, 880.
general requirements as to posting, 358.
hearing to determine validity of, 294.
instances of conspicuous place, 359.
intention to hold claim, 286.

on suspension of work, 286.
interested persons charged with knowledge of, 302.
knowledge implied, 367.

Land Department may require, for State selections, 1292.
list of lands selected by railroad, 1105.
location, 649.

of tunnel vein, 175.
may be required by miner's rules, 197.
meaning of "conspicuous place,” 359.
mill-site application for patent, 331, 598.
mineral applicant required to give, 302.
miners' custom as to record of, 194.

not required before setting aside fraudulent coal entry, 1227.

of declaratory statement in Alaska recorded, 884.

laborer's lien in Alaska, 880.

on mines recorded in Alaska, 884.
location, 702.
mechanic's lien on mines recorded in Alaska, 884.
miner's lien in Alaska, 880.

not defeated by informality, 881.
mistake, 881.

mining location in Alaska recorded, 884.
relocation insufficient, 705.
State selections, 1292.

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