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DECLARATIONS, ( continued.). - . ..

by original,
I. Peers and members of parliament. :

beginning of præcipe against a peer. X. 388. I.
• 206.

in debt. X. 388 Bummons. X. 474 præripe against a inember of parliament. X. 388. CONCLUSION of a præcipe against a peer or

member. X. 388. by bill, in King's Bench, , beginning of a bill against a peer or member of

parliainent. X. 382.
declaration against a peer or member. X. 382.
in common pleas,
beginning of a bill against a peer or member.

X. 382.
derlaration thereon. X. 388.
II. against corporations,

declaration against a corporation. III. 378.

do. bundredors. VII. 233.
III. by anil against attorneys, &c.
in the King's Bencl,

by an attorney. X. 373.
bill against an attorney. X. 373.
declaration thereon. X. 3.
in the Common Pleas,
by an attorney. X. 373.
bill against an attorney. X. 374.
declaration thereon. X. 374.
in the petty Bag oflice,

bill against one of the six clerks. X, 374.
IV. by and against infants,

by an infant in K. B. X. 380.

DECLARATIONS, (continued.)

do. in C. B. X. 380.
V. By assignees, &c. .
by assignees of bankrupt in K. B. X. 374. .

of insolvent debtor. X. 374. by assignees of bankrupt in C. B. .by solvent partners and assignees of another,

X. 384. .
· by separate assignees of two partners, &c. X.
. 387...

by assignees of a bail bond. X. 374.
VI. By and against executors and administrators.

by an executor in K. B. X. 377.
do. in C. B. X. 578.
by an administrator in K. B. X. 579.

in C. B. X. 379.
profert by an executor. X. 377.
conclusion of a declaration for an administrator.

X. 379. profert by an administrator. X. 379. in assumpsit, (see title Assumpsit.) in debt, (see title Debt.") in covenant, (see title Covenant.") in detinue, ( see title Detinue.") in case, ( see title case.) in replevin, ( see title Replevin."') . in trespass, ( see title Trespass.") in ejectment, (see title Ejectment.") in partition, ( see title Partition.) in quare impedit, (see title Quare Impedit.) in prohibition, (see title Prohibition.") in scire facias, (see title 6 Scire Facias.") count in real action, (see titles « Dower,« For

medon,” “ Writ of Right.) DECREE, (see title Judgments.")

debt on decree in chancery. VII, 95.


trover for. VIII. 374.
DEFAMATION, (see titles « Slander," " Words.")
DEFECT OF FENCES, (see title “ Fences.")

on appearance by attorney. I. 88.
by husband and wife.
by a feme cirert alone. I. 40.
by an infant. I. 43. 43.
by a person sued by a wrong name. I. 32.
by a person sued by a wrong name impleaded

with another. I. 32. . . DEFENCE OF POSSESSION, (see title House.")

pleas in trespass justifying under. IX. 100 to


replication under. IX. 100 to 400. DE INJURIA.

replication of.
in case for words. VIII. 285.
in trespass in general. IX. 9.

to plea of non assault demesne. IX. 2.

to plea justifying under a writ. IX. 354. DEMISE, (see title Notices.").

in ejectment,

of a messuage, &c. (see title Ejectment.")
from year to year. VIII. 7.

in plea in bar io replevin. VIII. 8. DEMURRAGE.

for demurrage of a lighter. I. 187.

of a coalship. I. 219.
covenant for, generally. III. 344. 358.

at different unlading ports in different

voyages. 111. 341.

ca in baricar. VIII. 2" Ejeciment»,

DE MURRAGE, (continued.)

covenant for,

at both lading and unlading ports. IIJ. 352.
at the lading port. III. 366.

the like and not fully lading. III. 364.
debt for the penalty on. VII. 27.
pleas in covenant for,

offer to complete the cargo at another port. III.349.
no notice given to agent of the arrival of ship at

her outward port. III. 366. DEMURRERS.

to declarations,

general demurrer to a declaration. I. 407.
special to, on policy of insurance ; want of in-

terest in the ship insured. I. 407.
want of interest, blanks, &c. I. 441.
writ sued out before cause of action accrued.

VII. 75.
declaration entitled of the wrong term. X. 465.
· want of certainty in stating the death of in-

testate and the time when administration,

&c. X. 466., alleging the defendant to be in custody, but

not slewing under what process. X. 467. to pleas,

general demurrer to a plea in abatement. I. 24.
special demurrer to plea of want of addition in

abatement; that defendants should have sever-
ed in their pleas. I. 25.
the like to plea of misnomer; that defendant

ijas unnecessarily changed the venue. 1. 26.
general demurrer to a plea in assumpsit. III. 183.
special demurrer to a plea in assumpsit. III. 183.
the like for being in bar of full damages. III. 184.
to a plea in debt. V. 325, 56, 76..
to a plea in covenant. V. 29. 50,

DEMURRERS, (continued.)

to pleas,

to an avowry on cognizance. VIII. 86. 142, 3.

to a plea in trespass.
to replications,

general demurrer to a replication. IX. 213.
special demurrer to a replication. IX. 354.

to a rejoinder. VIII. 6, 91.
joinders in,
joinder in demurrer to a declaration or replica-

tion. IX. 354. joinder in demurrer to a plea in abatement. I. 28. , joinder in demurrer to a plea in bar in assumpsit,

debt, covenant, &c. V. 326. joinder in demurrer to challenge to array of the

jury. X. 475. to an indictment. X. 475. to an indictment in order to obtain time for pardon,

X. 475.

to a challenge to the array of a jury. X. 475. DETINUE.

declarations in,
for plans of an estate, &c. VII. 635.

a note paid. VII. 635.
property lodged as security for money due,

where tender of the amount. VII. 686.

title deeds of an estate. VII. 638. pleas non detinet. VII. 637. that the deeds came into plaintiff's hands who at

the request of the person to whom the estate was limited in strict settlement, detained them,

&c. VII. 639. replication that plaintiff is heir in fee tail, &c. VII.

644. rejoinder : plaintiffs got the deeds by intrusion.

VII. 645.

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