DETINUE, [continued.)

surrejoinder and traverse. VII. 645. DEVASTAVIT.

suggested in action against administrator on judg.

ment against executor. VII. 83, 111, DEVISAVIT VEL NON.

foigned issue, to try. I. 135. DEVISE AND DEVISEE.

declaration against devisee and heir. V. 374.
the like against devisees and coleiresses. V.

the like on the statute of fraudulent devises. V.

pleas, &c.
lands devised in trust for the payment of debts,

&c. V. 375.
a similar plea. VII. 429.

riens per devise. VII, 434. DILAPIDATIONS, (see " titles " Landlord and Tenant,"

Covenant,and Waste.")
case for, by vicar against his predecessor. VIIJ.


plea of, by bishop in quare impedit. X. 89.

replication to plea. X. 89. DISCONTINUANCE.

of a suit. 1. 68. DISTRESSES.

declarations respecting,
case for distraining beasts of the plough. VIII. 430.
another and more especial precedent. VIII. 443,
for distraining for more rent than was due. VIIT.

for an excessive distress. VIII. 439, 41.

DISTRESSES, (continued.)

declarations respecting,
case for selling standing corn taken as a distress

contrary to statute. (11 Geo. 2. c. 9.) VIII.


notice of distress. X. 226. DISTRINGAS.

writ of, for a view of the locus in quo. X. 286,

to try an assault. IV. 72. DISTURBANCE.

of rights of common.

of pasture. VIII. 506, 8, 28, 30.

of turbary. VIII. 513, 97.
of right of way,
by pulling down a bridge. VIII. 510,

erecting a gate. VIII. 511, 19.

for not repairing, &c. VIII. 516. of a pew. VIII. 518.

of franchises. VIII. 523. DIVINE SERVICE.

indictment for disturbing. IV. 362. DOGS.

case for keeping dogs used to bite. VIII. 437.

trespass for killing. IX. 36. DOUBLE RENT. (see title Rent.)

assumpsit for. II. 61, 2, 5.

debt for, on stat. Geo. 2. c. 26. V. 153. DOWER.

writ of. X. 157, 9.
declaration. X. 157.
plea of ne unques accouple thereto. X. 158.
replication. X. 158.
demurrer thereto. X. 158.
joinder therein. X. 159.
judgment after verdict to recover seizin. X. 161.

DOWER, ( continued.)

postea finding that the husband died seized of part.

X. 160.
writ of babere fecias seisinam. X. 161.
writ of grand cape. X. 286.
the like for default of appearance. X. 287.
the like after essoign adjourned. X. 287.

brevium de inquirendo. X. 246. DUELLING, (see title Challenge”) DURESS.

pleas of. VII. 397.

replication to, denying the duress, &c. VII. 397. DWELLING HOUSE, (see title Houses."



plea of, debt on bail bond. V.479.
replication denying the plea. V. 482.

another forin. V. 483. EATAGE OF GRASS, (see title " Ayistment.") ECCLESIASTICAL COURTS, (and see title Prohibi

suggestion for a prohibition to, to take cognisance of

a right of way. VI. 242.
writ thereon. VI 244.

to take cognisance of a modus. VI. 245. EJECTMENT.

declarations in,

on several demises by tenants in common. X. 43 premises in general how to be described. X. 43. the different demises. X. 43–4–5.

the ouster. X. 43. by bill under different demises at different times and EJECTMENT, (continued.)

by different persons. X. 50.

declarations in,

on three demises with one ouster. X. 41.
declaration for mesne profits. X. 48. 54.
notice to appear. X. 42.
postea in ejectment. X. 48.
plea in ejectment. X. 52.
writ of possession. X. 49.
judgments in. X. 55.

the like by default. X. 55. ELEGIT.

writ of, in debt. X. 246, 60, 68, 355.

in assumpsit. X. 355. ELONGATUS.

return of, to writ de retorno habendo in a county

court. VIII, 147. ELOPEMENT.

and subsequent adultory, plea of. III. 91. ENTRY.

under a lease, statement of. III. 492. ENTRY, WRIT OF.

writ of entry of formedon in descender. $. 200. ENQUIRY, (see “ Inquiry writ of.”) ESCAPES.

declarations for,
debt against warden where prisoner removed to

Fleet by Hub. Corp. V. 222.
another and more special form. V. 231.
against bailif for escape of a prisoner in execu-

tion under a judgment, &c. V. 224.
against the sheriffs of London for the like. V.226.
against the warden for escape of a prisoner who

was in his custody when the Hab. Corp. issued,

V. 234. bill against the warden for similar cause. V. 244. against the sheriff for an escape. V. 253,

ESCAPES, (continued.)

declarations for,
case against sheriff for escape on mesne process:

V. 233.
the like against marshall of the marshalsea.

VIII. 484.
the like and neglect to arrest. VIII. 486.

fresh suit and recaption. V. 228.
riot and prison breach. V. 229.
prisoner removed to another prison. V. 255.
return of prisoner. V. 241.
conspiracy to break prison and accomplishment.

V. 246.
no obligation on defendant to repair the prison.

V. 246.
replication to a plea of removal of prisoner, escape

after removal. V. 237.
rejoinder, defendant permitted by virtue of a

statute. V. 238.
surrejoinder on the matter of the statute. V. 239,
rebutter. V. 240.

surrebutter. V. 241. replication to a plea of fresh suit and recaption ;

escape through neglect, &c. V. 243. rejoinder. V. 243. replication that defendant permitted the escape.

V. 250.

rejoinder. V. 252. ESCROW.

delivery of a bond as. VII. 440. ESSOIGN.

entry of adjournment of essoign. X. 220. ESTATES.

pleas in,
pleaded (see title pleaded.”)

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