EXCISE, ( continued.)

informations on statutes relating to,
on 22 Gen. 3, c. 68, s. 26, for forging, using and

accepting a permit for the removal of foreign

brandy, IV. 521, 522. on 23 Geo. 3, c. 70, s. 10, for an offence similar

to the last, IV. 522. on 5 Geo. 3, c. 43, s. 22, for the condemnation of

soap lodged with intent to defraud the duties

&c. IV. 524. on 8 Geo. 1, c. 18, s. 11, against a brandy deal

er for not keeping his British spirits in a se

parate cellar from his foreign, IV. 524. on 24 Geo. 3, C. 48, s. 14, for selling hard soap

in other shapes than cakes and bars, not being

ball soap, IV. 525. on 6 Ann. C. 19, s. 19, for lodging soap in a pri

vate work-house used, &c. of which no notice

had been given, IV. 525. on 10 Ann. c. 19, s. 19, for soap found in a boil

ing house used for boiling materials for making soap of which no entry bad been made or

notice given, IV. 525. on 1 Geo. 1, stat. 2, c. 36, s. 14, for biding and

conccaling soap with intent to defraud, &c.

IV. 526. on 17 Geo. 3, c. 52, S. 3, for not making oath of

the quantity of soap made within the week in

which the same was made, IV. 526—7. on 10 Ann. C. 19, s. 6, for using a warehouse for

making soap without notice, IV. 526. on 12 Geo. 3, c. 46, s. 7, against soap makers for

opening a copper after the excise oslicer had locked it, IV, 527.

statutes les

for beginning notice,

EXCISE, (continued.)

informations ou statutes relating to,
on 11 Geo. 1, c. 30, s. 33, for beginning to make

soap out of the weekly bills without notice,

IV. 527. on 10 Ann. C. 9, s. 16, for removing soap of

which no account had been taken without the

requisite notice, IV. 528. on 5 Geo. 3, c. 43, s. 14. for using a vessel for

putting soap into when taken out of the copper

other than square or oblong, IV. 528, 29. on 5 Geo. 3, c. 43, s. 15, for making soap before

a suflicient cover to a copper, &c. IV. 528. on 17 Geo. 3, c. 52, s. 7, for preventing an offi

cer from locking up the furnace door, &c. &c.

IV. 529. on 11 Geo. 1, c. 30, s. 40, for attempting to

bribe an officer to allow defendant to take soap

out of the copper, &c. IV. 531. on 24 Geo. 3, c. 47, s. 52, for bribing an officer

to conceal a fraud, &c. &c. IV. 532. on 1 Jac. 2, c. 8, s. 62, for importing sword

blades and scabbards without license, IV. 532, against makers of stone blue for receiving into

their possession loose starch, IV. 534. pleas, &c. on the 31 Eliz. C. 5, s. 15, (stat. limitation) that

the offences were not comınitted within three

years, IV.467.
general issue on information, IV. 536.
information recited, IV. 532.

notice of seizing goods, IV. 536.
notice of applying to have the cause removed into

the plea side of the exchequer, IV. 539, 41. subpæna with order of removal and stay of pro

ceedings, IV. 539

EXCISE, ( continued.)

pleas, &c. in,

order of removal thereon, IV. 539.
notice of action (under 24 Geo. 3, c. 70,) for en-

tering house under excise law, &c. IV, 540. EXCISE OFFICERS, ( see title assauli.)

case against for illegal exactions, VIII. 466. trespass against for illegal seizures, IV. 537, 42, indictment for assaulting an officer in the discharge

of bis duty, IV. 63. information for the like, IV. 375, notice of action to, for seizures made by him.

IV. 536. notice by, of removing the cause into the exchc


of the plaintiff pleaded in abatement, I. 15. EXECUTIONE JUDICII.

writ of, to the borough court, X. 270.

upon a writ of false judgment, X. 271. EXECUTORS, ( see title Administrators,” « Scire Fa

forms of declarations,

by an executor against one, V. 447.
by an administrator, V. 472, &c.
do. in C. B. V. 454.

proferts by, V. 448, &c.
assumpsit by, on an award entered into between in-

testate and another in their life times, I. 90.
for use and occupation of tithes, I. 149.
for salary and wages as a hired servant, I. 211.
on a bill of exchange executrix of payee vs. draw.
er, I. 252.
executrix of indorsee vs. indorser, I. 311.

of third indorsce rs. drawer, I. 321, 28. EXECUTORS, ( continued.)

assumpsit by,
on a promissory note executor of payee vs. ma-

ker, I. 342.

the like on a promise to executors, l. 3543 for rent, executrix vs. lessee, II, 7. for use and occupation in testator's lifetime, II. 78.

for not paying executor for testator's share in

a patent, II. 109. for the withdrawing a record in a cause by plain

tiff's testator, &c. II. 442. for not indemnifying plaintiff's testator from the

consequences of his eviction by mortgagee, II.

470. to recover gains stipulated by a charter party,

11. 517.

for a legacy, I. 144, 5, 6, 8.
for cattle sold and delivered,
on a promissory note, payee vs. executor of ma-

ker, I. $42.
the like on a note drawn in the East Indies, I.

366. against executor of an attorney who had suffered

irregular bail to be put in, &c. II. 295. for business done as an attorney, II. 307. III. 74. for a reward promised in an advertisement, III.


for work and labour as an apothecary, III. 81. covenant by, executor of lessor for rent, III. 461. V. 1.

not repairing, III. 461, 88. V. 2.
debt by,
against the warden of the Fleet for an escane,

V. 234.
for double rent for not quitting, &c. V. 155.

EXECUTORS, ( continued.)

debt by,

for arrears of a annuity, V. 327. :

on bond generally, V. 369, &c. against for non payment of a annuity, V. 42. quare impedit, by, X. 92. 95. pleas by and against, in assumpsit, ne unques executor, IIT. 216. plene administravit, generally, III. 210. tl.e like defendant sued by a wrong name, III.

210. plene administravit præter, III. 211, 14. a retainer. Ill. 219. set-off, III. 212. judgment recovered and plene administravit, III.

225. bonds outstanding and plene admin. præter, III.

212, 21, 44. judgment recovered against defendant, III. 241, debts of a superior nature, II1. 209. bona notabilia in case, III. 213. bankruptcy of plaintiff, III. 213. statute of limitations, III, 224. outstanding debts on covenants for annuities, III.

defendant joint executor with plaintiffs, III. 220.
in debt,

judgments recovered, V. 387.
solvit ad and post diem, V. 449.
judgment obtained on the saine bond, VII. 417,

other pleas, VII, 418, 19.
replications by and against,
in assumpsit,
to ne uoques executor ; that plaintiff is executor

and denial of fraud in the obtainment of let: ters, III. 218. 211.

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