of locus in quo stated in plea to new assign

ment. IX. 193. ACCEPTOR, ( see Bills of Exchange.")

declaration by a drawer of a bill against. I. 226. 8. 30. &c.

by assignees of a bankrupt, drawer, against.

I. 233. drawer against acceptors partners, once

since a bankrupt. I. 237. drawer per procuration against. I. 239. payee against. 1. 248. &c. Indorsee. I. 262.

acceptance supra protest stated. I. 316. AC ETIAM,

form of,
in debt against one defendant. X. 370.

two, severally. X. 570.
case. Ibid.
trover. Ibid.
detinue. Ib.
covenant. Ib.
assumpsit and debt. (in a latitat) Ibid. .

assault, by judges order. Ib. ACCOMMODATION,

declaration in assumpsit by an accommodation ac-'

ceptor for not indemnifying. 1. 287. ACCORD AND SATISFACTION. plea of, iu assumpsit by the assignees of a bankrupt.

III. 128.
the like, plea and full acceptance. III. 151.
delivery of a promissory note. III. 133.

of broadcloth. III. 134.
of bookcase. III. 135.
of bond. III. 135. 128.


of payment to a third person of plain-

tiff's debt. III. 1:36.
of warrant to confess judgment.

m. III. 137.
Replications, to plea of bond given ; fraud. III.

to waiver, &c. ; issue and denial of the

waiver. III. 132.

goods delivered ; denial and issue. III. 135.

Commencement of declaration in.
Declaration by baron and feme in assumpsit against

bailiff for profits since marriage. I. 81..
by baron and feme, tenants of a copyhold,

against co-tenant. I. 86.
by one joint tenant against others. I. 82,
83, 89.
tenant in common against another.

I. 83.
infant by prochein amy against tenant in
'common. I. 84.

by guardian against bailiff. I. 89.
by administratrix against bailiff of her late

husband. I. 88.

executor of tenant in common. . I. 86.
goods, wares and merchandizes. I. 87.
issues and profits. I. 86.
rents. L. 82,
aşsumpsit by an executor for not delivering

up bills of exchange deposited with

him by plaintiff's testator. II. 482.
for not accounting for the profits of a farm.

II. 483.
selling goods and not accounting and

ACCOUNT, (continued.)

paying over. II. 484. . a similar for goods delivered to sell

abroad. 1. 484. not rendering an account of timber. U.

486. Pleas in,

goods destroyed by fire. I. 88. Replication, denial and issue. 1. 88. ACCOUNT STATED

Plea of, in assumpsit generally. III. 56.

a similar, III. 139.

Replication. III. 139.
ACT OF PARLIAMENT. (see title Statute.)
ACTIONEN NON. (see title Onerari non.”)
Commencement of a plea in general. III. 94.

of a rejoinder. III. 99. ACTIONS PENAL. (see title " qui tam.")

Indictment for compounding. IV. 319. VI. 399.

a similar and aiding escape. IV. 327.
ACTION. (see title Siatutes.” “ Qui tam.")
Statement vf,

indictment for compounding. IV. 321, 3, ADMINISTRATION, LETTERS OF. (see title ad.

Statement of grant of, in general in assumpsit. I.

the like with the will annexed. I. 214.
in debt on bond. V. 371.
the like against an executrix suggesting a.

devastavit. V. 399.
Profert of. V. 370.
ADMINISTRATORS. Cand see title Executors.")

by, against defendant as bailiff. I. 88.

against an attorney for fees, &c. 1. 204.

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ADMINISTRATORS, (continued.)

for the use of a wharf. I. 214.
money lent, &c. I. 216.
on a promissory note, (against accep-

tors.) I. 299.
the like by husband and wife (wife ad-

ministratrix of her late husband.) I.

against on promise made by intestate. 11.

upon a wager. I. 102.
- Debt, by, against executor de son tort of obligor.
V. 371.

the like against the heir and devisee. V.

the like against executrix of obligor. V.

the like against the same suggesting a de-

vastavit. V. 399.

the like on an indemnity bond. V. 517.
Trover by for goods. VIII. 378.
ADMIRALTY. (see title prohibition")

suggestion for a prohibition to. VI. 293.
declaration in prohibition to commissioners on appeal

from sentence of condemnation in. VI. 295. ADMITTANCE TO COPYHOLD.

assumpsit for fines on. I. 216. AD QUOD DAMNUM.

writ of, for enclosing a highway. X. 279. AFFIDAVIT.

of truth of plea of misnomer. 1.2.
of truth of plea of coverture. I. 41.
of truth of plea of privilege. III. 297.
to ground a Judges warrant for the apprehension of

one wbo had obstructed a revenue officer. IV.

AFFIDAVIT, (continued.)

to be annexed to plea of fresh suit and recaption.

V. 227. to hold to bail in debt on award. V. 3 43. to recover treble costs under the highway Act

where plaintiff is nonsuited. IX. 171. of service of notice of justifying bail. X. 224. of escape and rescue. X. 228. of notice of trial. X. 228. of signing a certificate to admit a solicitor in Chan

cery. X. 229. of an undertaking to pay costs. X. 229. of the delivery of a declaration to a prisoner. X. 229.

declaration in ejectment. X.

229. to enter up judgment on an old warrant of attor

ney. X. 230. of an infant in order to appointment of prochein amy.

X. 230. of the value of goods in order to replevy. X. 230. of executing letter of attorney. X. 231. of demanding money on rule of court. X. 231. to move for attachment against sheriff for not re

turning writ. X. 232. of debt by assignee of judgment to hold to bail. X.


to sue out commission of bankrupt. X. 233. AFFIRMATION. (see Quaker.")

Indictment for perjury on fałse. VI. 256. 60.
AFFRAY ( see Riot.")
AGENT (seeFactor")
Assumpsit by, for fees. j. 194.

for insurance premiums. I. 195.
for commission for negociating loans. I.

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