indictment for forestalling bark on 1 Jac. 1, VÌ. Y FORGERY.

indictments for,

in forging a calico stamp, IV. 23.
against an attorney for altering the figures in a

brief, IV. 23.
for altering a bank note, IV. 25.
for forging a bill of exchange, IV. 28.
for forging endorsements on a bill, IV. 28, 32.
for forging a will of copyhold premises, &c. IV.


for forging a letter of attorney, VI. 370. FORMER RECOVERY, ( see titles Judgment recover

ed,and Auter Action pendant.”) FORMEDON.

count in,
by infant for lands allotted to demandant, &c. X.

167, 77.
plea that demandant was seized of the premises as

coheiress with her sister who married and levied a fine to use of husband, &c. and the warranty

descended to demandant as collateral heir, X, 175. replication that premises were not comprised in the

fine, X. 177.
another plea, X. 182.
replication, X. 188.
rejoinder, X. 198.
writ of formedon in descender, X. 200.
sheriff's return thereon, X. 201.
seizin of lands in, X. 202. .

instructions how to proceed in, X. 201.
. FORMS OF COURT, (and see the various titles.)
case for disturbance of, VIII. 523.

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artfulle sheep.

FRAUD, (and see titles Deceit,« False Pretences." 3

case for, in selling spirituous liquors by short meas

sure, VIII. 363. in not delivering full quantity of coals, VIII. 366. in exchange of horses, VIII. 366, 7. in sale of unsound sheep, VIII. 368.

in sale of artfully packed wool, VIII. 369. plea, deed obtained by fraud, III. 128. indictment against an attorney for fraud in the pro.

curation of a letter of attorney, IV. 73. FRAUD, STATUTE OF.

plea of, in assumpsit, III. 128. FRAUDULENT REMOVAL,

arowry and cognizance for rent where goods frau

dulently removed, VIII.127 . plea in trespass justifying taking goods fraudulent

ly removed, IX. 297. FREEHOLDER.

avowry by, for a distress damage feasant, VIII. 13..

under a prescriptive right of common, VIII. 67.

justification by, IX. 119. 263, &c. FREIGHT.

assumpsit for, III. 60.

debt for, V. 160. FRIENDLY SOCIETY.

assumpsit against, for a sick member's allowance, tj.


case for using, in an untenantlike manner, VIII. 411..


debt qui tam for using a dog and gun to kill game

not being qualified, IV. 278.
on penal statutes against an alehouse keeper for

exposing a bare, &c. VII. 142.
for killing a pheasant before the time allowed by

the act, VII. 142.

keeping dogs to kill game, VII. 141—2. popular action for penalty in destroying gamez

VII. 919. debt qui tam for killing, VII. 220. conviction by a justice for having a gun and shooting a hare, &c. VI. 14. for having hares in possession. Same Prece


for exposing a hare to sale, VI. 15. 17. GAMING,

indictment for sending a challenge about money won

at play, IV. 317. GAMING, UNLAWFUL,

debt on 9 Ann. c. 14, s. 2, for money won at cards,

VII. 148,
for winning more than 10l. at a sitting, VI, 383.

using false dice, VI. 391,
winning more than 101. at backgammon at one

sitting, VI. 432.
winning more than 201. in the like manner,

VI. 433. winning more than 10l. by betting on the side

of another, VI. 434,

GAMING, UNLAWFUL, (continued.)

indictment for,

winning more than 201. in the like manner,

VI. 434.

debt for keeping, on 11 Will. 3, VII. 255.
indictment for keeping an E. 0. Table, IV. 156.

for keeping a common gaming house, VI. 384. GAMING, STATUTE OF,

plea of, in assumpsit, II1. 103.
replication, traversing the consideration, III. 104.

rejoinder taking issue on the traverse, III. 105. GAME KEEPER.

indictment for an assault on, in execution of office,

IV, 368. GATE.

case for erecting a gate across the bighway, VIII.


a similar form, VIII. 519. indictment for erecting a gate on the highway, IV.

197. VI. 401. GENERAL AVERAGE, (see title Average.") GENERAL ISSUES.

in assumpsit,

non assumpsit, III. 94.
the like by an executor, III. 210.
the like by an administrator, III. 221.
the like as to part and tender to residue, III. 173,
the like by an executrix sued by a wrong name,

III. 210.
in debt,

nil debet generally, V. 214.
nil debet in debt qui tam, &c. VII. 193.

non est factum, &c. VII. 395.
: nul tiel record of recognizance, VII. 401.

GENERAL ISSUES, (continued.) .

in detinue,

non detinet, VII. 637. in covenant,

non est factum, V. 43.

non infregit infra conventionem, V.76. in case,

not guilty, VIII. 595. .
in trespass,

not guilty, IX. 13.
the like to a part, with a special plea to, the resi.

due, IX. 161.
in ejectment, X. 52.
in formedon, X. 82.

in writ of right, X. 220. GOODS.

assumpsit on contracts relating to,
for goods sold and delivered to defendant, II,

120, &c.
for goods sold to defendant and delivered to a

third person, II. 555. for tithes, I. 149. for use and hire of goods, III. 64. for not paying money in exchange of horses, II,

121. for not delivering acceptances, &c. in payment

for goods sold, II. 114. on a contract to pay for goods sold a third per

son, II. 122.
for not accepting goods, &c. sold, II. 114, 30.
for not delivering goods, &c. bought, II. 106.
on warranty of horses, If. 126, 7, &c.
the like on exchange of horses, II. 121.
against bailees for loss of goods, ( see title

for not accounting for produce of, II. 340.

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