INSOLVENT DEBTOR, (continued.)

pleas by, in assumpsit,
discharge under compulsive clause of insolvent

act of 1 Geo, 3, c. 27, s. 46, III, 197.

the like under 18 Geo. 3, c. 52, III. 198. In the like and that effects vested in clerk of the . peace, III. 201.

discharge as a fugitive, III, 202. in covenant,

plea of discharge of, in covenant, V. 92.

replication to plea of discharge, denial, III. 199, 200. INSTALMENTS. .

declaration on note payable by instalments where

several due, I. 352.
where only one in arrear, I. 353.
on a similar note where part paid and the re-
mainder becomes due in consequence of the
non-payment of an intermediate instalment, I.


the like where no instalment paid, I. 355, INSURANCE.

assumpsit for premiums of, I. 195. III. 82.

on policies of, (see Policies of Insurance.") INSURANCE POLICIES OF, ( see that title.) INTEREST.

in goods insured, stated in action on policy, I. 393. INTEREST MONEY, ( see title Usury.”)

assumpsit for, I. 196. INTERROGATORIES.

indictment for perjury in answer to, in R. B. IV. 287.

the like in chancery, IV. 292.
form of, exhibited against an attorney for con-

tempt, X. 404..
answer to, by an attorney, X. 408.
form of, exhibited to witnesses going abroad, X.

459, 60..


on plea in abatement, I. 33. .
in debt, V. 374.
in tort or trespass, VIII. 437. IX. 61.
in debt against two defendants where one pleads nul

tiel record and the other lets judgment go by de.

fault, X. 390..
issue and mittimus to Chester, X. 396.
the like into Lancaster, X. 393.
the like into Chester, X. 403.
other issues, X 396.

directions how to make up issues, X. 394. JOINDERS IN DEMURRER, ( see title Demurrer."} JUDGES.

information for a libel on, IV. 414. JUDGMENTS, ( see title - Judgments Recovered.")

declarations in debt on,
of nonsuit in trespass, VII. 79.

for not declaring, VII. 80. 115.
in assumpsit where writ of error, VII. 80. 82,
in trespass, VII. 81. -
of judgment as in case of nonsuit in assumpsit,

VII. 83. in assumpsit against an executor suggesting a de

vastavit, VII. 83. 111.
the like after writ of error and affirmance, VII. 85.
recovered in a court baron, VII. 87.

in the palace court, VII. 91. 93.
at Kingston upon Thames, VII. 113.
in the hundred court for costs of non pross,

&c. VII. 94. 110, 115, 120.
on a decree in chancery, VII. 95.
by baron and feme on a judgment of non pros. for

feme when sole. VII. 109.
on a replevin bond by avowant, VII. 111.
on a verdict in assumpsit, VII. 116.

JUDGMENTS, ( continued.)

declarations in debt on,

in the borough court of Liverpool, VII. 117.
in debt on recognizance, VII. 118.
on a judgment in assumpsit in the Exchequer,

VII. 119.
pleas in actions on,
after judgment and before exhibiting bill plain-

tiff sued out an elegit, VII. 89. pul tiel record, VII. 114.

payment, VII. 114.'
replication to plea of elegit sued out, protestando

and denial, VII. 91.
to plea of nul tiel record, stating record, VII. 114.
denial of payment, VII. 114.

verification of, in a replication, VII. 115. JU DGMENTS, FORMS OF.

in the various actions,
in abatement,
respondeas ouster on demurrer; default made,

I. 34.
a similar, I. 67. 80.
quod cassetur billa on discontinuance of the suit,

1. 68. the like on confession of the plea, I. 73, 74. respondeus ouster on demurrer to surrejoinder,

VII. in account,

judgment to account in account, I. 437. in assumpsit,

for plaintiff on demurrer to replication. I. 244. award of writ of enquiry and judgment thereon

in the above. I. 245. where confession as to part, and non assumpsit

to residue ; judgment as to the part confessed. III. 109. 125.

JUDGMENTS, FORMS OF, (continued.)

in assumpsit,
on discontinuance,
interlocutory judgment by nil dicit, X. 362.
final judgment after the writ thereon, X. 362.
on a cognovit actionem with imparlance, X. 428.
final judgment iu B. R. X. 430.
entry of judgment on the roll in a county palatine.

X. 450.
against two executors wbere both plead non as-
sumpsit and plene administravit and one pleads

ne unq. executor, X, 458. in account,

judgment to account. X. 437.
in covenant,
judgment on several issues in law and facts ; mer-

cy, V. 36.
a similar form and capiatur, V, 53.
in debt,

by nil dicit for goods sold and delivered, V. 165.
the like against executrix de bonis testatoris. de non

de bonis propriis, V. 414. by nil dicit on penal statute, VII. 129. non sum informatus, X. 427, 454. for rent for part and remittitur for residue, X. 454. nil dicit generally in B. R. X. 427. VII. 402.

in C. B. X. 453. in detinue,

for plaintiff to recover deeds, VII. 646. in dower,

for demandant ; recovery and seizin, X. 161.
in ejectment,

nil dicit with writ of enquiry, X. 455, 428.
the like with remittitur damna. X. 456.
nil dicit against the casual executor with rem dam

X. 429.

JUDGMENTS, FORMS OF, (continued.)

in ejectment,
final judgment with imparlance rule to plead, &c.

X. 449.
trespass and tort,
non pross award of treble costs under the highway

act, IX. 171.
nol. pross. IX. 179.
on default for defendant in action for words where

justification as to part and not guilty as to re-

sidue, VIII. 240.
form of entering up a judgment on the roll in

case by nil dicit and award of enquiry, IX. 426.
in prohibition, VI. 302.
in partition,
judgment by confession after plea of confession,

X. 152.
in quare impedit,

by nil dicit, and writ to the bishop, X. 73.
for insufficiency of declaration, X. 92.

non sum informatus, &c. X. 106.
in quo warranto,

judgment against defendant, VI. 13.
judgment that defendant be forejudged of office,
• VI. 59.

similar forms, VI. 60. 80. 160. 242.
in replevin,

for the plaintiff, VIII. 92.
by default for want of a plea, VIII. 148.
for avowant for want of a plea in bar to avowry

for rent arrear, VIII. 152.
de retorno babendo by default, VII. 3. 11. 19. 22. -


in inferior courts,
judgments in the sheriff's court of London of ap-
praisement, and that goods shewed in satis-

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