MARINER, (continued.)

trespass against the captain for assaulting, &c. IX.


a similar, IX. 18.
case against master for running foul of a ship, VIII.

MARRIAGE, (see title Husband and Wife.")

assumpsit for not marrying plaintiff who in conse.
quence of promise to that effect retired from the

army, II. 487.
on a promise generally, II. 488, 9.
on a promise to pay money in consideration of

marriage, II. 491. .
on a promise to pay a certain sum in considera-

tion of plaintiff's marrying a woman with a

bastard child, II. 492.

case for words inducing loss of marriage, VIII. 253.

indictment on 26 Geo. 3, s. 8, for marrying without

license, VI. 374.

declaration against, for an escape, VIII. 484.
plea to debt on escape, by; riot and assaulting the
keepers, V. 229.

fresh suit and recaption, V. 241.
MASTER AND SERVANT, (and see titles Mariner,"

assumpsit by servant against master to recover part

premium, II. 219. 507.,
case for words spoken, of a servant by the master,

VIH. 233.
covenant by apprentice against master for dismiss-

ing bim, III. 415, 19.
not instructing, III. 415, 19, 25.
not finding clothes, victuals, &c. III. 415, 25, 33.
not paying wages, III. 427,

MASTER AND SERVANT, (continued.)

covenant by master against servant for not serving
. : his time, III. 432.

for revealing secrets, embezzling, inatten-

tion, &c. III. 437.
against the father of apprentice for non per-

formance of the articles, III. 417.

voluntary absence,
apprentice ran away, III. 421.
agreement to procure a substitute, III. 421.

other pleas, III. 421, 29, 35.

replications, III. 423, 6, 32.

indictment for perjury before, IV. 278.

. information by, IV. 418.

· assumpsit for, II, 375. III, 57.

declarations in, I. 381.
bill against in B. R. X. 382.

in C. B. X. 382.
declaration on bill against in C. B. X: 382.
MENACES, (see title Duress.)

declaration in trespass for, X. 48. .

the like and cost, X. 54.

indictment against for mala praxis, IV. 360.

trespass for digging in, and carrying away, IX. 154.

indictments for,',
• assault, IV, 60, to 73. (see title, Assault.”)

MISDEMEANORS, (continued.) ..

indictments for,

extortion, IV. 146, to 7. ( see title Extortion.”)
forcible entry, IV. 148. (see title Forcible En-

riot, IV. 150. (see title Riot.).
gaming house, IV. 156. (see title Gaming

highways, IV. 157, to 199. (see title High-

libels, IV. 199, &c. (see title Libel.”)
nuisances, IV. 213, to 227. (see title *Nuisances.")
perjury, IV. 230, to 305. (see title Perjury.”)
rescue, IV. 305. (see title.Rescue.")
challenging to fight, IV. 315. (see title Chal-

compounding penal actions, (see title Compound-

ing Offences.”) .
conspiracy, IV. 79, &c. (see title Conspiracy.")
arson, IV. 58, 59. (see title Arson.”)
paupers, IV. 353. (see title Paupers.").
gaming, IV. 355. (see title Gaming.")
for presenting a loaded gun at prosecutor, IV. 70. .
for assaulting with a walking stick, IV. 77.
for disobeying order of justices made for mainte-

nance of a bastard child, IV. 227.

the like for support of a grand child, IV. 220.
· against one chosen constable for not taking upon

him the office, IV. 332, 51.
the like against overseer of the poor, IV. 338, 49.
against surveyor of the highway for not making

a rate, IV. 345.
against high constable for not issuing his precept

to the petty constables requiring them to notice

the victuàlers to renew their licenses, IV. 347.
for fishing in the king's park, IV. 357. -

MISDEMEANORS, (continued.)

indictments for,
against a common brewer for selling beer in casks

short measure, IV. 359.
against a midwife for mala praxis, IV. 360.
for disturbing a congregation, IV. 362.
against the mortgagee in possession of a gaol,

liberty and hundred court for not repairing,

IV. 363.
against a justice of the peace for partiality, IV.

for exercising a trade not having served an ap-

prenticeship, VI. 395.
for having naval stores in possession, (on 9 and

10 Wm. 3, c. 41, s. 2.) VI. 405.
for refusing to accept the office of constable, VI.

418. .

the like of inquest man, VI. 421.
on 2 Wm. and Mary, fori covering houses withi

thatch, VI. 131.

pleaded in abatement, 1. 71.
MISNOMER, (see title Abatement.") .

pleas of, in abatement,

of defendant's christian and surname, I. 1.
of defendant's surname, I. 2. 32.
of the christian name of wife in action against

husband and wife, I. 9. ..

of defendant's christian name, I. 34. 37. 47. 50.
MISREPRESENTATIONS, (see title False Pretences.")

to the city of Chester for jury to try the issues, X.

to the county palatine of Lancaster for a view, X.

annexed to record in the last named place, X. 357.

MIXED ACTIONS, (see title Real Actions.")

quare impedit, X. 67, to 107.

dower, X. 157, to 163.

plea of, by keeper of prison, of a prisoner, IX. 5.

of plaintiff, a seaman, IX. 355.

pleas of,
to defence of possession of house, IX. 363.

of lands, &c. IX. 34.
to preserve the peace, IX. 357.
by a wife in defence of husband, IX. 361.
by a tavernkeeper to prevent plaintiff's leaving

the house without paying his bill, IX. 362.
by game keeper, to trespass for taking a net;

plaintiff not qualified, &c. IX. 364.
by husband and wife in defence of wife, IX. 366.

by wife alone in defence of husband, IX, 367.

trover for, VIII, 376.

in assumpsit,

for money lent, III. 55. .
paid, III. 55.
had and received, JII. 55.
for interest, I. 196.
on account stated, IU. 56.
on an award made by arbitrators, I. 94.
on an umpirage, I. 99.

common breach, III. 56.
in debt,

for money lent, V. 160.
paid, V. 146.
had and received, V. 147.
on an account stated, V. 146.
common breach, V. 147.

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