NOTICE, ( continued.)

to excise officers of action for seizing hair powder,

IV. 536.
the like for entering a dwelling house, &c. IV. 540,
notice of having the cause removed into the exchequer,

IV. 541.
notice of set off, X. 225.
the like to action brought hy an executor, X. 227.
notice to have a cause in trespass removed into plea

side of the exchequer, IV. 538.
notice of motion for judgment in C. B. X. 224.
notice of executing a writ of inquiry in ejectment, X.

notice of allowance of writ of error, X. 364.
notice of putting in bail in error, X. 364.
notice of trial, X. 392.
potice to tenant to quit or pay double rent, X. 224.
notice to prevent riding over ground to kill game,

X. 223.
notice to pay double rent, X. 226.
notice of distress and entry, X. 226.
notice to tenant to appear in ejectment, X. 42. -
notice of motion for judgment as in case of nonsuit,

X. 225.

by a party, IV. 536.
by an attorney for the party, X. 223,

to an excise officer, IV. 540.

stated, V. 153.

to tenant, X. 224.
NECESSARIES, (see title Lodgings.")

assumpsit for, found and provided for defendant,

III. 64.
for a third person, III. 66.

[ocr errors]

NUISANCES, (see " Case,” Water Courses."

case for,
by infusing noxious liquors into a stream, VIII.

by penning water back from plaintiff's mill, VIII.

by pulling down two houses between which plain-

tiff's was situated, VIII. 544.
to ancient lights, VIII, 548.
digging up and subverting soil, VIII. 551.
pulling down party walls, VIII. 558.
to water course by throwing rubbish, &c. VIII.

562, 93.
by stopping up common sewer in consequence

of which the wate: came into plaintiffs win-

dows, VIII. 566.
for tilting a leaden pipe placed between defend-
ants and plaintiff's cisterns for the purpose of

carrying water to each, VIII. 546. .
for cutting plaintiff's water pipe, VIII. 567.
for letting down and continuing sluices, VIII.

for obstructing a door way, VIII. 573.
for erecting a tumbling bay and impeding plain-

tiff's mills, VIII. 576.
for diverting an ancient water course, VIII.

577, 93.
indictments for,
in obstructing the highways by building, IV.

181, 91, 97.
for not repairing a bridge, IV. 187.
for baiting a bull in the highway, IV. 213.
for keeping a pack of hounds and placing car-

rion near the highway, IV. 213.
for leaving the entrails of sheep in the highway,
NUISANCES, ( continued.)

indictments for,
for preventing the interment of a corpse, IV.

219. .
for diverting a water course, IV. 222.
for erecting a necessary house near the road,
IV. 225.

a gate across the road, IV. 401. 5.
for boiling soap in a public street, IV. 417.

case for false return of, VIII. 455.

plea of, V. 455.
the like stating award and averring performance,

V. 455.
replication shewing breach, V. 457.

rejoinder taking issue on the breach, V. 458.

plea of,

to debt on recognizance of bail, VII, 68. 401.
to debt on judgment, VII. 115.
to debt on recognizance, nul tiel record of the

judgment against the principal, VII. 67.

to plea of judgment recovered, VII. 418.
to plea of nul tiel record, VII. 68.

OATHS, (see title Perjury.)
OBSTRUCTION, (see titles Highways,Water


indictment for presenting a loaded gun at prosecu-

tor, IV. 309.


indictment against justices for falsely certifying on

an indictment for not repairing a road that the
road was in repair, IV. 125.
against a constable for taking money of a person

whom he had apprehended under pretence of

getting him discharged, IV. 146.
against a bailiff for extorting a fee for an attach-

ment, IV. 147.
against a surveyor of the highways for not mak-

ing a rate, IV. 345.
against a justice for refusing to grant a license,

IV, 364.
against a constable for not issuing his precept,

&c. IV. 347.
a similar form, VI. 455.
informations for,
for knowingly taking insufficient sureties for the

appearance of a person charged with a crime,

IV. 418.
for illegal discharge of a person committed un-

der the vagrant act, IV. 426.

indictment against a constable for not taking the of.

fice, IV. 332.
for refusing to execute the office of overseer, IV.

338, 49.
for refusing to execute the office of headborough

after presentment at the leet, IV. 351.
for not executing the office of constable, VI. 418.

for refusing to serve as inquestman, VI. 421.
ORDER, Cand see title Rules:")

for a special jury, IV.490.
of removal of a cause in C. B. to plea side of the
exchequer, IV. 539.


indictment for, against father of a bastard child on

order made for its maintenance, IV. 227.

for support of a grandchild, IV. 229.
ORIGINAL WRITS, (and see title Writs.")

proceedings by,

præcipe for special original in assumpsit, X. 372.
declaration thereon, X. 371.
in debt,
præcipe in debt, X. 371.
capias thereon, VII. 399.

declaration, X. 376.
in covenant,

præcipe in covenant, X, 372.

declaration, X. 375.
by justices in county court,

præcipe for justices in assumpsit, X. 373.
præcipe against a peer in assumpsit, X. 388.

declaration against a peer, X. 382.

summons, X. 474.

· stated in ejectment, X. 41.

declaration where one of several defendants has

been outlawed, X. 384.
outlawry of plaintiff pleaded in bar, III. 153.

the like in C. B to action in B. R. III. 154.

assumpsit by, against in-coming tenant for manure,

II. 52.
for fixtures, &c. JI. 52. 66.

for trees left on the land, II. 56.

indictment against for not accepting office, IV. 338

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