OVERSEER, ( continued.)

plea exemption 0:1, 1 W. and M. IV. 339.

replication and issue, IV. 344.
OVERT ACTS, (see Treason,” “ Conspiracy.")


indictment for publishing, IV. 199.

declaration in, I. 371.
PARLIAMENT, (see tiile Members of Parliament.")

plea of, by an infant heir, I. 43,

replication confessing plea, I. 43,

original writ in, X. 151.
declaration in, by tenants in common, X. 152.
plea of confession of infants by guardian, X. 152.
first judgment in partition, X. 153,
final judgment, X. 155.
writ of partitione facienda, X. 155.
award of that writ, X. 153.

sheriff's return, X, 154.

assumpsit by,

survivor on promises to both partners, I. 385.
on promises to survivor to pay debts due before

the death.
on promises to survivor for debts accrued since

the death,

survivor on promises by both partners, III. 83,

PARTNERS, (continued.)

assumpsit against,
on promises by survivor to pay debts due before

the deatb, II. 301.
on promises by survivor to pay debts accrued

since the death, I. 347.
by assignees of surviving partner, bankrupt, I. 233.
against partners, one since a bankrupt, I. 237.
by, on a bill drawn by procuration, I. 239.
against acceptor's two partners, one since outlaw.

ed, I. 239.
on a note made by one in name of firm, L 343.
indorsement by firm stated, I. 264.
covenant on partnership articles, III. 333.
the like according to the custom of London, III.


debt for buying and having in possession, VI. 148.

assumpsit for contribution to, III. 6.

common count for, III. 82.

case for pulling down, VIII. 558.

assumpsit for passage money, I. 190.

assumpsit by, for not being permitted the use of

: cabin, II. 336.
PASTURE, (see Common.”)

indictment for bringing a pauper, having the small

pox, into a parish, IV. 353.
for removing a pauper with child into another

parish than that where she belonged, IV. 354,
for a conspiracy to take a house for a pauper

thereby to gain a settlement, IV. 112. -
a similar form, IV. 124. VI. 398.

PAYEE, (see Bills of Exchange," Promissory Notes.")

pleas of,
in debt on money bond,

solvit ad diem, VII. 396, &c.

solvit post diem, VIE. 442.
to debt in annuity bond.

to debt on judgments, VII. 396, &c.
in covenant, V. 85. 91.

other pleas, VII. 395, to 488.

assumpsit against for loss of pledge. I. 280.

debt against for usury, VII. 202.
PEACE, (see title « Riots.")

præcipe against a peer in assumpsit, X. 388.
summons against a peer, X. 474.
bill against a peer in B. R. X. 382.
do. in C. B. X. 382.

declaration thereon, X. 382.

debt on,
on 24 Geo. 3, c. 7, for giving a receipt without a

proper stamp, VII. 120.
on 10 Geo. 2, c. 28, for performing on the stage

without license, VII. 121.
on 2 Geo. 2, c. 23, s. 24, for acting as solicitor

in the exchequer without license, VII. 122.
on the 8 Ann. c. 9, s. 32, for not paying the du-

ty on apprentice fee, VII. 122.
on the statute for selling gloves without a stamp, .

VII. 125.
on 25 Geo. 3, for defrauding the post horse duty,

VII. 126.
on 2 Geo. 2, C. 24, s. 7, for bribery at an elec-

tion, VII. 127.

PENAL STATUTES, (continued.).

debt on,
on 26 Geo. 2, against an unqualified person for

killing a hare, VII. 129.
on 5 Geo. 3, for catching fish, VII. 130.
for keeping a greyhounri, VII. 131.
on 5 Ann. c. 14, s. 4, for keeping wire snares to

destroy game, VII. 131.
on 4 Geo. 2, c. 28, for not quitting after notice,

Vil 132.
on 11 Geo. 2, for holding over after notice te

quit, VII. 133.
on 32 Hen. 8, c. 9, for purchasing a bad title,

VII. 134.
for exercising the trade of a butcher not being

qualified, VII.1 37.
on 5 Eliz. for exercising a trade not having serv.

ed the regular apprenticeship, VII. 138.
on 12 Ann. for selling coals which were deficient

in measure, VII. 140.
on 25 Geo 3, for keeping a greyhound for taking

bares without a certificate, Vil. 141.
on 2 Gev. 3, s. 1, for killing a pheasant before

the time allowed by the act, VII. 142.
against an alehouse keeper for having in his pos-

session a hare, &c. without a certificate, VII.

for not having the sum of money paid as apprentice

fee inserted at full length in the indenture, VII.

on 22 Geo. 3, c. 31, s. 1, against the keeper of a

post office for voting at an election, VII. 147.
on 2 Geo. 3, c. 19, s. 1 and 4, for having par.

tridges in possession, VII. 148.
on 9 Ann. 14, s. 2, for money won at cards,

VII. 143.

PENAL STATUTES, (continued.)

debt on,
on 5 Geo. 2, c. 14, at the suit of the owners of

a fishery for fishing without leave, VII. 149.
on 32 Geo. 2, c. 28, against a serjeant at mace

for the city of London, for carrying the plain-
tiff to an alehouse and suffering liquor to be
called for without reading the clause prescrib-

ed, &c. VII. 150. 156.
on 32 Geo 2, C. 28, against a bailiff for extor-

tion, VII. 153.
on 23 Hen. 6, for treble damages for the same,

Same Precedent.
on 32 Geo. 2, c. 28, against a sheriff's bailiff for

on 11 Geo. 2, c. 19, s. 3, against a tenant for

fraudulently removing goods, &c. VII. 159.
on the same stat. for assisting to remove, VII.

on 11 Geo. 2, c. 19, s. 18, against a tenant for

double rent for holding over, VII. 162. 166.

against defendant for concealing a bankrupt's ef-

fects, VII. 163.
on 6 Geo. 1, c. 18, for underwriting a policy of

insurance as partners, VII. 170.
on 32 Car. 2, c. 2, against-a gaoler for refusing

copy of commitment, VII. 175.
on 15 Eliz. C. 5, for fraudulently executing a col-

lusive judgment, VII. 176.
on 13 Geo. 3, for preserving the highway, VII.

on 13 Geo. 3, for retailing spirituous liquors

without license, VII. 178.

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