PENAL STATUTES, (continued.)

debt on,
on 19 Geo. 3, c. 69, s. 19, against a dealer in

coffee and chocolate, for not having the words

painted over his door, VII. 180.
on the lottery act of Geo. 3, against a lottery of-

fice keeper for insuring upon the drawings and

publishing schemes and proposals, &c. VII. 180.
on the same act for insuring the numbers, VII.

on the mutiny act (23 Geo. 3, c. 24, S. 48,)

against the agent of a regiment for not stating
an account of the money due the regiment, VII.

on 24 Geo. 3, c. 43, for using a gin to catch

bares, VII. 187.
on 9 Ann. for winning at a game called fives,

VII. 189.
on 9. Ann. C. 9, s, 40. for causing a letter with a

guinea inclosed to be detained, VII. 191.
on 9 Ann. C. 21, for not paying the stamp duty

on an apprentice fee, VII. 191.
the like where part paid down and part agreed

to be paid afterwards, VII. 192.
the like for not paying the stamp duty on a sun

of money paid by a father on turning his son
over to another master according to the cus-

tom of London, VII, 194.
on 12 Ann. c. 16. for usury, VII. 195, 201, 2, 3.
on 2. Geo. 2 for practising as a solicitor not

having been inrolled, VII. 208.
on 2 Geo. 2, c. 23. for bribery at an election,

VII. 210.
on the general clause of the turnpike act, 7 Geo.

3, VII. 212.

PENAL STATUTES, (continued.).

debt on,
on 21 Hen. 8. c. 13. against a clergyman for hol-

ding tithes and a farın upon lease, &c. Vir.

on 5 Eliz. C. 4, for taking an apprentice for a less

term than seven years, VII. 215.
on 23 Eliz. C. 1, s. 4 and 5, for hearing mass,

VII. 216.
on 15 Car. 2, c. 8, against a butcher for selling

live cattle, VII. 217. i
on the 2 Geo. 3, c. 19, s. 5, for using a lurcher

for destroying game, VII. 219, 20.
on 9 Ann, C. 14, for money won at gaming, VII.

on stat. Hen. 6, c. 7, for continuing in the office

of under-sheriff of Middlesex for more than a

year, VII. 221.
on 5 Geo. 2, c. 14, at the suit of the pond owner

for fishing there without his leave, VII. 222.
on 13 Eliz. C. 5, for taking a fraudulent bill of

sale of goods, VII. 223.
on 28 Geo. 3, c. 9, for selling less than one ounce

of copper mixed on silk, VII. 224.
on 7 Geo. 3, for pirating prints from a magazine,

VII. 225.
on 18 Geo. 2, C. 20, for acting as a justice of the

peace not having taken the oaths, VII. 227.
for acting as a commissioner of the land tax not

being qualified, VII. 228.
on 22 Geo. 2, c. 36, for importing and wearing

foreign embroidery, &c. VII. 229.
on 12 Geo. 2, c. 16, for selling books originally

printed in England and reprinted in Ireland
and imported into England, VII. 250.

PENAL STATUTES, (continued.)

debt on,
on 10 Ann. c. 19, s. 176, for marrying without

license or publication of the banns, VII. 231.
on 9 Geo. 1, against a custom house officer for

not paying money on account of tobacco lost,

VII. 231.
on 8 Geo. 2, c. 20, s. 6, against the inhabitants

of a hundred for penalty in pulling down a

turnpike gate, VII. 233.
on 3 Geo. 2, C. 26, for selling coals for a partic-

ular sort when they were of a different sort,

VII. 234.
on 9 Ann. C. 28, s. 2, against the master of a

ship for not registering his certificate within
forty eight hours after entering his ship at the

custom bouse, VII. 235.
on 23 Eliz. for not repairing the church, VII. 238.
on 1 and 2 Phil. and Mary, against defendant

not being a freeman for selling goods by re-
tail on other days than open fair days, VIJ.


on 18 Geo. 2, c. 20, for not taking the oaths and

qualifying, &c. VII. 240.
on 6 Ann. for acting as a broker within the city

of London not being admitted, VII. 241.
for starting a running mare for a less sum than

fifty pounds, VII. 242.
on 23 Eliz. C. 10, s. 4, for hunting in standing

corn, VII. 246.
on 2 Geo. 2, C, 22, for extortion against a bailiff:

VII. 246.
against a parson for granting certificates of mar.

riage upon unstampt paper, VII. 247.
on 16 Car. 1, c. 15, for prosecuting plaintiff in
- the stannary court when he was not a tinner,

VII. 247.

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PENAL STATUTES, (continued.)

debt on,
ou 34 and 35 Hen. 8, c. 9, s. 6, for throwing bal-

last overboard in the harbour, VII. 248.
on 4 Geo. 2, c. 30, against the master of a coal

ship for not keeping his turn in selling coals,

VII. 249.
on 9 and 10 Wm. 3, against a watchmaker for

engraving another person's name on the dial

plate of a watch, VII. 251.
on 1 Ann. €. 22, for scratching out the names in

an old indenture of apprenticeship and insert-
ing other names intending to avoid the stamp

duties, VII. 251.
on 3 Geo. 2, c. 26, for defrauding buyers in the

allowance of ingrained coals, VII. 252.
on 10 Ann. for selling cards unstamped, VII. 254,
on 15 Geo. 2, for importing gold and silver lace,

VII. 254.
on 18 Geo. 2, c. 26, respecting the sale of teas,

VII. 254.
on 11 Wm. 3, for keeping a gaming table, VII,

on 11 and 12 Wm. 3, for not setting out tithe of

hay, VII. 256.
for acting as a commissioner not being duly qual-

ified, VII. 257.
on 13 Geo. 2, c. 19, for printing an adver-

tisement of a plate to be run for under value

of 501. VII. 257.
on 26 Geo. 2, c. 14, against a justice's clerk for

taking unlawful fees, VII. 260.
on 2 Edw. 6, by the farmers of tithes for not set.

ting out tithes, VII. 261.
on 32 Hen. 8, against a barber for exercising biş

trade pot being free of the company, VII. 261,
PENAL STATUTES, ( continued.)

debt on,
on 1 Ain. c. 22, for getting off a stamp from one

deed and fixing it to anothnr, VII. 263.
on 12 and 13 Wm. 3, against a collector of the

customs for persuading an elector to vote con-

trary to that statute, VII. 264.
on 5 and 6 Edw. 6, c. 14, s. 3, for engrossing

butter, VII. 265.
on 21 Hen. 8, against a parson for renting &

farm, VII. 266.
on 31 Elizabeth, c. 6, for simony, VII. 268.
on 7 Geo. 2, c. 8, against a stock jobber for buy-

ing in his own right, VII. 269.
on 5 Geo. 2, C. 80, s. 21, for concealing effects

of a bankrupt, VII. 273.
on 32 Geo. 2, for selling foreign cambricks, &c.

VII. 275.
for using a dog and gun to kill game not being

qualified, VII. 278.
for exposing game to sale, VII. 280.
on 23 Geo. 3, for writing a receipt in full on un,

stamped paper, VII. 280.
on 27 Geo. 3, c. 1, s. 2, for insuring tickets in

the lottery, VII. 282.
against a distiller for not taking out a license,

VII. 282.
on 5 and 6 Edward 6, c. 1, s. 19, for selling an

ex not having kept him five weeks, VII. 284.
on 12 Geo. 2, c. 13, for practising as an attorney

not being admitted, VII. 284.
on 8 Ann. c. 14, s. 1, against a sheriff for not

paying plaintiff a year's rent under an execa-
tion, VII. 285.

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