PERJURY, (continued.)

indictments for,
in an affidavit to procure a rule to compel attor-

neys to answer, IV. 263. :
in an affidavit that he had been attending a sub-

pæna at the time when arrested, IV, 264.
in the affirmation of a quaker, &c. IV. 266.
in an affidavit to hold to bail, IV. 271.
at the assizes on the trial of an assault, IV. 273.
on the trial of an indictment for perjury, IV. 275.
on an affidavit in-a cause in which the party in-

dicted was plaintiff, IV. 277.
in an affidavit made by a bankrupt before a mas.

ter in chancery in order to supersede commis-
- sion, IV. 278.
in an aflidavit for a rule to set aside a judgment

writ of execution and to be discharged from

custody, IV. 281.
in an affidavit in answer to interrogatories, IV.

a similar form, IV. 292.
in a cause in the ecclesiastical court, IV. 297.
for bribery at the Cricklade election, IV. 300.
at the trial of an indictment for sodomy, VI. 396.

in justifying bail, Vl. 423, 4.

indictment for personating the proprietor of stock,

IV. 55.

to sheriff to attach goods in hands of garnishes,

(in the city court.) II. 163, 6.

declaration against one of the clerks, X, 374.

declaration in assumpsit for use of, III. 635
case for disturbance of, VIII. 518,


debt for killing out of season, VII. 142.

assumpsit for fees of, VII. 60.

assumpsit on warranty of, II. 201.

indictment for libel in, IV. 203.

indictment for in running away with a boat, IV. 60.
PIRATES, (see title Policies of Insurance.")

losses by described, I. 415.

in C. B. in error, X. 74.

second placita, I. 335.

levied in a plea of debt in the city court, II. 165.
PLAY HOUSE, (see title Theatre.")
in a feigned issue, I. 122. 132.


in abatement, I. 1 to 80. (see " Abatement.”)
in bar, ( see the respective heads.)
common commencement,

of a first plea when special, III. 94.
of a second special plea, III. 97.

the like to a particular court, 1.

to the country, III. 97. A DA MER
with a verification, III. 95.

the like by the record, III. 147.
in assumpsit, (see title Assumpsit.”)
in debt, (see Debt.)
in detinue, (see title or Detinue..)
in covenant, (see title Covenant.")
in case, (see title Case.) sa
in replevin, (see title Replevin.”)


PLEAS, C continued.)

in trespass, (see title Trespass.')
in ejectment, (see title Ejectment.")
in account, (see title Account:)
* in quare impedit, (see title Quare Impedit.)

in dower (see title Dower.")
in partition, ( see title Partition.")
in formedon, ( see title Formedon.”)
in real actions, (see title Real actions.”)
in quo warranto, (see title Quo Warranto.")
in prohibition, (see title Prohibition.”).
in mandamus, (see title Mandamus.")

demurrers to, (see title Demurrers.")

plea in abatement for want of, I. 7.
PLENE ADMINISTRAVIT, (see title " Executors.")

pleas of, generally, III. 210. 214, &c. ·
plene administravit præter, pleas of, III. 211, 14,

21, &c.
replications to, III. 214, 22, 24, &c.

rejoinders, III. 214. 240.

assumpsit on poiicies on ships,

commencement of second count, I. 411.
property and interest,

as trustees for several, I. 389.
in the freight, I. 397.
on ship and cargo, I. 396. 403.
on ship and freight, I. 419.
plaintiff two thirds and others the residue, I.

in a moiety, I. 403.
in sbip and furniture, I. 403, 25.
large amount in cargo, I. 403.
on money lent at respondentia, I. 431.
one eighth part, 1. 421.


assumpsit on policies on ships,

property and interest,
si in two thirds of the ship, I. 445.

government bounty, I. 451.
commissions to arise from expected sales, I.

· 460. '
other averments,

ship sailed with convoy, I. 416,
losses stated,

loss by stormy weather, I. 389. 399. 439.
ship and cargo destroyed by fire at sea, I. 393,
barratry of master and mariners, I. 401.
ship captured, I. 401.
ship sprung a leak in a storm, I. 401.

ship struck on rocks and goods afterwards
- lost, I. 401.

seizure by savages, &c. I. 402.
ship damaged by robbers, I. 402.
ship and goods burnt at sea, I. 402.
ship and goods captured, I. 404.
ship captured, I. 413.
ship captured by pirates, I. 415.
ship arrested and detained in America, I. 419.
ship captured, ransomed and afterwards foun-
..dered,I. 421.
ship run aground in port, III. 378.
loss in slaves from want of water, I. 423.
capture by the French, I 425.
barratry of the master, I. 426, 35.
ship compelled to put into Cadiz and there

confiscated by the king of Spain, I. 428.
capture and ransom and subsequent loss, I. 429.

master put smuggled goods on board, and ship
en seized, 1. 436.

capture generally, I. 441.**


assumpsit on policies of insurance,
losses stated,

ship sank by enemies firing into her, I. 442.
ship obliged to put into port to repair and

average, I. 448.
loss by stranding, I. 453.
ship sprung a leak, I. 459.
of a greenlandman, 1, 448.
for average loss when ship stranded and pi-

loted, I. 453.
averment that goods were -safe at a certain pe-

riod, I. 462.
on a promise to settle loss endowed on policy,

I. 456.
assumpsit on policies on lives,
declaration on a policy on the life of an officer,

J. 468.
by one on the life of a third person, I. 465.

by assignees of bankrupt, I. 467.
against fire,

by assignees of bankrupt for loss by, I. 470.
debt on policies of insurance,
against the London assurance company on ship

and cargo, VII. 38.
covenant on policies of insurance, (marine.)
against the London assurance company on goods,

&c. i .
ship lost by running aground in port, II. 378.

ship taken by enemies, III. 381.
covenant on policies against fire,

on policy generally, III. 385.
the like by assignees on dwelling house, stock in

trade, &c. III. 388.
against the Liverpool fire office on dwelling house,

stock in trade, &c. (deed lost.) III. 403.
Against the sun fire office by assignees on house-

hold goods, III. 411.

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