warrant to apprehend on indictinent for

assault. VI. 437. ' Information.

for assaulting an excise officer. IV. 375.


False imprisoament.”) ASSETS, (See title Heir" Executops « Devisee." ASSIGNMENT.

of a bankrupt's effects, provisional, set out in a plea. II. 311.

ultimate. II. 311. of property for the benefit of creditors, plea of

III. 121. execution of deed of, stated in plea. Same Prec· edent. of lease.

to defendant and his entry. III. 436.

to plaintiff. III. 453. ASSIGNEES. (see title Bankrupt.)

of a bankrupt.

form of declaration by an assignee in B. Re

I. 233. in the exchequer. I. 368. by one partner and assignee of another. I,

assumpsit by,

on note made to bankrupt. I. 235.
on a policy of insurance, (marine.) I,

on a policy of insurance, (life.) I. 467,

on a policy of insurance, (fire.) I. 470. of an insolvent debtor. I. 368. debt on bond by, against obligor. V. 381. trover by. VIII. 373.

ASSIGNEE, (continued.) against, of a lessee, on covenant to repair. II. 4.

of a lessee on covenant to pay rent. II. 15. by, for a lease. VIII. 374.

estate by assignment stated. III. 433. 6. trover against, to recover monies,&c. VIII. 376.

. by, for goods. VIII. 377. ASSUMPSIT.

Præcipe in. I. 206.
declarations in.

forms of. (for particulars see ® respec

tive heads.") common counts, I. respecting real property. II. 1 to

107. II. respecting personal property. III.

54 to 90. III. respecting personal services. III.

54 to 90. IV. respecting monies. III. 54 to 90. V. relating to character in which par

ty súes or is sued. by de bonis non cum. test. ann. I. 214. assignee of bankrupt. I. 233.

of insolvent debtor. III. 71.

of lessee, on covenant. III. 440. executor on promises to testator. III. 71.

on promises to executor. II.7. surviving partřer on promises to both I. 206.

to pay debts due before death.

I. 206. . baron and feme, on note made to the

wife when sole. I. 374.

ASSUMPSIT, (continued.)

administrator durante minoræ ætate.

I. 376.
assignce of bankrupt. J. 385.

of a lessee on covenant. III.

455. executor for work, &c. for testator. III. 81.

for promises by executor in

that capacity. X. 383. surviving partner. I. 204.

on promise after death of part

ner. I. 348, special counts.

on policies of insurance. (see title

Policies of Insurance.")
bills of exchange. (see title Bills

of exchange.")
wagers. (see title wagers.")
by and against carriers. (see title
feigned issues. (see Feigned Is.


awards. (see title Awards.") attorney. (see title Attorney.") by landlord and tenant. (see tille

Landlord and Tenant.) . on foreign judgments. (see title For

eign judgments.on legacies. (see title Legacies.") for tithes. (see title Titles.”) for tolls (see title Tolls.") for freight. (see title Freighi."

Ships.") promissory notes. (see title Prom

issory Notes.")

ASSUMPSIT, ( continued.)

special counts,
for contribution to party walls. I. 184.

declaration for on, 14 Geo. III. I. 184.
by and against carriers.

by a carrier for the carriage of goods. I.


for the demurrage of a lighter. I. 187.
for the use of a way. I. 187.
for tonnage money. I. 188.
for a crop of sheep cabbage. I. 188.
for fees of a sexton for burial. I. 189.
for cattle sold and delivered. I. 189. 208.
against the husband of a ship for repairs. I.

for passage money. I. 190.
against the collector of the customs for sal-

vage. I. 190.
for fees as a packer's porter. I. 192.

as clerk of the crown. I. 193.
as a proctor on prosecuting appeal. I.


. for entering caveats. I. 194,
for executing writ. 1. 204.
for insurance premiums. I. 195.
for commission on negociating money. I. 195.
for interest on money lent. I. 196.
for merchandize with discount on prompt

payment. I. 196.
for arrears of annuity charged on estates. I.

by a member of an amicable society of trades-

men for his allowance as sick member, &c.

I. 199.
for the use of plaintiff's bull in bulling de-

fendant's cows. I. 200.
for game cocks let to hire. I. 201. '

ASSUMPSIT, (continued.)

special counts,

by an attorney for business done. (see title

" attorney.") against the master of a boarding school for not

paying for the hair dressing of a scholar,

1. 205. for apothecary's bill. (see Apothecary.) for wages. (see title wages.") for the use of a wharf. I. 214. for foreign money, (rupees.) I. 216. fines on admission to copyholds. I. 216. for not taking away a cargo of coals according

to agreement. I. 219.
declarations in,

for rent, (see title Rent.")
for not taking the remainder of a term and the

fixtures and stock at a valuation. II. 66.
for not paying the sum of money agreed to be

given to plaintiff if he would release defendant

from a certain contract. II. 70. for deceit in assigning over a lease of a house to

which defendant had no right. 11. 71. for not paying the rate agreed at on the purchase

of land. II. 73. for expelling plaintiff from the house demised.

II. 74. for not quitting and delivering up possess ion of

a house according to contract. II. 77. for the forfeit agreed upon if defendant did not

perform his contract. II. 83. for not taking house and fixtures. II. 84. for not paying purchase money of an estate. II.

86. for not accepting possession of an inn and taking

fixtures. II. 89. for not accepting the title to an estate. II. 91.

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