ASSUMPSIT, ( continued.)

declarations in,
for not delivering two guineas to a third person

whereby plaintiff was prevented from trying

his cause. II. 229. for not delivering barley bought of defendant

II. 229. for not paying for services done. II. 230. against a prize agent for not disposing of prize to best advantage. II. 279. pawnbroker for not suffering plaintiff to re

deem bis pledge. II. 280. for not returning a note which was delivered to

defendant for safety. II. 282. for not delivering a bill of exchange left for ac

ceptance. II. 283. for not delivering up certain writings in conside

ration of the payment of a debt. II. 284. against a wharfinger for not taking care of a barge but allowing her to be sunk. II. 285.

for not shipping goods. II. 287.
for not delivering the whole of 60 fir-

kips of butter delivered to defend-
ant, but keeping back a part. II.

288. for negligence in landing indigo where

by it was lost. II. 289. against an auctioneer, for not putting up goods to sale agreeable to advertisement. II. 328.

for not making a good title to estate. II.

329. on an agreement: plaintiff employed de

fendant to sell his house, the conditions of sale requiring the purchaser to pay down a deposit of 20 per cent. &c. Defendant sold the house but

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ASSUMPSIT, ( continued.)

declarations in,

tolinis neglected to demand the deposit, &c.

a II. 331. by an auctioneer for employing him to sell goods

and afterwards selling them by another. II.

333. against a bailiff, on special agreement: defen

dant having arrested one G. M. administrator, the plaintiff received from him part of the debt and suffered him to go at large, promised to pay the remainder, &c. II. 335. for taking so little care of the goods distrained

that they were eloigned. II. 357. against administrator of a factor for the money

arising from goods delivered to the intestate

by principal. II. 338. for not accounting for goods delivered defendant

to sell for plaintiff. II. 340. for not paying the duties at the custom house on

goods consigned to defendant per quod the goods were sold and produced much less than

the value. II. 341. by a sailor, against the owners of a ship which was taken

by the enemy and ransomed ; plaintiff remained a hostage for a long space of time

and this was for his wages. II. 345. for not paying plaintiff wages for service on

board defendant's ship and detaining his

chest and clothes, &c. II. 347. ,
for discharging plaintiff, (who was captain)

whilst he was abroad and not paying his
wages. II. 348.
seizing plaintiff's books and papers, &c.

Same precedent.

ASSUMPSIT, ( continued.)

declarations in,
against defendant, a shipwright, for not finishe

ing the repairs of a ship in a stipulated time

and workmanlike manner. II. 351.
against the mate of a ship for neglect of duty in

suffering cargo to get injured. II. 356.
for goods lost by a deviation from the usual pas-

sage. II. 357.
on an agreement to undertake to let plaintiff's

ship to commissioners of the navy and procure

bills of imprest. II. 359.
against the captain of a ship for deviating, smug-

gling, &c. II. 361.
by the owners of a ship against a ship builder for

not repairing and re-delivering her within a

certain reasonable time, &c. II. 363.
for not permitting plaintiff to use the cabin of a

ship during her voyage. Il. 366.
by the chief mate against the captain of a ship

for discharging him abroad. II. 368.
against a coal-leaver for refusing to unlade a

cargo of coals according to contract. II. 371. for stowing goods, etc. in a ship let to freight by plaintiff ip so unskilful a manner that the ship.

was injured. II. 372. on an agreement : defendant assignee of a bank-'

rupt, in consideration that plaintiff would withdraw an execution against bankrupt's goods, and deliver the same to defendant promised to pay plaintiff ten pounds and costs,

. &c. II. 395.
on an agreement : defendant promised in cona

sideration that plaintiff would forbear prose-
cuting the sheriff of G. for having taken insuf-
ficient pledges in replevin, he would pay the

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ASSUMPSIT, (continued.)

declarations in,

debt in the replevin suit and all the costs.


on a promise to pay the rent if plaintiff would

forbear to distrain. II. 400.
on a promissory note given for the debt and

costs of a third person. II. 401.
on a promise by the assignees of a term to pay all

arrears of rent if plaintiff would permit defen-
dants to enter under the assignment and sell

the stock. II. 405.
on a promise by one in prospect of marriage that

if plaintiff would not put a bond in suit, she,
the obligur would pay in a short time. II.


on a like promise, and promise of increase of in-

terest. II. 408.
on a promise to pay the money due by one A. or

render up his body, if plaintiff would not enter
up judgment on a warrant of attorney. II.

on a promise to plaintiff, an attorney that if he

would cause proceedings to be stayed, defen-
dant would pay the costs of the different ac-

tions. II. 412.
.. on a promise that if plaintiff would take no ad-

vantage of a breach of covenant, defendant

would pay money. II. 415.
on a promise to take back bills given in payment

for an estate if they were not accepted. II.

on a promise to pay a certain sum if plaintiff

would forbear to sue for a legacy. II. 420.
on a promise that if plaintiff would forbear to is-
. sue an attachment against a third person, de-

ASSUMPSIT, ( continued.)

declarations in,

fendant undertook to pay the debt. II. 423. on a promise to pay plaintiff his debt if he would

not distrain. II. 425. 429. on a promise in writing to pay the debt of anoother in consideration of forbearance. II. 427. on a promise that if plaintiff would forbear to

offer for a certain contract, defendant would pay so much if he obtained that contract. II.

432. on a promise that if plaintiff would permit de

fendant to take a bill of sale from a third per. son of his effects, which had been taken in exe-.

cution, defendant promised, &c. II. 433. on a promise to pay the debt of a third person if

plaintiff would not sue. II. 436. on a similar promise as to costs between attor.

ney and client. II. 439. on a promise if plaintiff would withdraw the re-.

cord, defendant would pay him half his costs.

Il. 441. a similar. II. 442. on a promise that if plaintiff would credit defen

dant on his books, a debt alleged to be due from a third person, defendant promised to pay so much money if the debt should prove not

to be due." II. 445. on a contract to indemnify plaintiff, (master of a

ship,) against damages he might sustain in any action which might be brought by the owners for breach of charter party in deviat

ing, &c. II, 449. on a promise to provide money for the payment

of an accommodation note when it becaine due. II. 454.

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