ASSUMPSIT, ( continued.)

declarations in,
on promise that if plaintiff would join with one in

making a promissory note to defendant for his
accommodation, defendant would provide mo-

ney to take it up. II. 455.
on a promise to indemnify plaintiff, the acceptor

of a bill, &c. II. 456.
on a promisc to indemnify plaintiff, (bail.) II.

for not indemnifying plaintiff against a joint note.

II. 439,
for not indemnifying plaintiff for discharging a

prisoner out of custody. II. 459.
on a promise that if plaintiff would assign over

securities, defendant would pay the costs of

drawing the letter of attorney. II. 452.
on a contract of indemnitý of bail. 11. 465.
for not indemnifying plaintiff for his accepting

the co-assigneeship under a comunission of

bankrupt. II. 466..
on a promise if plaintiff would assist defendant in

making a distress, defendant promised to in

demnify him. II. 467. :
for not indemnifying plaintiff, the acceptor of a

bill. II. 469.
for not indemnifying plaintiff's testator (defen-

dant's tevant,) for the consequences of evic

tion and loss of crops. II. 470.
on a promise that if plaintiff would assign to de-

fendant the remainder of his term and pernit
him to receive the arrears of rent, defendant
promised to pay to plaintiff's lessor the rent

due, and indemnify, &c. II. 472.
against a broker who undertook to indemnify

plaintiff for any losses he might sustain on thę

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ASSUMPSIT, ( continued.) · declarations in,

re-sale of cottons which plaintiff had bought of

defendant. II. 475. on a promise : defendant had received a sum of

money from the father of a bastard child, with which he was to pay the parish bill for its support, by the parish for not paying that bill.

11. 477. against the surety for a putative father, wlio un

dertook to indemnify the parish for his going

at large. 11.479. for the nonpayinent of a sum of money, on dis

charging the defendant's son from his appren

ticeship. II. 495. on an agreement entered into by copyholders to

try their right to take faggots by one, for

their share of the expences. II. 496. for writing letters to the lady whom defendant

courted, plaintiff to receive a certain sum if

he married her. II. 498. for a reward offered by public advertisement for

the apprehension of thieves. II. 499. on an agreement between two, pursers in differ

ent ships for an exchange of situations, &c.

II. 500. on a promise : plaintiff bought some cattle that

were distrained, defendant promised if plaintiff would deliver them again to tenant that he

would pay the debt. II. 502. for money promised to plaintiff if he would go

and cure a poor boy.. II. 504. against a servant for leaving his place before the

expiration of the time for which plaintiff had

hired him. II. 505. on a promise to return a part of the premium

ASSUMPSIT, (continued.)

declarations in,

paid with an apprentice if he did not stay.

II. 507. - on a promise if plaintiff would enter into holy

orders defendant would make him his croate,

II. 50$. for entering into the service of a third person

against a promise made. II. 510.

for quitting service, and employment of a coalw heaver. II. 512. on a promise if plaintiff would send an adventure

to Jamaica, defendant guaranteed a profit, &c.

II. 513. for selling a horse at auction for less than the or

dered price. II. 515. on an agreeinent to work grindstones at plain

tiff's quarries for a year certain, breach. II.

516. to recover gains stipulated by a charter party en

tered into by plaintiff and freighters of his

ship, &c. II. 517. against defendant, a broker, for insuring plain

tiff's ship. upon less beneficial terms than he

might have done. II. 522. for breach of a contract for a special service.

II. 528. for not paying plaintiff for writing essays in a

paper. II.-530. on a promise by defendant who took plaintiff

abroad as a servant that if he discharged her abroad he would pay her passage home. II.

531. against a broker for not entering goods at the

custom house for exportation. II. 532. for the fees of witnesses. II, 585.

ASSUMPSIT, ( continued.)

declarations in,
by the sheriff for making more than ordinary ent-

deavours to arrest a person on promise of ex

tra l'emuneration. II. 539. on a promise by defendant to allow plaintiff 5

per cent. commissions on trading voyage. II.

540. for money lost by plaintiff for defendant on a

race in consequence of his standing security

al defendant. II. 541. foe' raoney won at whist. II. 543. f e y won at cards generally. II. 544..

5.475 at a horse race. II. 545. . on a prise if plaintiff would deliver up securitics defendant would see him paid the debt.

II. 545. for not making a mortgage for money lent as

agreed. II. 546. on a promise that if plaintiff would deliver one

T. a certain annuity bond hield as security for a debt, defendant would see the debt paid.

II. 547. against the assignees of a bankrupt on an agree

nient with plaintiff, one of bankrupt's creditors, to pay plaintiff so much in the pound if he would give up the deed by which bank

rupt had assigned the debt. II. 550. s. on a promise to pay the debt of another general| ly. II. 554. on a promise if plaintiff would supply defendant's

son with goods, defendant would be answera,

ble for them. II. 555. for money promised as an apprentice fee. III. 1. for not paying the drawback on cyder. III. 2.

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ASSUMPSIT, (continued.)

declarations in,

on a promise to take back horses if not liked and
..,5 repay the purchase money. III. 3.
on an agreement : defendant being indebted to

plaintiff settled, and agreed to give his note
in for a part and to lend the remained on bot-

tomree. III. 3.
for contribution to party walls. III. 6.

against defendant for putting run goods into the
r boat he had hired of plaintiff whereby the boat

was seized and condemned. III. 8.
for a share of the expences of a certain action

agreed by the defendant to defend at joint ex

pence. III. 11.
against the coal meters of London for not send-

ing coal meters on board a ship, &c. III. 14.
for not fulfilling an agreement whereby defen-

dant was to give his trade of a pawnbroker

up to the plaintiff. III. 15.
for not binding an apprentice by indenture at

the expiration of a year of parol service. III.

against a broker for not making an entry of cof-

fee with the proper officer per quod the coffee

was seized. III. 21. -
for permitting the putative father of a bastard

child to escape out of custody, &c. III. 23.
- by overseers of the poor against defendant em-

ployed to take care of the poor for embezzling

provisions, &c. III. 25.
by a malster against his journeyman for spoiling

barley in making malt. III. 26.
for a reward promised by an advertisement.

III. 28.
a similar. III. 30.

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