ASSUMPSIT, ( continued.) ; ...; .

declarations in,
overseers of the poor of one parish vs. the over-

seers of another upon an order for the main

tenance of a bastard child. III. 31. on a charter party, (see charter parties.) against a livery stable keeper for not delivering

a horse put at livery with him. III. 37. for the penalty in an agreement to place defen.

dant's son with plaintiff, an attorney. III. 38. on a promise to return insurance money if resti

tution should be made of the ship. III. 41. against a contractor for building a work house

for allowing workmen more than he ought.

III. 43. on an agreement by defendant to give 100 guin

eas when he should be worth 5,000l. in consid.

eration of 5 guineas in hand. IIF. 46. against a master of a ship for delay in proceed.

ing to take in a load of fish per quod the fish

spoiled. III. 48. for not discharging plaintiff from imprisonment

after his delivering up his effects. III. 52. a pleas in bar in, ( see the respective heads.)

accord and satisfaction, ( see title accord and

tender, ( see title tender.")
arbitrament, (sec title arbitrament.')

set-off, ( sea title set-off.)
· a note given for the debt and accepted in satis-

faction. I. 359. coverture generally. III. 90. duress and imprisonment. III. 94. the like and bill of exchange so obtained. III.


infancy by guardian. III. 95. 99. 101, &c.
statutes of fraud. III. 102.

ASSUMPSIT, ( continued.)

pleas in bar in,

statutes of gaming, (9 Ann. 0. 14.) III. 103.
statutes of usury, 12 Aun. st. 2. S. 10. to action
on promissory note. III. 105.

on c. 16. of the same statute on an endorsed
: bill. III. 107.

statute act of uniformity. III. 111.
one of the plaintiffs partner with defendant. III.

on a promissory note; plaintiff tried for murder

and sentenced to be hanged. III. 105.
assignment of property for the benefit of credi.

tors under a provincial law. III. 121.
nil habuit in tenementis to suit for use and occu-

pation. III. 126,
that smuggled goods were the consideration of

the bill. III. 127.
to an action on feigned issue to the bankrupt vel

non. 111. 127,
account stated generally. . III. 139.
another action pending for the same promises,
III. 142.

at the suit of the same plain

tiffs, bankrupts before

they became so. III. 142. . verdict and judgment at the suit of the same

plaintiffs in a prior action for the same cause,

&c. III. 143.
submission to arbitration and award made. III.

judgment recovered in C. B. pleaded in B. R.
III. 145, 8.

. 143, o
the like generally. III. 148, 9.

in the same court. III. 146,
outlawry. III, 15. 23, 4. .

ASSUMPSIT, ( continued.)

pleas in bar in,

payment. III. 154. 1. 358..
performance. III. 155.
release. II. 156.
release executed to defendant, co-contractor. III.

mutual release between plaintiff and defendant's

executor. III. 158.
set-off generally.. III. 159, 64, 66, 67, &c.

of a judgment debt. III. 161.
a similar. III. 161.
recognizance entered into by plaintiff in ano--

ther action pleaded by way of set-off,

III. 163. judgment recovered against plaintiff as ad. ministrator. III. 165. of promissory note. III. 172.

rent of a house. III. 152. tender. III. 173, 4, &c. promises made jointly by defendant and one A.

since a bankrupt, &c. III. 186. baukruptcy generally, (5 Geo. 2. chap. 30. sec. 7.) III. 188. of the first indorser and defendant answera:

ble only to his assignees. III. 189. court of conscience act for London. III. 191. general issue and the jurisdiction of the court

of requests by rule of court. III. 191. court of conscience act for Middlesex. III. 192.

for Southwark. III. 193. Hundred Court. III. 194. Westminster. III. 258.

Tower Hamlets. III. 194. insolvent debtor's act : duplicate as a prisoner.

III. 196.

[ocr errors]

ASSUMPSIT, "continued.) . . . :

pleas in bar in,

the like as having been in custody and surren-
dered in discharge of bail. III. 197.
discharge under compulsive clause of insolvent ..
.. act, (1 Geo. III. c. 27. 8. 46.) III. 197.
discharge as a prisoner in custody. III. 197.
the like and right of action vested in the clerk

of the peace. III. 201.
duplicate of discharge under an insolvent act
: as a fugitive. III. 202.
statute of limitations.
; non assumpsit infra sex annos. III. 207, 8.

· non accrevit infra sex annos. II. 209.
by executors.

debts of a superior nature. III. 209, 12, 44. . .. so that testator was indebted to defendant before

her marriage and that the goods which have

come to her hands she retains. ' III. 219.
is one of the plaintiff's joint executor with defen-

dant. III. 220. -
plene administravit. III. 225. 31.
judgment recovered. III. 33. 41. 3.
covenant for the payment of annuities. III. 225.
plene administravit preter, III. 225.
outstanding bonds. I. 104. III. 245.
retainer. III. 244. .
at suit of executors.
ne unques executor. III. 293.
bona notabilia in another diocese. III. 213.
by administrators.
plene administravit and præter. III. 211, 25, 14,

21, &c.
· bankruptcy of defendant after cause of action ac.

crued. III. 223.

ASSUMPSIT, (continued.)

pleas in bar in,
- judgment recovered. III. 225.

cevenants for the payment of annuities. III. 225. . ..outstanding bonds. III. 248. .. . testator non assumpsit infra sex annos. III. 293. .. foreign attachment. III. 247. ," ....... plaintiff an alien. III. 255.

prisoner of war. Same precedent. qr replications in,

to plea in action to account that the goods were

...destroyed by fire ; denial. I. 88. .. . i to plea of actio non accrevit inf. sex. ann. ; de

j! fendant in foreign parts trans mare, &c. I.

327. -, i to plea of duress, issue. III. 94, 95.

. ing. to plea of infancy, articles suitable to defendant's ...... degree. III. 96. si.

confirmatory premises. III. 98. 101, goods, &c. were necessaries. III. 99.

102. to plea of statute of gaming; denial and traverse.

III. 104. . . . .?ivia to plea of usury; transaction bona fide and tra- verse of the usury. III. 108. to plea of the statute act of uniformity. III. 115. to plea that plaintiff was sentenced to be banged

for murder and judgment still in force ; nul

tiel record. III. 115. v to plea of accord and satisfaction ; bond given in

satisfaction, fraudulent. - III. 128. 32. 35. .. to plea of auter action pendant ; suit concluded.

III. 141. ... to plea of submission to arbitration ; quod null,

fee. arbit. III. 145. to plea of judgment recovered ; nul tiel record.

III. 146, 7, 9, 50, &c.

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