ASSUMPSIT, (continued.)

replications in,

i' brought for a different cause. III. 150. to release ; non est factum. III. 156, 8. to plea of tender ; bill of Middlesex sued out

with continuances before any tender. III. - 177. writ of subpoena in the Exchequer. III.

179. subsequent demand and refusal. III. 180.

to a plea of bankruptcy, issue. III. 188. .. .i to plea of court of conscience act; plaintiff an

attorney and liable only in his own court. : ... III. 193. denial and suit for the same cause in B. R.

IH. 195.
to plea of the statute of limitations : bill of Mid-

dlesex sued out within six years. III. 203.
plaintiff beyond sea. III. 204, 5.
plaintiff non compos mentis. III. 205.
action commenced within six years. III. 206.

actio non accrevit to plea of set-off. III. 209. to plea of plene administravit ; goods in hands of

the defendant at the time of the lattitat sued

out. III. 214. 39. to plea that one of the plaintiffs and defendant

are joint executors ; plaintiff never proved the

will. IH. 220. to plene administravit. to plea of alien enemy; license and protection,

III. 256. rejoinder to pleas of, infancy, that the goods were not necessaries:

III, 97, 100.


rejoinders to pleas of.

that defendant did not ratify the promises.

III. 99.
statute of gaming, that note was given for a gam-
ing consideration. III. 105.
defendant tried for murder ; re-assertion of the

plea. III. 118.
auter action pendant, mul tiel record of bill quash-
ied. III. 142.
plene administravit preter, defendant at the time

when the plaintiff's bill was exhibited had no

goods, &c. III. 215, 42.
alien enemy; denial of license and protection.

III. 257.

Demurrers in, (see title Demurrers.")
ASSURANCE, policies of, (see " Policies of Insurance”)

and process thereon. X. 461, 2.

generally. X. 278, 300.
for not performing an award.
against an informer for suffering a non pross.

X. 278.
upon the statute of usury. X. 278.
against the sheriff for not bringing in the body.

X. 244. 300.

for an attorney. X. 279. 39.

judge. X. 279.
prothonotary. X. 279.
serjeant at law. X. 279.

clerk of prothonotary. X. 272.
ATTORNEY. (see title Agent.)

assumpsit by for services. I. 203.

for business done for a third person, II, 314, 18.


ATTORNEY, (continued.) .

assumpsit against,

for fees executing writs. I. 204.
for not filing an affidavit of the delivery of narr.

to prisoner. II. 290.
for neglecting to enter an appearance. II. 292.
for suffering judgment. Same precedent.
for neglecting to attend to the settlement of dis-

putes with overseers, &c. II. 294. for not putting in bail. II. 295. for not having bailpiece acknowledged, &c. II.

295. "for getting the probate of a will in a wrong · court. II. 301. for neglecting to attach the sheriff for not bring

ing in the body. II. 302. for not paying over to plaintiff money received

for the purchase of an estate. II. 305. for suing in the name of plaintiff's wife for a debt

due to plaintiff. II. 316. for suffering defendant to obtain dischargé. II.

319. for suffering a nonsuit. II. 326. for not bringing on a cause to be heard at the

appointed day. II. 327. for irregularity in the taking of special ba il. II.

for words accusing of dishonesty. VIII. 240.
pleas by in abatement,
by attorney in C. B. partner with one in B. R,

I. 29.
li: attorney in B. R. 1. 32. 40, 6. .

in C. B. I. 38, 48. .
sued by original writ. II. 53.

ATTORNEY, (continued.) . . ..... . i

indictments against,
for fraud in the procuration of a letter of attor-

ney. IV. 73.

perjury in an affidavit. IV. 287. ATTORNMENT.

form of, by tenant. X. 262. AVERAGE.

statement of in a policy of insurance. I. 390.

average losses stated. I. 404. :", AVERMENTS.

. in assumpsit, form of in a quantum meruit court. III. 55.

quantum vale ban. III. 80. of policy of insurance being made by plaintiff as

agent. I. 402. of plaintiff's having stayed proceedings in an ac

tion. II. 399. of performance of condition precedent. II. 441.

of usance. I. 240. AVOWRIES, ( see title Replevin.")

for rent. VIII. 101 to 122.
for a distress damage feasant. VII. 13 to 101.
for an amendment. VIII. 92.
for distress on goods fraudulently removeda VIII.


for port dues. VIII. 123. AUCTIONEERS. .

assumpsit against, .. .
for the non delivery of goods purchased of them

at auction. II. 189.
for not putting up goods for sale according to ad-

vertisement. II. 224. a similar. II. 328. for not making out a good title to the estate sold.

II. 329.

AUCTIONEERS, ( continued.) is! (;; .

assumpsit against,
for not - demanding the deposit required by the

conditions of sale. II. 331. •
for selling a horse for a less price than ordered.
• II. 515.
for not procuring the purchaser to sign agree-
ment according to the conditions of sale. II.

331. by for afterwards employing another auctioneer,

II. 333. AUTER ACTION PENDANT. plea of in abatement. J. 37, 44, 59.

in bar. III. 140. AUTHORS AND PUBLISHERS, (and see title libel.)

assumpsit for writing essays in a newspaper. II.

indictment against for a libel. IV. 199.

information against for the like. IV. 410. AWARDS AND ARBITRATION.

statement of making of, after time enlarged. v.

338. declarations on, indebitatus assumpsit generally. I. 92, 94. by executors against administrators upon

award entered into by testator and intes

tate. I. 90.

on an umpirage. I. 95. in debt, in pursuance of order at Nisi Prius. V. 336, 54. on a reference at the sittings, (Juror with

drawn.) V. 337.
on an umpirage. V. 339, 47.
on an award made by clerk in pursuance of

rule of court. V. 341, 50.
where one referee refused to act. V. 344.

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