BRIDGE, (continued.)

the like against an individual bound ratione tenaræ

to repair. IV. 187.
presentment of a bridge at the quarter sessions. VI.


assumpsit by, insurance broker for premiums of in-

surance. I. 82. 195.
for insuring a ship for less beneficial terms thap

he might have done. II. 522.
for not insuring sufficient to cover plaintiff's in-

terest. Same precedent.
for not entering goods at the custom house, by

which they were forfeited and condemned. II.

a similar form. III. 21.
on an undertaking by a ship broker to let plain.

tiff's ship and bring imprest bills, &c. II. 359.

against a broker on bis guarantee. II. 375.;

assumpsit on a building agreement. II. 386.

for contribution to party walls. I. 184.
assumpsit for the use of a bull. I. 200.

on warranty of. II. 184.

debt on,
for exposing flesh to sale contrary to a bye law.

V. 169.
for kecping a shop, selling wares, &c. V. 169.
by the company of Glovers for not taking the of-

fice of steward. V. 176.
by the butchers' company for exposing meat on

a Sunday. V. 182.
by the city chamberlain for refusing to take the

office of sheriff. V. 188,

BYE LAWS, ( continued.)

debt on.
by the chamberlain of Exeter for slaughtering

cattle within the city walls. V. 195.
for refusing to accept the office of ale-conner. V.

197. for exercisivg a trade not being a freeman, &c.

V. 201. for not paying quarterage dues. V. 204. for not attending to take livery. V. 209. for refusing to accept the office of steward. V. 215. by surgeons' company to recover penalty from

one who had practised surgery without diplo

ma. VII. 383. CANAL CALLS.

assumpsit for. III. 70.

debt for under a private act. V. 163, CAPIAS SPECIAL. ( see title Original Writs.") CAPIAS AD RESPONDENDUM.

alias writ of, form of. X. 264.
writ of, with non omittas clause. IV. 464.

writs of, without that clause. X. 280, &c. CAPIAS AD SATISFACIENDUM.

writ of ; for residue of debt. X. 233. 293.
non omittas writ of for the like. X. 234,
the like into a county palatine. X. 235.
against bail after sci. fa. X. 236.
testatum (either in debt or case.) X. 235,
in ejectment for damages and costs. X. 237.
the like into a county palatine. X. 237.
the like for residue. X. 237, 57.
for damages and costs in the first action which was

trover and costs in error, and in debt on the

judgment. X. 241.
a general form in debt. X. 245.
testatum in assumpsit. X. 249, 76, &c.



CAPTIONS, (continued.)

dictment for a conspiracy against justices of the

peace. IV. 139. caption of an indictment at the Abergavenný quar..

ter sessions for a forcible entry. IV. 148. . the like at the Devonshire sessions. IV. 149. the like at the Maidstone quarter sessions for a riot.

IV. 150. the like at the Surry assizes for not repairing a

highway. IV. 174. the like at the assizes for Kingston upon Thames

for a nuisance. IV. 187. the like at the general sessions for Middlesex. IV.

191. the like at the quarter sessions in Sussex. IV. 197 caption of a presentment by commissioners of sew

ers for not repairing a sea wall. IV. 190. caption of an indictment for a libel at Old Bailey.

IV. 199. · caption of an indictment for high treason. VI. 357. CARDS.

assumpsit for money won at cards generally. I.

118. II. 544.
the like at whist. II. 543.

debt for money lost at. VII. 148. CARRIAGES.

assumpsit for bire of. III. 57.
work and labour with. I11. 57.
case for negligence in driving of. VIII. 396, 397.

against a post boy for the like. VIII. 400.
trespass for the negligently driving by a servant.

VII. 401. *
CARRIAGE OF GOODS, ( see title Freight.)

assumpsit for. III. 62.

CARRIAGE OF GOODS, (continued.

debt for. V. 160. CARRIERS, (see title Bailees.")

assumpsit by, for carriage of goods. I. 206.
assumpsit against carriers by land.

for delivering goods without the permit. II. 231. for non delivery of goods entrusted to him. II. · 233.

for loss of goods. II. 234, 37, 9, 41, 3.
against the proprietor of stage coach for not car-

rying plaintiff. II. 240.
against the proprietor of stage waggon for bag-

gage. II. 254.
for suffering goods to be stolen. II. 256.
against carriers by water.

for loss of goods generally. II. 258. 60. 63.

8. &c.
for sailing without convoy. II. 267,78.

for suffering goods to be stolen. II. 276.
by carriers by water. (see tille demurrage.")

for not unloading in proper time. I. 219.

for passage money. I. 190.
case against carriers by land.
against stage coach owner's for losing goods, &c.

VIII. 402.
for running over plaintiff, &c. VIII.400.
for sending a coach unfit for the journey.

VIII. 502.
by for putting smuggled goods in the carriage.

VIII, 412.
against carriers by water.

for negligence, &c. loss. VIII. 400, 503. CARRION.

indictment for placing near highway. VI. 213.

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