ABATEMENT, (continued.)
pleas in,

of the manor court. I. 51.
of the county palatine. I. 49. 69.
to the jurisdiction of an inferior court. I. 60.
to the jurisdiction of K. B. I. 45.
of the mayor's court in London, (on a special cus.

tom.) 1. 79.
of the sessions of the Tower Hamlets to an in-

dictment at the Middlesex sessions. I, 10. plea of, generally. 1. 78. Alien enemy,

that plaintiff is such. I. 51. 42.

a similar. I. 7. Variance, between the writ (original) and narr. I. 8. between the writ and the count in the addition,

I. 9. between the writ and specialty. I. 69. the like after oyer. I. 70. between the writ and testament (in debt by exe

entor) I. 70. between the writ, (original) and specialty, I. 70. a similar after oyer. I. 70.

between the plaint and declaration. I. 71. Addition, defendant has another than that by which

he is sued. I. 3. 38.
want of proper additions. I. 24.

omission of. I. 54.
Executors. (see “ non-joinder" ante)

that plaintiffs are not such. I. 14. 67.
that defendant is not executor, but administra-

tor durante minoræ ætate. I. 14. that defendant is not executrix but administra

trix. I. 15, 56. that plaintiff is administrator and not executor.

ABATEMENT, (continued.) pleas in,

the like with traverse of her being executris.

I. 57. that defendant is in custody of the sheriff and not

of the marshal. 1. 3. that defendant is not an attorney as alleged. I. 6. no return on the writ. 1. 7. no pledges found on the writ, (original) same

precedent. another action depending for the same cause. I. 8. of the writ in dower ; deceased husband a knight.

I. 10. excommunication of plaintiff in the spiritual court.

I. 14. plaintiff a popish recusant and has never taken

the oaths. I. 29. the like stating the conviction of recusancy. I.

58. 61. writ of error ponding in the exchequer. I. 35. a former suit in K. B. for tlie same cause of action. I. 44. 64.

in C. B. I. 52. similar plea to a popular action. I. 59. prior suit for same offence depending against

another person. · I. 59.
same plea to debt qui tam. on stat. 15 Car. II.

C. 8. I. 37. .
Defendants ne unques accouple in loyal matrimonie
I. 6.

plaintiffs the like (see Pleas in barpost)
plaintiff no baronet as stated in the writ. 1. 46.
dignity of defendant. III. 295.
affidavit of the truth thereof. III. 297. (see

" Affidavit.")
infancy of defendant (sued as heir) I. 43.

A BATEMENT, (continued.) pleas in,

a similar and prayer that parol may demur.

1. 43. 63.

of plaintiff. I. 62. in replevin property in defendant. I. 48. no such person in being as the plaintiff when

bill was exhibited. I. 50. death of one of the defendants puis darreign con.

(to an information in the exchequer.) I. 15. • of one of the defendants before suing out the

writ. 1. 74. of plaintiff puis darreign continuancé. I. 740

before bill exhibited. I. 50. . lands held of ancient demesne (see " jurisdictionante.) I. 51.

of manor court. I. 51. commorancy in another parish. I. 53. the like with traverse. I. 73. writ sued out before cause of action accrued. I. 65. taking in another place. (in replevin) VIII. 19. bill ought to be in case instead of account. I. 71. for not distinguishing the vill. 1. 72. for naming the defendant of a place in which is

no vill. 1. 72. misnaming the vill. . 73. putting the wife's name before the husband's.

I. 73. omitting a word in the writ. I. 73. judgment Quod cassetur billa therefor. I. 73. by an administrator for misdescription. I. 73. property in a stranger. I. 74. plaintiff convicted of felony. 1. 75. to an indictment. IV. 63. plaintiff's testator a bankrupt and nerer obtain

ed his certificate. 1. 77

ABATEMENT, (continued.) pleas in,

plaintiff has nothing in the place in which, &e..

I. 78.

defendant a priest in holy orders. I. 78. Replications in,

to privilege, that defendant is an attorney of K. B. I. 3.

the same stating the suing out of the at

tachment of privilege. I. 39.
to covertare, denying the fact. 1. 6.

elopement from baron. I. 31.
work done after elopement on feme's sole

credit. Same precedent.
to nonjoinder, promises made by defendant alone.
I. 17. 33.

others jointly with defendant, and not by

defendant alone. I. 27. similar replication to similar plea. 1. 27. similar with traverse. I. 47. that defendant and his pretended part

ner are one and the same person. 1. 60. to misnomer,

nolle prosequi. I. 2.
defendant known as well by one name as

the other. I. 38.
to the jurisdiction,
. that the cause of action did accrue within

the jurisdiction. I. 60.
to alien enemy,

protection, and license. 1.7.
residence in time of peace in the belligerent

country. I. 42.

denial of the plea. I. 52. to addition,

denial of the plea and issue. I. 3.

ABATEMENT, (continued.) replications in,

a similar. I. 54. to ne unques accouple,

issue. 1.7. to infancy,

confession of the plea and stay of proceed

ings. I. 43.

parol demurrer. I. 43. to auter action pendant,

nul tiel record. I. 45.

denial of the plea in a penal action. I. 75. to noncommorancy, issue. I. 54. 63. to popish recusancy, denial and protestando. 1.61. to death puis dareign continuance,

denial and issue. 74.

of one of the defendants, the like. I. 75. demurrers to, &c.

to plea in abatement of an indictment. I. 24. special to plea, for misjoinder. I. 25.

for not averring additions. same precedent,

not setting forth defects of the writ, . . Ibid, & I. 26.

for changing the venue improperly. I. 26. to replication, generally. I. 62. 63.

to plea in appeal of murder. I. 72.
joinders, in demurrer to plea to an indictment. I. 24.

generally. I. 25, &c.
Judgments in,
. of respondeas ouster. I. 67. 80.

quod cassetur billa, entry of. I. 6.
default for not joining a demurrer to plea

in. I. 34. discontinuance, (see title discontinuance" post.) Affidavits of the truth of plea of misnomer. I. 2.

coverture. J. 41.

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