COVENANT, (continued.)

declarations in,

on indentur es of lease. · for wasting the premises by cutting trees, stub

bing up underwood. &c. III. 517.
for non payment of rent. III. 523. V. 1.38.

for not making coal pits. V. 17.
by lessee.
for quiet enjoyment of lands. V. 53, 54.
of common. V. 56. .,

house, wharf and dock. V. 60.
by assignee for quiet enjoyment. V. 63.
on mortgages.
by mortgagee,
for non payment of mortgagee money. V. 65, 6.
against the assignee of, of a ship for the mort.

gage money. III. 67. on indentures.

for non-payment of an annuity. V.72.
pleas in,

non est factum. III. 315.
non infregit. . III. 380.
payment. III. 525.
performance. III. 347, 67, 421.
license. V. 73.
accord and satisfaction. V. 80.
release. V. 82.
tender in general. V. 76.

on the land on rent day. V. 86.
set-off. III. 315. V. 76.
denial of lessor's seizure ju feé.
premises not out of repair. III. 525. V.79.
on articles of agreement for seamen's wages ;

plaintiff mutinous and therefore discharged. III. 316.

COVENANT, ( continued.)

pleas in,

on articles of agreement to become partners ; . po . articles of partnership legally drawn. III. 330.

on a charter party ; ship wrecked. III. 575.. on a policy of insurance against fire; fraud and

evil practices. III. 396. 408. 14. on indenture of apprenticeship; plaintiff volunta

rily absented bimself. III. 416, 23. to articles of apprenticeship ; defendant procured

a passage for the apprentice, but he quitted, &c.

IH. 429.
to covenant for rent,
nul waste. III. 523.
riens in arrear. III. 525, 24, 75.
acceptance of Gxtures as satisfaction. V. 14.
merger and extinguishment. V. 43.
expulsion from the premises. V. 75. 88.
condition precedent. V. 80.
house fraudulently burned. V. 86.
non damnificatus to covenant to save harmless.

V. 88.
insolvent debtor's act. V. 92.

plaintiff used the apprentice with cruelty. V. 94.
replications in,
on policy of insurance; denial of defendant's de-

serting the ship. III. 377. to the like, minister refused without reasonable

cause to sign plaintiff's certificate. III. 397.
denial of fraud. III. 409.
denial of acceptance of money in satisfaction:

III. 527.
rejoinders in. III. 326, 77, 99. 427. 432.
surrejoinder. III. 399.

COVERTURE, ( see titles - Husband and Wife,and “ Fe.

me Covert.”)
plea in abatement of plaintiff's coverture. I. 47.

of defendant's coverture. 1.41.57
plea in bar of, in assumpsit. I. 42. III. 90.
replication to plea of, in abatement denying the co-
yerture. 1: 6. 31.
to plea in bar, alleging a separate mainte-
nance, &c. III. 90.

elopement and subsequent adultery.

III. 91. a similar plea. II. 83. admitting the coverture, but alleging

a separate maintenance. III. 95. COUNT:

in dower. X. 157.:

in formedon. X. 167. COUNTERFEIT, (see title Forgery.") COUNTRY

conclusions to,

in pleas. III. 94. et and eq.
in replications. III. 95.

in rejoinders. III. 97. COUNTY COURT.

declarations in. I. 200. COURT. (see title conscience court act.) COWS.

assumpsit for use of bull. I. 200. CRICKLADE ELECTION.

indictment respecting perjury at. IV. 300. CRIMINAL CONVERSATION. for words accusing of. VIII. 262:

trespass for. IX. 12. CRUELTY.

plea of plaintiff's cruelty in excuse for defendant's

breach of articles of apprenticeship. V. 94.


assumpsit by, for performance of divine service:

III: 68.

continuance by, stated. III. 401.

pleaded. VIII. 68.
CUSTOMS, COLLECTOR OF, ( see titles Officers,”

case against for refusing to make an entry of goods.

VIII. 462.
notice of action to. X. 4.

information on statutes relating. IV. 575 to 446.

customary right of common in respect of freehold.

VIII. 44.



conclusions of, in declarations in general in B. R.
X. 371.

. in C. B. X. 371.

in the Exchequer, X. 371.
debt qui tam. X. 376.
by an executor in B. R. X. 377.

administrator. . X. 379.
special statement of,
in assumpsit.
action brought and plaintiff obliged to pay costs.

III. 4.:
impoverishment of the land. II.7. 22.
lugs of opportunity of letting the premises. II.
DAMAGE, ( continued.)

45. 66.

special statements of,
· in assumpsit.
loss of profits to arise from the adventure. II.

181, 89.
loss of sale of goods. II. 189.
plaintiff obliged to take another ship for the trans-

portation of bis goods. II. 189. against vendor loss of bargain. II. 328. consequence of attorney's neglect, a supersedeas.

II. 291. consequences of an attorney's neglect, plaintiff

obliged to pay costs and damages. II. 292.

302. plaintiff subjected to action for false imprison

ment. II. 29. plaintiff obliged to procure another mate for the

ship. II. 358. consequence of captain's smuggling, loss of ves

sel. II. 363. loss of employ. II. 868. consequence of using improper materials in the

construction of a building, rottenness, &c. II.

384. consequence of not paying duties on goods, for

feiturc. II. 534... consequence of permitting an escape, expence to

the parish. III. 23.
in case,

loss of custom from the words. VIII. 229, 50.
injury to reputation. VIII. 230, 45.
loss of place by a servant. VIII. 232.
loss of clients, by an attorney. VIII. 240, 69.
loss of marriage. VIII. 252, 3, 74. -
consequence of words spoken of a peer. VIII. 256.
loss of employ generally. VIII. 264.

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