DAMAGE, (continued.)

special statements of,
in case,
consequence of words spoken of a clergyman.

VIII. 306, &c.
consequence of slander of title. VIII. 297.

in trespass for an assault. IX. 16, &c. DAMAGE FEASANT.

avowries for distress for. VIII. 1 to 101.

justifications in trespass relating to. IX. 86. DEATH.

of the principal before ca. sa. sued out pleaded to

debt on recognizance. VII. 68. of one of the defendants pleaded in abatement. I. 15.

of the plaintiffs. 1. 50. 74. suggestion of the death of one of the plaintiffs puis

dareign. VII. 445. DEBAUCHING WIFE, ( see title criminal conversa

; tion.).

trespass for. IX. 12, 13.
plea accord and satisfaction. IX. 13.

replication. IX. 14.
Connt for, of goods. IX. 16, &c.

of cattle. IX. 145. DEBT, (and see title statutes.")

Præcipe in. X. 373.
Capias. X. 243.
beginnings of declarations in debt.

in B. R. X. 375, 87.

in C. B. X. 376.
declarations in debt.
on simple contracts.

for an attorney's bill. V. :45.
on a mutuatus. V. 147. :
on a promissory note. V. 148.

DEBT, (continued.)

declarations in debt,
on simple contracts.
for depasiurage of cattle. V. 149.
for a quit rent. V. 151.
for double rent. V. 155.
for rent on a parol demise generally. V. 156,
for the carriage of goods. V. 160.
for money lent on a special promise. V. 161. .
for share of canal expences. V. 163.

for goods sold and delivered. V. 165.
on bye laws.
for practising surgery without diploma, &c.

VII. 383. for penalty for exposing flesh to sale. V. 166. for do. in keeping a shop and selling wares. V.

169. for do. in not taking the office of steward of the

Lord Mayor's table. V. 176, for do. in exposing meat to sale on-a şunday. V.

182. for do. in refusing to take the office of sheriff.

V. 188. for do. in slaughtering oxen within city walls. V.

195. for do. in refusing to take the office of ale owner.

V. 197. for do. in exercising a certain trade not being

free. V. 201. for do. in not paying quarterage dues. V. 204. for d.o in not attending Court of assistants to

take the livery of the company. V. 209. beren for dr. in refusing to accept the office of steward

to the gun-maker's company. V. 215. on escajes, (see title escapes). . against the warden of the fleet. V., 231, 23.

DEBT, ( continued.)

declarations in,
on escapes.
against the bailiff of a borough. V. 224.
against the sheriffs of London (testature capias.)

V. 226.
against the sheriff of Middlesex. V. 253.
fines and amerciaments.
for not attending a court leet to take the office of

constable. V. 255. for not appearing at a court baron. VII. 392. on simple contracts, for not attending a court leet to serve as juror.

V. 259. for subtraction of suit. V. 262. for fine on admission to copy hold. V. 264. on presentment for a nuisance. V. 267. for not taking the office of constable, &c. V.

268. on presentment in the court leet for having false

weights and measures. V. 269 on foreign judgments,

on a decree in the sessions in Scotland. V. 272, 4.

on a judgment in the Supreme Court in Jamai: ca. V. 231. for port dues.

by lessee of corporation of salt ash for. V. 275. on specialties. on articles of agreement. for the penalty or non performance of, for the

payment of an architect's wages. V. 277. for the penalty on not paying the costs of a suit commenced. V. 281.


DEBT, (continued.)

declarations in,
on specialties.
articles of agreement.
for the penalty on breach of an agreement for the

purchase of land. V. 284.
on the purchase of crops of corn, grass, &c.

at a valuation. V. 288.
on breach of an agreement to pay plaintiff a

certain sum in case he survived, &c. V.

293, on breach of an agreement to convey lands,

&c. V. 294. on breach of an agreement to let the wife have

the management of business, &c. V. 296. on breach of an agreement to stock stock of

liquors, fixtures at a valuation. V. 298. on breach of an agreement to pay plaintiff a

stipulated sum for his services on board a

ship. V. 303. on breach of an agreement to take rabbits at

certain seasons. V. 307. against a house carpenter on an agreement to

alter a house in a certain time. V. 309. on breach of agreement not to carry on busi

ness within a certain distance. V. 314. on breach of an agreement not to intermeddle

with plaintiff's business in that parish. V.

317. on breach of an agreement to make a good ti.

tle to freehold premises. V. 319.
for the penalty on breach of agreement to cons-

vey an estate and pay a sum of money, for
another estate. V. 423.
on breach of agreement to pay a certain sum

of money named in deed of separate main-
tenance. V. 326.

DEBT, (continued.)

declarations in,

on specialties,
articles of agreement,
on breach of agreement for the payment of an

annuity. V. 327.
a similar form. V. 328.
on breach of agreement to take fixtures, &c. at

a valuation. V. 351. on breach of agreement to pay the costs of ac

tion on discontinuance of suit. V. 332. on awards, for money awarded under an order at Nisi

Prius. V. 336. on a reference, &c. V. 337. on an umpirage. V. 339, 47, by the clerk under rule of reference. V. 341. a similar where juror withdrawn. V. 344. a similar on motion for new trial. V. 350. the like at the assizes with statement of time

enlarged. V. 354, on bills penal, against executor of a joint and several obligor.

V. 360.

obligee against obligor generally. y. 361, 62. on bonds. by executor of executor against an executor of obli

gor. V. 362. executor of obligee against obligor. V. 363.

the like against heir at law. y. 369. 372, 4. by obligee against husband and wife. V. 370. by husband and wife and another, (executrixes)

against obligor. V. 370. by administratrix cum. tes. annex. of obligee against

executrix de son tort of obligor. V. 371. by obligee against derisee and heir of obligor. v.

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