DEBT, ( continued.) .

declarations in,
on bonds,
by surviving obligee against surviving obligor.

V. 378. 43
the like against heir of the like. V. 379.

by executors of obligee against executor of
administrators suggesting a devastavit in de-

fendants' intestate. V. 38.
by assignee of an insolvent debtor's effects. V. 381.
by administrator of obligee against the heir and

devisee upon the statute of fraudulent convey.
ances. V. 383.
administratrix against executrix of obligor. V.

by obligee against obligor on a bond made abroad.

V. 392. by obligee against husband and wife on a bond

made by wife when sole. V. 399. by husband and wife on a bond made to wife

when sole. V. 404. by obligee on a joint bond executed in America,

defendant sued separately here. V. 436.
annuity bonds. V. 452, 53.
arbitration bond in. V. 454, 62.
bail bonds and relating to,
by assignee of sheriff when arrested as by a

lattitat. V. 466.
upon an arrest by capias. V. 470.
upon an arrest by capias ad resp. V. 472.
against one of the bail. V. 477, 84.

against the principal upon original writ. V.487.
on bastardy bonds,
by the parish officers against the putative father.

V. 490.

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DEBT, ( continued.)

declarations in,
on bottomry and respondentia bonds,
on a respondentia bond for Arcot rupees with aver-
ment of their value in English money. V.510.
on indemnity bonds and to account,

on, for the faithful accounting of a clerk. V. 517.
on, to indemnify the sheriff in returning nulla

bona on a fi. fa. aftor seizure. V. 528. on replevin bond, by assignee of sheriff where proceeding removed by refalo into B. R. VII. 1, &c.

the like into C. B. VII. 6, &c. by the assignee of the steward of a court autho

rised to grant replevins against one of the

bail. VII. 24. on charter party, to recover penalty for extra time in unlading

VII. 27. for the value of the ship and stores. VII. 29. for the penalty in detaining the ship beyond the

specified time. VII. 34. . on policies of insurance,

loss by bulging, straining, &c. VII. 38. on specialties, indentures, for not paying a annuity under a will. VII,

43, 44. leases,

for rent. VII. 47.

a more special form. VII. 51. on records, recognizances, on recognizance of bail in error in the Exchequer chamber. VII. 54.

the like against one of the bail. VII. 56. DEBT, ( continued.)

declarations in,
on records,
on recognizance taken before commissioner in
the country and transmitted. VII. 59.
on recognizance of bail in C. B. VII. 62.
the like where original action was in ejectment.

VII. 63, 4.
the like in assumpsit. VII. 66.
on recognizance of bail in error after affirmance

of judgment. VII. 73.
on recognizance of statute merchant. VII. 77.
on a judgment of nonsuit. VII. 80, 91, &c.

as in cases of nonsuit. VII. 83, &c.
non pross. VII. 80. 94. 115, &c.

noll. pross. VII. 109, &c.
in trespass. VII. 81, 93, &c.
in assumpsit. VII. 81, 2, 3, 5, &c.
in replevin, VII. 110.

in debt. V. 113, 118.
on a decree of the Lord Chancellor. VII. 95.
pleas in,
to debt on bye laws,
defendant not possessed of the qualifications rer

quisite to the office. V. 174. 214. to debt on escape, fresh suit and recaption. V. 228, 41. roluntary return before exhibiting, &c. V. 228,

41. prisoner confederated with others and forced the

prison. V. 229. removal to another prison under Hab. Corp. V.

DEBT, (continued.)

pleas in,
to debt on articles of agreement,

tender, &c. V. 283.
nil habuit. V. 286.
performance of articles of agreement. V. 309.
non est factum.
on annuity deeds.

payment. V. 359.
on bonds,

performance. V. 364.
riens per descent. V. 373. VII. 422, &c.
obligor devised lands for the payment of his.

debts, &c. V. 375.
judgments recovered, &c. V. 387. VII. 418.
usury. V. 395.
set off. V. 400. VII. 399. 420, &c.
release. V. 400. VII. 402. 419, &c.
solvit post diem. V. 405,449.
payment by other obligors. V. 436.
solvit ad diem. V. 449.
bond given for an illegal consideration. VII:

478. 476. non est factum. VII. 395. Duress. VII. 397. non damnificatus. VII. 196, 460. bankruptcy of plaintiff. VII. 414. 430. a devise in trust to pay debts of lands insuffi

cient. VII. 429. consideration contra bonos mores. VII. 433. riens per descent except the reversion of mortgaged premises. VII. 433. consideration a gambling debt. VII. 487. discharge under the insolvent act. VII. 441. statute of limitations. VII. 487.

DEBT, ( continued.)

pleas in,
on bonds. .
general performance of affirmative covenants.

VII. 451.
special compliance with negative covenants.

VII. 451. on arbitration bond no award made. V. 455.

58, &c. another plea setting out award and averring per

formance. V. 455.
on bail bonds.
not stamped according to the statute. V. 470.
comperuit ad diam. V. 470, 78, &c.
éase and favour. V. 479.
infra ætatem. V. 483.
set-off. V. 484.
bankruptcy. V. 489, 90.
on bastardy bonds,
non damnificatus. V. 491, 2.
the like in a more special form. V. 494.
duress. V. 496—7.
order of the sessions and performance. V. 500.
child born in lawful wedlock. V. 502.
on bottomree and respondentia bonds.
loss of goods. V. 506, 7.
no money lent but a debt previously owing. V.

solvit post diem. V. 512.

set-off. V. 512.
on indemnity bonds,
non damnificatus. V. 517. VII. 396.
performance. V. 543.
on replevin bonds.

appearance and no Return adjudged. VII. 7.

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