DEBT, ( continued.)

pleas in,
on charter party,

performance. VII. 37.
on leases,
nil habuit. VII. 48.
acceptance of rent from defendant's assignée.

VII, 52. on recognizances, bankruptcy of principal. VII. 58. payment by another recognizor. VII. 65. nul tiel record. VII. 67. no ca. sa. against principal. VII. 68. death of principal before ca. sa. issued. VII. . 77, 395. on judgments, elegit sued out. VII. 89., nul tiel record. VII. 114. payment. VII. 89. 114. bankruptcy of defendant. VII. 399. replications, to judgment recovered ; judgment kept on foot

per fraudem. V. 388. to duress ; defendant at large and voluntary.

VII. 397. : to set-uff. VII. 486, 474. to rien per devise ; defendants had lands by de

vise. VII. 437. . to rien per descent; assets at commencement of

the action. V. 373. to solvit ad diem. VII. 450. to solvit post diem. VII. 450. to escape ; prisoner escaped after removal. V.

237. to fresh suit and recaption ; traverse. V. 243. to tender ; denial. V. 284.

DEBT, ( continued.)

replications in,

to nil habuit; replying the grant. V. 286.
denial of defendant's production of a good title.

V. 292. 322.
traverse of performance. V. 312.
denial of license. V. 315.
to plea of performance ; shewing a breach. V. 457.
to judgments recovered ; shews their amount,

charges assets ultra, and judgments kept on

foot per frandem. V. 388. to denial of plaintiff's seizin in fee ; reassertion.

V. 412. to plea of performance of award ; shewing a

breach. V. 457. to plea of no award made ; issue. V. 459, 61. to nul tiel record. V. 478, 9. to ease and favour; traverse. V. 482, 3. to non damnificatus on bastardy bond; denial,

&c. V. 493,7. to plea of order of the sessions and compliance ;

protesting. V. 495.
denial of defendant's offer to maintain the child.

V. 502.
defendant at large. V. 504.

that clerk has not kept bis covenants but has emm . bezzled. V. 539...

defendant did not offer a cargo. VII. 37. plaintiff did not accept rent from defendant's as

signee. VII. 53. admitting plaintiff's bankruptcy but shewing as

signment and action brought for the creditors. : VII. 416. defendant had not accounted according to the con

dition of the bond. VII. 428. bond was not delivered as an escrow. VII, 440

DEBT, ( continued.)

replications in,

issue on the plea of ustry. - VII. 457, 59.
ca. sa. was sued out. VII. 463. ·
defendant had sufficient assets to pay the judg-

ment. : VII. 462.
principal did not die before issuing the ca. sa.

VII. 468. -

issue on the illegal consideration.. VII. 479.
· rejoinders,. .

to replication denying defendants unfitness for

the office; re-assertion of the plea. V. 176.
denial of voluntary escape. V. 238, 43.
to replication setting out a title, denial of the

grant of the copyhold estate. V. 287.
defendant bad not lands. V. 375.
to replication of judgment, kept on foot per frau.
..dem, traverses the fraud. V. 389.

Cfor other forms see title « rejoinders.')

assumpsit for, in assigning over a lease which defend-
ant had no right to assign. II. 71.

deceit in sale of horses. II. 126.
selling a mock topaz as a real one. II. 139.
imposing ou the plaintiff goods inferior to those

purchased. II. 141.
case for, in selling spirituous liquors by short meas-
ure. VIII. 363.

delivering a short quantity of coals. VIII. 366.
in the sale and warranty of a horse. VIII. 366.
A similar form. VIII. 367...
in selling unsound sheep. VIII. 368.
in selling wool artfully packed. VIII. 369.
against a factor for withholding goods purchased

under false pretences. VIII. 370.

DECEIT', (continued.) indictments for,

in selling by false weights and measures. VI.

389. for using false dice. VI. 391. against a brewer for selling by short measure.

VI. 358. in putting in use and maintaining a fraudulent

grant. VI. 385. against an attorney in the procuration of a war

rant of attorney. IV. 73.
in procuring goods. IV. 78.

a horse. IV.78.
i note of hand. IV.78.

money. VI. 357.


by original,

in debt. X. 373.
in covenant. X. 372.
in assumpsit. X. 372.

on a Justicies in County Court. X. 373.
in the King's Bench.

in assumpsit. X. 370.
in covenant. X. 375.
in debt. X. 375.
in debt qui tam. X. 376.
in account. I. 82, 3, &c.
in annuity. I. 197.
in detinue. VII. 636, &c.
in case on trover. VIII. 372, &c.
in trespass. X. 376.
against a prisoner in custody of the sheriff. X.


against a prisoner in custody of sheriff of county

palatine. X. 385. against one in custody of the sheriff and the other

of marshal. X. 385. CONCLUSION of a declaration in K, B. X. : 371. ditto in qui tam. X. 376.

ditto in trespass. X. 377.
in the Common Pleas,

in assumpsit or case. X. 379.
in debt or detinue. V. 451.
in debt qui tam. X. 376.
in account. I. 81.
in covenant. X. 375.
in replevin. X. 377.
in trespass.' X. 377.
CONCLUSION of declaration in C. B. X. 371.
ditto in debt qui tam. X. 376. .

ditto in trespass. IX. 5.
in the exchequer,

beginning. X. 371.
do. at suit of an executor. X. 86.

conclusion of the declaration.' X. 371.
in inferior courts,

in the borough court of Southwark. X. 372.
in the Palace court. X. 372.
in the sheriff's court. V. 188.
in the county court. I. 119.
in the stannary court. I. 142.
in the Common pleas at Lancaster. I. 200.
in the court at Newcastle upon Tyne. I. 325.
in the Mayor's Court in assumpsit. I. 381.

by baron and feme sole trader. I. 381.
against the like. I. 381.

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