Annual report of the Metropolitan Board of Health of the State of New York. v.1, 1866, Volum 1

Appleton, & Company, 1867

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Side 440 - Trustee shall be elected for one year, one for two years, one for three years, and one for four years, and...
Side 452 - ... as its by-laws or rules may provide) from all public dispensaries, hospitals, asylums, infirmaries, prisons, and schools, and from the managers, principals, and officers thereof; and from all other public institutions...
Side 445 - ... take and file among its records, what it shall regard as sufficient proof to authorize its declaration that the same, to the extent it may specify, is a public nuisance, or dangerous to life or health ; and said Board may thereupon, enter in its records the same as a nuisance, and order the same to bo removed, abated, suspended, altered, or otherwise improved or purified, as said order shall specify...
Side 410 - That no person, being the manager or keeper of any saloon, boarding-house, or lodging-house, or being employed as a clerk, servant, or agent thereat, shall therein or thereat offer or have for food or drink, or to be eaten or drank, any poisonous, deleterious, or unwholesome substance, nor allow anything therein to be done or to occur dangerous to life or prejudicial to health.
Side 396 - That no meat, or dead animal above the size of a rabbit, shall be taken to any public or private market for food until the same shall have fully cooled (and all blood shall have ceased dripping therefrom) after its killing, nor until the entrails, head (unless the same be skinned), hide, horns, and feet shall have been removed.
Side 452 - And it is hereby made the duty of the officers, institutions, and persons so called on, or referred to, to promptly give such information and make such reports, verbally, or in writing, as may be required by said Boards.
Side 393 - EVERY person, being the parent or guardian, or having the care, custody or control of any MINOR or OTHER INDIVIDUAL, shall (to the extent of any means, power and authority of said parent, guardian or other person that could properly be used or exerted for such purpose) CAUSE AND PROCURE such minor or individual to be so PROMPTLY, FREQUENTLY AND EFFECTIVELY VACCINATED, that such minor or individual SHALL NOT TAKE, OR BE LIABLE TO TAKE THE SMALLPOX.
Side 450 - It shall be the duty of said board on or before the first Monday of December in each year, to make a report in writing to the Governor of this State upon the sanitary condition and prospects of the State...
Side 445 - Whenever any building, erection, excavation, premises, business pursuit, matter or thing, or the sewerage, drainage, or ventilation thereof, in said District, shall, in the opinion of said Board (whether as a whole or in any particular), be in a condition or in effect dangerous to life or health, said Board may take and file among its records what it shall regard as sufficient proof to authorize its declaration that the same, to the extent it may specify, is a public nuisance, or dangerous to life...

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