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country, expressed through the authority of their edicts. In imitation of their example, let the laws every where be obeyed with the most prompt alacrity ; let the Constituted Authorities be aided by the patriotic efforts of individuals ;- let the Friends of the Government rally, under Committees of Public Safety, in each Town, District, and Plantation ; let a common center be formed by a Committee in each County, that seasonable information may be given of every movement of the enemy. Let our young men, who compose the Militia, be ready to march at a moment's warning to any part of our shores in defence of our coast. These precautions are rendered necessary against our external foe, and the internal machinations she may again attempt. These measures are sanctified by the example of our fathers in our revolutionary struggle. And relying on the patriotism of the whole People, let us commit our cause to the God of Battles, and implore his aid and success in the preservation of our dearest rights and privileges.

In Senate, June 26, 1812. Read and accepted.

SAMUEL DANA, President.

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