Lights to Walk by: Stories for the Young.

Little Brown Bird: A Story of Industry. Square 8vo, cloth extra. Illustrated

Little Curiosity. By J. M. Callwell. THE GRADUATED SERIES Little Dolly Forbes. By A. S. Fenn.

Little Eric: a Story of Honesty. Andy's Trust. By Edith King Hall.

Little Man of War. By L. E. Tiddeman. Boy Cousin, A. By Geraldine Mockler.

Little Merchant.
Bravest of All. By Mabel Mackness.

Little Mop. By Mrs. Bray.
Bunny and Furry. By Geraldine Mockler.
Edie's Adventure. By Geraldine Mockler.

Little Neighbours. By Annie S. Fenn. Hi-tum, Ti-tum, and Scrub. By J.

Long Chase. By Geraldine Mockler.

Maid of Domremy.
Lost Doll, The. By Jennie Chappell. Marjory's White Rat. By Penelope.
Lost Toby. By M. S. Haycraft.

Millie's Silk-Worms. By Penelope Leslie. Rita's Triumph. By Ismay Thorn.

Mischievous Jack. By Alice Corkran. Sahib's Birthday. By L. E. Tiddeman.

Mother's Little Lady. By Edith King Secret in the Loft, The. By Mabel Mack- Hall. ness.

Mrs. Holland's Peaches. By Penelope Teddy's Adventures. By Mrs. Henry Leslie. Clarke.

New Friend. By Geraldine Mockler. Tony's Pets. By A. B. Romney.

New Year's Tale. By M. A. Currie. Travels of Fuzz and Buzz. By G. Mockler.

Nicholina: a Story about an Iceberg. Two Little Crusoes. By A. B. Romney.

Nobody's Pet By Aimée de Venoix
Two Little Friends. By Jennie Chappell. Dawson.
Winnie's White Frock. By Jennie Chappell. Nurse Peggy and Little Dog Trip.

Palace of Luxury.
Big Brother Dick. By Hilda B. Leatham. Pet's Project. By Cora Langton.
Charcoal-Burner: or, Kindness Repaid. Royal Eagle. By Louisa Thompson.
Chosen Treat. By Charlotte Wyatt.

Sara the Wool-gatherer. By W. I Chris's old Violin. By J. Lockhart.


Shoemaker's Present: A Legendary Story. Cleared at Last. By Julia Goddard. Daisy's Visit to Uncle Jack. By Grace

Sister Estella By M. E. Bradshaw-Isher

wood. Mara. Dew. By H. Mary Wilson.

Six in a Doll's House By E. M. Water

worth. Fairy Stories: told by Penelope.

Tales from a Farmyard. Fanny's King. By Darley Dale.

Tame Free Robin. By Annie M. L. Jarvis. Flix and Flox By Mrs. Statham.

Top Brick off the Chimney.

By J. From over the Sea. By L. E. Tiddeman. Chappell. Grandmother's Forget-me-nots.

Tree Cake. By Miss Rooper. Her New Kitten. By Geraldine Mockler.

Twins, The. By L. E. Tiddeman. Horse and his Ways, The.

Two is Company. By L. E. Tiddeman. Jake's Birthday Present. By G. Mockler. Two Little Mice. By Mrs. Garlick. Jim: a Story of Child Life. By C. Burke. Uncle Ben the Whaler. King's Castle. By Hilda B. Leatham. Verta and Jaunette By Wynyard Thorp. Kitchen Cat, The. By Amy Walton.

When Granny was Young. Kitty's Cousin. By Hannah B. Mackenzie. Wild Marsh Marigolds. By Darley Dale Lady Daisy. By Caroline Stewart.

Willy Black: a Story of Doing Right. Lady Patience. By F. S. Hollings.

Year with Nellie. By A. S. Fenn.


& Son's Picture-Books

Pully Ilustrated Volumes.

M'ith Original Coloured Illustrations

Blackie's Children's Annual. Illustrated. A Hunting A B C. Illustrations by E.

Issued Yearly. Cloth, 58.; boards, 38. 6d. Kate Westrup. 28. 6d. The King of Beasts. Illustrations by Hill Babies By Lisbeth Bergh. Cloth,

Carton Moore Park. Cloth, 58.; boards, 38. 6d.; boards, 28. 6d.

38. 6. Jolly Jumbo. Illustrations by Harry B.

How They Went to School. Illustrations Neilson. Cloth, 58.; boards, 38. 6d.

by S. R. Praeger. Cloth, 38. 6d.; boards,

28. 6d. All the Best Nursery Stories. Illustrations by John Hassall. Cloth, 58.; boards,

Adventures in Toyland. By Edith King 3s, od

Hall. Illustrations by Alice B. Wood

ward. 28. Od. The old Nursery Stories. Illustrations

by John Hassall. Cloth, 58.; boards, 38. 6d. My New Story-Book 290 Pages of Stories Grimm's Fairy Tales. Illustrations by

and Pictures. Cloth, 28. 6d. Helen Stratton. Large 8vo, cloth extra, Rhymes and Reasons. Illustrations by gilt, 58.

Florence Harrison. 28. Hans Andersen's Fairy Tales. Illus

Mysterious Disappearance of What trations by Helen Stratton. Cloth, 38. 6d.;

and Why. 18. 6d. boards, 28. 6d. Grimm's Fairy Tales. Illustrations by

The Black Cat Books. Illustrations by Helen Stratton.

Charles Robinson. 18. od. Cloth, 38. ed.; boards, 2. Od.

Sunbeams. 146 Pages of Stories and PicGames and Gambols. Illustrations by tures. Cloth, 18. 6d.

Harry B. Neilson. Cloth, 38. 6d.; boards, 25. od.

My Pretty Picture-Book. 146 Pages of

Stories and Pictures. Cloth, 18. 6d. The Animal Book. By F. Smith Boards, 28, 6d.

Struwwelpeter. By Dr. Friedrich HoffAn Animal ABC. Illustrations by Harry


Cloth, 28.; boards, 18. On linen, B. Neilson. Cloth, 38. 6d.; boards, 28. 6d.

28. 6d. Tales and Talks about Animals. 192 Pages of Stories and Pictures. Cloth,

1S. PICTURE-BOOKS 38. 6d.; boards, 28. 6d. Little One's Own Book of Bible Story.

Crown Quarto, Picture Boards. Coloured 192 Pages of Stories and Pictures. Cloth, Ilustrations throughout. Also cloth extra, 38. 6.; boards, 28. od.

gilt edges, 28. Story-Book Time. 192 Pages of Stories

and Pictures. Cloth, 38. 6d.; boards, 28. 6d. BLACKIE'S POPULAR SERIES Indoors and Out. 192 Pages of Stories and Pictures. Cloth, 38. 6d.; boards, 28. 6d.

Round the World. Two Merry Mariners. Illustrations by

True Stories About Animals.
Stewart Orr. Verses by John Brymer. Stories from the Bible.

Boards, 6s.
Nonsense Nonsense. Illustrations by

Stories from the Life of Christ.
Chas. Robinson. Verses by Walter Jerrold. A Picture-Book of Animals.
Boards, 6s.

My Book of True Stories.
Gammon and Spinach. Illustrations by

Stewart Olr. Verses by John Brymer. Our Darling's First Book.
Boards, 6s.

My Book of Nursery Stories.
An Alphabet. Illustrations by E.J. Thorley.

Faithful Friends.
Boards, 18. 6d.
The Animals' Academy. Illustrations by

My Very Best Book.
Harry B. Neilson. Verses by Clifton Arm-Chair Stories.
Bingham. Cloth, 58.; boards, 38. 6d.

My Very Own Picture-Book. Six and Twenty Boys and Girls. Pictures in Full Colour by John Hassall. Cloth,

Cosy Corner Pictures. 58.; boarus, 38. 6d.

Struwwelpeter. By Dr. Friedrich Hoffman.

Cats and Kits.
Friends at the Farm
Little Rosebud.
Smiles and Dimples.
As Nice as Nice Can Be.
For Kitty and Me.
Little Bright Eyes.
Round the Mulberry Bush.
My Own Story-Book.
For Little Chicks.
Playtime Pictures.
For My Little Darlings.
Bedtime Stories.
For Dolly and Me.

Babes in the Wood.
Beauty and the Beast.
Hop o' My Thumb.
Wee Willie Winkie.
Hey Diddle Diddle.
Red Riding Hood.
Sleeping Beauty.
Puss in Boots.
Humpty Dumpty.
Little Jack Horner.


6d. net

The Book of Little Dutch Dolls.
The Book of Ducks and Dutchies.
The Book of the Little Dutch Dots
The Book of the Fan.
The Book of Mandarinfants.
The Book of Little Japanese Dolls.


Twelve Volumes Small Quarto, Picture boards



Short Stories. Neatly bound in cloth.


Folio Picture Boards
Newly Illustrated in Colour by Helen Stratton
The Wild Swans. By Andersen.
The Ugly Duckling. By Andersen.
The Tinder Box. By Andersen.
Hansel and Grettel. By Grimm.
Cherryblossom By Grimm.
Roland and Maybird. By Grimm.


Newly Illustrated by John Hassall

Quarto, Picture Cover
Favourite Nursery Rhymes.
A Story-Book for Me.
My Book of Nursery Tales.
The Dear Old Nursery Tales.
Favourite Nursery Tales.
My Book of Nursery Rhymes.

6d. PICTURE-BOOKS Crown Quarto, Picture Boards. Coloured

Illustrations throughout
Children of Many Lands.
Little Folks of Far Away.
Little Folks of Other Lands.
True Tales of Animal Life.
True Stories of Bird and Beast.
My Book of Animal Stories.
Bible Stories for Little Folk.
My Book of Bible Pictures.
Scripture Stories.
The Good Shepherd.
Gentle Jesus.
Glad Tidings.
Animals of all Lands.
Talks about Animals.
My Book of Animals.
True Stories of olden Days.
True Stories of Great Deeds.
My Book of Noble Deeds.
Once upon a Time.
Long, Long Ago.
Fairy Tales for Little Folk.

packets of 12 assorted volumes, at 38., 28.,
and 18.



General Readers

Infant-Room The Model Readers. Distinctly in ad.

and Kindergarten vance of anything hitherto produced. Literature; Art; Songs with Music; Phon

See also Palmerston Readers, Century Readers, etics; Teaching Aids; Illustrated with skil.

Stories for the Schoolroom, under heading

GENERAL READERS. fully designed coloured pictures and drawings in black-and-white.

Blackie's Coloured Picture StoryBook I 84. Book III. 18.

Readers for Infants. An entirely new Book II. 10d. Book IV. 18. 4d.

series, profusely and beautifully illustrated

with fresh coloured pictures. Price ld.each. Books V and VI immediately.

1. By the Sea and In the Fields. The Palmerston Readers. Illustrated by 2. Little Red Riding Hood and Jack and the Beanthe most recent processes of colour and

Stalk. black-and-white, with grammar, composi.

3. Cinderella and The Babes in the Wood.

4. The Puss Who Failed. tion, and word-building lessons.

5. Tom at the Farm. The Sight and Sound Primers

6. The Games We Play.

Recitations for Infant Schools. ComFirst Primer. 40 pages, 4d.

piled by Margaret Riach, LLA.

A new Second Primer. 48 pages, 5d.

series of five clearly-printed volumes. 32 Infants' First Reader. 64 pages, 6d.

pages. ld. each. Complete in one volume, Infants' Second Reader. 96 pages, 7d.

cloth limp, 8d. The Readers

The Conversational Primers and Infant

Readers. With Coloured Pictures.
First Book. 9d
Fourth Book. 18. 4d.

Primers I and II. 3.l. each.
Second Book. 10d. Fifth Book 18. 60.

Infant Readers I and II 4ch each.
Third Book. 18.
Sixth Book. 18. 6.

Little Tales for Little Folks. Illustrated. Home Lesson Books. I, ld.; II, 2d.; III, 3d.

Paper, ld. each. The Century Readers. Interesting lessons

Fred's Run.

Ella's Fall. in prose and poetry. Fully illustrated.

Nora's Dark Look. Patty's Walk

Honest Dolly.
Primer I, id; cl., 2 d. Reader II. 80.
Primer II, 2.; cl., 3d. Reader III 18.

Stories by Jennett Humphreys. Stout
Infant Reader. Limp, Reader IV. 18. 4d. paper covers, 2d, each.
Reader V.

Old Dick Grey. 50.; boards, Gd.

Maud's Doll,

18. 60. Reader I.

Reader VI. 18. 6d

In Holiday Time. Tales Easy and small. Home Lesson Books. No. I, id.; II, d.; III,

The Graded Primers. Illustrated. 29d; IV, V, VI, 3d. each.

Primer I. Paper, 14d.; cloth, 2d. Stories for the Schoolroom. Edited by

Primer II Paper, ed.; cloth, 3d. J. H. Yoxall, M.A., M.P. Stories (mostly

Primer (Complete). Cloth, 4d. copyright) selected from the writings of The Comprehensive Primers. musauthors whose works are attractive to chil. trated. dren, with illustrations by well-known Primer I, 11d.; cl., 2 d. Primer (Complete). artists, and suitable poetry lessons.

Primer II, 2d.; cl, 3d.

Cloth, 4d. Dot. A Preliminary Infant Reader. 3d.

The Palmerston Reading Sheets. 16 Ned, Ted, and Fred. For Infants' Com

Sheets (pages 2 to 17 of the Palmerston Second Clasa, 30.


First Sight and Sound Primer) printed in Spot. For Infauts' Second Class, 3d.


colours, on strong manilla paper, 28 by Ned and Spot. In one vol. 6d.

37 inches. On roller. Price 12%. per set. Story Reader for Standard "0" (Dot and Spot in

The Phonic Reading Sheets. Seven Sheets one vol.). 6L Infant Reader. 60. Book III.

consisting of the Sight and Sound Practice 18.

Pages (34-40) of the Palmerston First Sight Book I.

Book IV.
18. 4d.

and Sound Primer. Boldly printed on Book II.

Book v.
18. 6d.

strong manilla paper, 28 by 37 inches. On Blackie's Tropical Readers. Prepared

roller. 68. at the instance of the Board of Education, The Conversational Reading Sheets. Jamaica, ind peculiarly well suited for the 16 Sheets boldly printed on strong manilla, use of schools in tropical countries. Book 18 by 24 inches. Eyeletted. In leatherI, 18. 4d. ; Book II, 18. 6d.

board box, or on roller. Price 68. per set. ( 50 ) (i)


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The Century Reading Sheets. Illus- For Standard Il. Paper, 2d. Cloth, 24d. each. trated 16 pages of Primer I in facsimile,

WILFUL WILLIE. on strong manilla paper. Size 28 inches by 37 inches, on roller. 78. 6d. per set.


A BOY COUSIN. The Graded Reading Sheets. Illus

BUNNY AND FURRY. trated. FIRST SERIES (14 pages of Primer I in facsimile), 3x. 6d.; mounted on boards, For Standard III. Cloth, 2}d. cach. 148. SECOND SERIES (24 Sheets, containing GIPSY DICK. 16 pages of Primer I), 27: by 35 inches. 68.

PUT TO THE PROOF. per set; mounted on boards, 218.

The Comprehensive Reading Sheets TWO GIRLS AND A DOG.

to suit Primer I, 28. 6d, the set; mounted
on boards, 108. 6d. the set.

For Standard 1V. Cloth, 31d. each.

THE SKIPPER. Gems of School Song. Popular Melodies,

Do YOUR DUTY (Henty). arranged in two-part harmony. Paper, 2d.

CRUSOES OF THE FROZEN NORTH (Stubles). Composition for the Kindergarten.

ELSIE WINS. Stories to tell to the Children. od.

For Standard V-VI. Cloth, 4d. each. Country Stories (Newton Infant Reader). A bright little Reader with bright coloured

THE LOSS OF THE "AGRA(Reade). pictures. 8d.

THE CORAL ISLAND (Ballantyne). The Vivid Concrete and Abstract

IN THE DAYS OF NELSON (it'inder). Arithmetic Sheets. 108.


CHRISTIAN AND MOSLEM (Scott). Hand-and-Eye Arithmetic. A Teachers'

SAXON AND NORMAN (Scott). Handbook for the Infant Room. 18. Od.

The Teacher's Black-Board Arithmetic. MARTIN RATTLER (Ballantyne).
By - Tact". Parts I and II, 18. od. each.

Play in Work and Work in Play. By LAST ASHORE (Henty).
Joseph Hassell. Cloth, 2s. 6d.

Vere Foster's Medium Writing Primers. SIEGE OF TORQUELSTON (Scott).

A set of Writing Primers, with Headlines A SCOTTISH CHIEF (Henty).
and Traced Aids, introductory to the AN INDIAN RAID (Henty).
numbers of the Medium Series. In 4
Numbers. Crown 8vo, ld. each. See p.


Vere Foster's Medium Writing Charts. CORNET WALTER (Benty).
A series of 5 sheets, boldly printed on strong

For Ex-Standard Supplementary Readers, manilla paper, and mounted on roller.

see Blackie's English Texts, page xi, price Price 58. per set. See p. xxii.

6d. each Graded Drawing for Infants and Junior

With Classe3. By ANNIE E. ROBERTS.


Blackie's Continuous Readers. Drawing Subjects and Hints for Procedure. plete tales by well-known writers. With Printed in black and colour. Cloth, 28. 6d.

Frontispiece. Crown Svo, cloth, 1s. each. Coloured Pictures for School Decora


Henty. tion and Object Lessons. Pictures

NAT THE NATURALIST. By G. Manville mounted on boards, varnished and eyeletted

Fenn. for hanging up. Complete list on applica

GIRL NEIGHBOURS. By Sarah Tytler, tion.

HETTY GRAY. By Rosa Mulholland. First Series (Flowers, Trees, Figures, and Ani. mals). Price 18. each.

::: For further Continuous Reader's (Travel, Second Series (Flowers and Animals), 9d. each.

Adventure, Natural History, Domestic Life,

&c.), see Blackie's School and Home Library, Object Lessons. See p. v.

16. per volume. Miscellaneous Readers

Supplementary Readers:


A new

COUNTY. BY H. R. Wilrox HALL. Illust. ls. Series of Supplementary Readers. Brightly THE STORY OF LEICESTER. ls. 6d. written Vicely Illustrated.

QUEEN VICTORIA. Scenes from her Life and For Standard 1. Paper, 1d. Cloth, 2d. each. Reign. By G. A HENTY. Illustrated.

Crown Svo, cloth, 18. 6d. THE BUTTERFLY'S PARTY.




by John Downie, M.A. 1s.

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