partment, Glasgow Technical College. Higher Arithmetic and Mensuration. Twenty-four sheets of models beautifully For Civil Service and University Exams. printed on superfine heavy paper. Each By Edward Murray. Crown 8vo, cloth, sheet 25" X 22". In strong cloth-backed with Answers, 88. 6d. portfolio, 318. Bd. Full List and Prospectus

Short Cuts and By-ways in Arithmetic. on application.

By Cecil Burch. Crown 8vo, cloth, 28. Classic Ornament. PHOTOGRAPHIC REPRODUCTIONS SOUTH

Practical Book-keeping for Commercial OP

KENSINGTON CASTS. 48 representations of casts, among

Classes. By Walter Grierson. 18. 6d. which are some of the models set at pre

KEY, 38. 6d. net. vious Science and Art Examinations. In Ruled Exercise Books for Book-keeping. Four Books. Crown 4to. Price 18. 6. (1) Vere Foster's Ruled Exercise Book, No. each. Prospectus on application.

8, Ruled as Day Book or Ledger. (2) No. 9, Blackie's South Kensington Drawing,

Ruled as Journal. Price 2d, each. Sheets. Based on Sir E. J. Poynter's South Plain Lettering for Ledger Headings, Plans, Kensington Drawing-Books. Selected sub- Map Drawing With Coloured Ruling. jects issued in the form of Wall Sheets, Medium Copy-Books, N1, 3d. enlarged to a suitable size for the purpose.

Blackie's Course of Commercial WritColours have been freely used in the Sheets

ing and Book-keeping. A series of to give body to the ornament. The Sheets

copy-books, price 2d. each. are printed on fine, smooth cartridge paper, 28 x 20 inches, are eyeletted, and done up Blackie's Civil Service and Commercial in strong portfolios. Six sets of 20 sheets Copy-Book. For students preparing for each. Sets I and II, price 10s. each; sets

Civil Service and Commercial appointIII, IV, V, VI (coloured), price 128. 6d.

ments. By J. Logan, 6d. each. Illustrated prospectus (in colours) Précis Writing. With numerous exercises. on application.

A practical introduction and a worked Blackie's South Kensington Drawing- example. By H. Latter, M.A., Cheltenham

Cards. Being reduced copies of the above College. 38. 6d. KEY, 23. 6d. net.
South Kensington Drawing.Sheets. Re-

Précis Writing. Second Series.

By H. produced on superfine thick cartridge

Latter, M.A. 38. 6d. KEY, 28. 6d. net. paper. Large crown 8vo.

In six packets of 20 cards each. Sets I and II, 18. each; III to VI (coloured), 18. Bd. each.

FOR TEACHERS, AND Blackde's Drawing Sheets and Block

STUDENTS IN TRAINING Lettering. 24 Sheets printed on strong manilla paper, 18" x 24", and eyeletted at (See also under "Object Lessons", p. v, the four corners. In leather-board box, and “English Composition", p. ix.) price 58. each set. Illustrated prospectus on application.

The Teaching of Modern Languages.
By Cloudesley Brereton, M.A.(Cantab.).


The Education of Girls in Switzerland CLASSES

and Bavaria By Isabel L. Rhys. 18. net.

The Teacher's Rabelais. Prepared by A Survey of the British Empire, His- Geraldine Hodgson. 18. net. torical, Geographical, and Commercial,

The Teaching of Latin. By W. H. S. Jones, With Illustrations, Coloured and Sketch

M.A. 18. net.
Maps, and Tables. 28.
A Brief Introduction to Commercial

The Suggestive Handbook of Practical

School Method. By Thos. A. Cox and Geography. A Handbook of the Com

R. F. Macdonald. 38. 6d. mercial Relationships of Great Britain, the United States, and the Colonies. With Nature Studies (Plant Life). By G. F. many Sketch Maps and Coloured Maps, Scott Elliot, M.A., B.Sc. Illustrated

and a synopsis of commerce. Cloth, 18. Od. 38. 6d. French Commercial Correspondence. Official Report of the Nature-Study By easy stages. By Alfred Starck. 18. od. Exhibition and Conferences, 1902.

Crown 8vo, cloth, 28. 6d. net. First Course of German Commercial

Correspondence. Compiled by Alfred Progressive Lessons in Science. Ву Oswald Crown 8vo, cloth, 28. KEY,

A. Abbott, M. A., and Arthur Key, M.A. 38. Bd. net.

Crown 8vo, cloth, 38. 6d. Mercantile Arithmetic. For Commercial The Teacher's Manual of Lessons in

and Continuation Classes. By E. T. Pick- Elementary Science. By H. Major, B.A., ering. 18. 6d.

B.Sc. Crown 8vo, cloth, 38. 6d. Higher Rules. For Commercial Classes, Common Things and Elementary

P..T. Centres, &c. Cloth, Bd. With Science, in the form of Object Lessons. Answers, 8d,; ANSWERS, 3d. net.

By Joseph Hassell. 38. 6d. (xxiii)

Graded Drawing for Infants and Junior

Classes. By Anne E. Roberts. 28. 6d. How to Teach Drawing in Elementary

Schools. By T. R. Ablett. Tenth Edition
Crown 8vo, cloth, 18. 6d.
Complete Course of Free-Arm and
Industrial Drawing. By J. W. T. Vinall.
With a set of Drawing Charts in coloured
crayon on dark ground. Sheets 13'' X 9'.

In portfolio, 128. 6d. net.
Hand-and-Eye Arithmetic. For the In-

fant Room. With Coloured Plate. 18. 6d. Scripture Biography and its Teachings.

By Joseph Hassell. Crown 8vo, cloth, 2.

Familiar Objects of Everyday Life. By

Joseph Hassell. Cloth, 38. 6d. Technology for Schools. A Class-room

Aid in Technical Education. By Joseph

Hassell. Crown 8vo, 28. 6d. Experimental Science as a Class-Sub

ject. By R. Lishman and S. L. Beszant.

Crown 8vo, cloth, 28. 6d. What and How: A Guide to Oral Teaching.

By Joseph Hassell. F*cap 8vo, cloth, 18. A Manual of Drill and Physical Ex

ercises. By Charles Oxley. With 350

illustrations and music. Fcap 4to, 48. 6d. Manual of Needlework and Cutting

Out. By Agnes Walker, L.L.A. 58. How to make up Garments. A Needle

work Manual for Students and Pupil Teach

ers. By Agnes Walker, L.L.A. Food and Its Functions. A text-book for

students of cookery. By James Knight,

M.A., D.Sc. Illustrated, 28. 6d. A Manual of the Science of Laundry

Work. By Margaret Cuthbert Rankin.

18. 6d. The Art and Practice of Laundry Work.

By Margaret Cuthbert Rankin. 28. 6d. Object Lessons in Geography. By David

Frew, B.A. In Three Parts, 18. 6d. each. The Realistic Teaching of Geography. Its principles, with examples of methods. By William Jolly, F.R.S.E., F.G.S. Cloth,

18. Short Cuts and By-Ways in Arithmetic.

By Cecil Burch. 28. The Teacher's Black-Board Arithmetic.

By “Tact". Parts I and II. 18. 6d, each. The Class-Teacher's Arithmetic. For

Course B. For Standards I and II. 18. 6d. Black-Board and Free-Arm Drawing.

For Teachers and Students. An Illustrated and Systematic Course of Instruction. By Herbert H. Stephens, A.C.P. Containing 59 plates in white on black ground. With descriptive and directive letterpress. Demy

4to, cloth, 48. 6d. net. Brush-Drawing. For Teachers and Students. By J. W. Nicol. Containing 66 Plates, with carefully graduated Models, Suggestions, and Notes. Demy 4to, cloth, 78. 6d. net.

DICTIONARIES, &c. The Student's English Dictionary. By John Ogilvie, LL.D. New Edition, revised and extended. Edited by Charles Annan. dale, M.A., LL.D. 800 Engravings on Wood, Large f'cap 4to. Cloth, 78. 6d.; half-persian,

108. 6d.; half-morocco, 128. 6d. Annandale's Concise English Dictionary. By Charles Annandale, M.A., LL.D. New Édition, revised and extended F'cap 4to, 864 pp. Cloth, 38. 6d.; Rox.

burgh, 58. 6d.; half-morocco, 78. 6d. Ogilvie's School Dictionary. EtymologicalPronouncing, and Explanatory.

By John Ogilvie, LL. D. Cloth, 28. Blackie's Standard Shilling Dictionary.

Containing all the ordinary English words, and Appendices on “Terms and Measures used in Physics, Engineering, &c.","Worvis, Phrases, and Sayings ", " Abbreviations and Contractions Forms of Address", "Moneys of the World", "Weights and Measures", " Principal Mechanical Movements Illustrated". Crown 8vo, cloth, 18. Limp

leather, red edges, 28. net. Common Words Commonly Mispro

nounced. By W. Ramsay-Crawford. 28. English Etymology, a Dictionary. By

F. Kluge and F. Lutz. Crown 8vo, cloth, 58. net.

Sport How to Play Association Football. A

Young Learner's Handbook. By P. Walker. 18. net





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Arithmetics -

For Elementary Schools vi, vii


vi, xxiv
For Secondary Schools


Teachers' Handbooks


xviii, xix


Commercial Handbooks xxii


v, xxiii, xxiv


vi, xxiv
Domestic Science

v, vi


xxii, xxiii, xxiv

xxi, xxiii, xxiv

Grammar and Composition ix

xxi, xxii
Language and Literature



x-xü Readers -
Précis Writing

ix Citizenship
ix Continuous



Domestic Science


General .

Classics .


iv, v
Grammar, &c.

Reading Books

xiii Hygiene


iv, v, vii




Grammar, &c.


Reading Books

Reading Sheets

. i, ij
Greek and Latin-


Classics .

xvi, xvii


xvii, xviii
Readers, &c. .
xvii, xviii Science

xix, xx
iii, viii Sewing

vi, xxiv
i, ü Spelling


Students in Training xxiii, xxiv
Latin and Greek-


xviii, xxiii, xxiv
Classics .

xvi, xvii

xvii, xviii

Readers, &c.
xvii, xviji Writing

xxi, xxii
( 50 )



S. E:

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i, ü




(Por School and College Text-books see Classified Educational List)


Aboard the 'Atalanta'

57 Ballads of Heine
Aboard the 'Mersey'

61 Ballads of Schiller
Admiralty House, The

58 Ball of Fortune. The
Adventures in Field, Flood, and Forest,

Barbier de Séville, Le
13, 56, Cover 4 Barchester Towers

9. 35
Adventures in Switzerland

50 Basket of Flowers

13, Cover 4
Adventures in Toyland

63 Battlefield Treasure, The.
Adventures of a Leather Purse
61 Beaconsfield, The Earl of

15, 19,
Adventures of Carlo.

61 Bears and Dacoits
Adventures of Girlhood

i3, 69, Cover 4 Beauty and the Beast
Adventures of Harry Rochester

54 Bed-Time Stories
Adventures of Montluc

17 Bérénice, Scenes from
Adventures of Mrs. Wishing-to-be :

59 Beric the Briton
Adventures of Roly

57 Best of Intentions
Adventures of Ulysses

17 Betty the Bold .
Afloat at Last

Bible in Spain
Africander Trio, An

Bible Stories for Little Folk
After Dark

Big Book of Nursery Rhymes
Age of the Antonines

17 Big Brother Dick
Agriculturist's Calculator, The

Black Cat Book

64 Black Hole of Calcutta
Alexander the Great:

17 Blackie's Children's Annual
Alf Jetsam.

60 Blackie's Standard Shilling Dictionary
All Hands on Deck!

55 Blanc et le Noir, Le
All the Best Nursery Stories

63 Blind Boy of Dresden, The
Alphabet, An

63 Blind Pupil, A
American Speeches

17 Blue Bead, The.
Among the Birds of the Northern Shires 39 Bogie and Fluff
Chemistry, Introduction to

43 Bonded Three, The
Anatomy, Elementary Text-Book of

41 Bonpie Prince Charlie
Audy's Trust

62 Book of Bridge, A
Anglican Revival, The :

*15, 32, Book of Ducks and Dutchies
Animal A B C, An

Book of Little Dutch Dolls
Animal Book, The

63 Book of Little Japanese Dolls, The
Animal Painting for Beginners

47 Book of Mandarinfants, The
Animals' Academy, The

63 Book of Poetry. A
Animals of All Lands

64 Book of the Dairy, The :
Anson's Voyage Round World, is, 36, Cover Book of the Fan, The
Antonio and Benedict Mol

17 Book of the Little Dutch Dots
Arabian Nights.

17 Both Sides the Border
Architectural and Scale Drawing

41 Bourgeois

Gentilhomme, Le
Arm-Chair Stories

64 Bow Wows
Arthur's Inheritance

Box of Stories
Arthur's Temptation

60 Boy Cousin. A
As Nice as Nice Can Be

64 Boy Crusoes
At Aboukir and Acre

53 Boyhood of a Naturalist, The 24,
At Agincourt

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Boy Musician, A
At Lathum's Siege

60 Boys

of the Light Brigade
At the Back of the North Wind

Boys of the Priory School
At the Point of the Bayonet

53 Boys of Wynport College, The
Aunt Hesba's Charge

58 Brave and True.
Australian Childhood, An

61 Brave Dorette
Autobiographies of Boyhood

13, Cover 4 Bravest of All
Autocrat of the Breakfast-Table, The 7, 21, 28, 48 Bravest of the Brave.
Avare, L'

50 Brief Sketch of French History, 1789-1815
Avocat Patelin, :

50 Brief Sketch of French History, 1815-1873

Brief Survey of British History

58 Brief Survey of European History .
Babes in the Wood :

64 Brig 'Audacious'


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Bright, John, A Biography
14, 19, 36 Coral Island

10, 12, 19, Cover 3
Bright Little Pair, A
61 Cosy Corner Pictures

British Empire in the nineteenth century,

Country Sketches

: 13, Cover

36 Cousin Geoffrey and I

British Landscape and Coast Scenery 47 Cranford

9, 10, 2A
Brothers in Arns
57 Cross Purposes

Brown of Moukden

54 Crowded Out
Brownsmith's Boy

23, 55 Cruise in Cloudland, A
Building Construction and Drawing, Ele- Cruise of the Midge

10, 13, 33, Cover 4

Cruise of the Petrel', The
Bunny and Furry

Crusoes of the Frozen North
Runyip Land
23 Cynthia's Bonnet Shop

32, 55
Bushranger's Secret, The

Cynthia's Holiday
By Conduct and Courage
By England's Aid

Daddy. Samuel's Darling
By Order of Queen Maude

Dai Nippon
By Pike and Dyke

Dairy, Book of the
By Right of Conquest

Daisy and her Friends
By Sheer Pluck.

26, 53

Daisy's Visit to Uncle Jack

Dampier's Life and Voyages 13, Cover 4
Captain Bayley's Heir

Dante and Virgil, A Study
27, 55

19, 22

Captain Curley's Boy

Darby and joan
Captured Cruiser, The

28, 55
Dash for Khartoum,

27, 53
Carbineer and Scout.
Carleton's Stories

Daughter of Erin
Carlyle, Readings from

Daughter of the

Ranges, A

29, 48
Cartoons of Raphael.

David Copperfield

9, 22

Day of Adventures, Á
Carved Box, The

Cat of Bubastes, The

Dear Old Nursery Tales
Cats and Kits


10, 12, 21

Dernière Classe, La :
Caxtons. The

Deserted Palace, The
Change for the Worse, A
Chapter of Adventures, A


Design, Suggestions in

Devon Boys
Charcoal Burner

Devonshire, Georgiana and Elizabeth
Chateau de la Vie, Le


Diamond Seekers, The :
Cherrythorpe Fair


Dick Chester
Children of Hayoombe, The

Children of Kings
16, 32, 56

Dickens, Charles, A Oritical study:

Dick o' the Fens

Children of Many Lands

23, 55
Children of the New Forest, 10, 31, 59, Cover 4


Discovery of Guiana, The
Children's Annual, Blackie's

Chips and Chops

Disputed v.C., The

Do Your Duty
Chirp and Chatter


Doctor's Lass, the
Choir School, The

Chosen Treat, The

Doctor's Niece, The
Dog Crusoe, The

10, 12, 18, Cier

Chris's Old Violin
Christian Year, The

6, 29

Don Quixote, The Story of

Christmas Carol, A

Chronicles of England

Doris's High School Days'

Chum Worth Having, A

Dorothy's Dilemma .

Cid, Scenes froin Le

Down and Up Again
Downfall of Napoleon

13, Cover 4


Dr. Cubitt's Cubs
Cinderella's Cousin
Citizen of The World, The

Dragon and the
Raven, The

26, 53
Classic Orbament

Dragon of Pekin, The

Drake's World Encompassed
Cleared at Last

Dulcie King
Climbing the Hill
Coal-fields of Scotland, The

Eagle's Nest, The
Coal-mining. Elementary Text-book of 44 Edie's Adventure
Companions of Columbus

17 Edwy
Compleat Angler
17 Eighteenth Century Anthology

6, 18
Comrades All

57 Electrical Engineering Measuring Instruments 43

49 Electricity
Concise English Dictionary, The

Ella's Brown Gown :
Condemned as a Nihilist

Elsie Wins.
Confessions of an Opium Eater

Enu bassy to the Great Mogul
Confessions of Rousseau

Emigrant Boy's Story, An
Confessions of St. Augustine


England and the Hundred Years' War:
Congo Rovers

England and the Reformation

English Essays.
Conquest of Peru

English Etymology
Contes Fantastiques
50 English Historians

Cookery, A Handbook of

44 English Literary Criticism
Cookery and
Laundry Work

English Lyric Poetry
Cookery for School-girls

44 English Mail Coach, &c.
Cook's Voyages
10, 13, i7, ai, Cover 4 English Masques

11, 23


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