Whithe Goest Thou? Or, was Father Mathew

Right? Notes on Intemperance, Scientific and Moral. By the Rev. J. C. MacERLAIN. Crown 8vo, 100 pp.; cl. 35. 6d. Popular Edition, 6d. Paper boards, Is. net.

Occasional Papers. By His Eminence Cardinal MORAN, Archbishop of Sydney. Crown 8vo, 206 pp.,

PP cloth, 25.; wrapper, IS.

1. The Church and Social Progress. 2. The Emperor Julian the Apostate. 3. The Destiny of Christian Rome. 4. The Civilization of Ireland before the Norman Conquest. 5. Joan of Arc. 6. The St. Bartholomew Massacre. 7. Catholics and Irishmen. 8. Religion in Education. 9. Ireland and Australia. 10. The Fruits of Self-culture.

. . Eloquent and learned essays. We may say, without exaggeration, that we have read few essays anywhere that surpass in attractiveness of style some of the discourses in this volume, while, for wide and varied historical lore, Cardinal Moran's name is n itself a guarantee.Dublin Review.

" The last product of a rich and gifted mind. . . It is difficult to resist the temptation to quote from this volume, which is full of passages as suggestive as they are brilliant.”—Catholic Times.

Bertha De Mornay, Sister of Charity. Her Life and

Writings. With Preface by NATALIS DE WAILLY,
Member of the French Institute. Translated from
the French by the Rev. THOS. MacNAMARA, C.M.
Fcap. 8vo, cloth gilt, 35. 6d.

The Angel of Mercy. A Panegyric of Mother M.

Catherine M'Auley, Foundress of the Order of Mercy.
By the Very Rev. WILLIAM HUTCH, D.D.
Demy 8vo, cloth, Is.

Pius X. and the Apostolic

Apostolic Union of Secular Priests. By the Rev. JAMES BUSHER, M.S.S. Demy 8vo, id.

The Vatican Edition of Plain Chant.

A Critical Study by the Rev. H. BEWERUNGE, Maynooth College. Demy 8vo, 3d.

The Dawn of the Century. By the Very Rev.

P. A, Canon SHEEHAN, D.D., Author of “ Under the
Cedars and the Stars," "My New Curate," &c. Demy

8vo, 32 pp., 2d.

The Cistercian Order. Historical Sketches, trans

lated from the German of Dr. L. JANAUSCHECK, Cisterican Monk in the Convent of Zwettl, Lower Austria ; Emeritus Professor of Theology. IS.


This is a short history of the foundation and growth of the Cistercian Order, and of its various branches. The state of the entire Order is given, and its members who have been famous for piety and learning, the monasteries that have been renowned as educational or religious centres, or for their architecture, and the principal literary works of Cistercians (including the bibliography of the Order), are enumerated.

The Irish Ecclesiastical Record.

Record. A Monthly Journal, patronized by the Archbishops, Bishops, and Clergy of Ireland, Great Britain, United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India,

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South and Western Africa, and circulating widely in
Italy, France, Germany, and Spain. In the Home
Countries a uniform subscription of 12s. per annum,
post free. In the United States, 3.00 per annum,
post free ; all other parts of the World, 12s., post
free. All subscriptions payable in advance. Single
Numbers, is.

With the January Number, 1906, the IRISH ECCLESIASTICAL

RECORD entered on its Thirty-ninth Year of publication.
The Irish ECCLESIASTICAL RECORD is a professional journal
for English-speaking Priests. Its essays are mainly devoted
to the discussion of Theological, Philosophical, Liturgical,
Rubrical, and other questions of use or interest to Ecclesi.
astics, but papers of a more general literary character are

also included.
The Departments of Theological Questions and Liturgical

Questions are in the capable hands of distinguished members
of the Staff, and the queries of correspondents regarding
dogma and practice are invited, and will be answered
promptly and with care. Documents, especially Roman
Decisions of special interest to the clergy, or affecting the
Church in missionary countries, are collected and printed.

The past Volumes of the Irish Ecclesiastical Recordare a mine of matter of interest to the Clergy, apart from their value as a Record of Roman Decisions and Documents. Each Volume is fully Indexed. Third Series (yearly volumes), price per vol., in cloth, 125. net ; half calf, 13s. net. Fourth Series (halfyearly volumes), price per vol., cloth, 75. 60.; halt.

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