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Golden Thought

in Tartan Case,

305. NET.




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A KEMPIS, THOMAS The Valley of Lilies. Royal

32mo, red borders, imitation wood binding, Is. 3d.; fancy white enamelled card binding, 2s. ; French morocco, 2s. 6d.

82 A KEMPIS, THOMAS. The Little Garden of Roses. SPARE MINUTE

Royal 32mo, red borders, imitation wood binding, is. 3d.; fancy white enamelled card binding, 2s.; French morocco, 2s. 6d.

DAINTY SERIES "Sweetly devotional, and to some readers most helpful"_Sword and Trowel. "Those who read these volumes will find pleasant and profitable employment for many a spare hour, for they breathe with piety and devotion"-Fun. A KEMPIS, THOMAS. The Garden of Roses and

the Valley of Lilies. Together. Cloth, gilt edges, 2s. 8d.

“We are here furnished with readings for gracious and devout souls of a most my tender and instructive character"-Oban Express. “It is indeed a matter for wonder that so few of the works of Thomas a Kempis are known to the English ham reader; and Messrs. D. Bryce & Son have rendered a service to the lovers of Los devotional literature"-Christian Leader. “We are presented with a series of maxims on religion by the renowned author of the 'Imitation of Christ,' which ex. hibit such a warmth of devotion and fervour of piety that it is impossible for anyone to read them without a desire to become purer and better "-Brechin Advertiser. LOGINAL BIZT 593 A KEMPIS, THOMAS. Golden Thoughts from the

imitation of Christ. Selections by T. M. LINDSAY, D.D. Crown 32mo, red borders, white cardboard binding, is. Large type.

HBOLDEN THOUONT Extra Fcap. size, limp cloth or leatherette, is.; white enamelled card binding, 2s.

LARBE TYPE "A valuable selection of short pithy sentences from Thomas a Kempis's famous

SERIES work"- The Rock. “These admirable thoughts are presented here in a neat and clearly printed volume. Every one of them is a gem of purest ray, and all contain comfort to weary and troubled souls. The little volume is worth its weight in gold"-Courier and Argus,



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GEE. Selection from the Poets on the Rose. Crown 32mo, red borders,

GOLDEN TROUGHT white cardboard binding, Is.

SERIES "There can be no doubt that the selection, which has been made with great care and discrimination, will be exceedingly popular with all who meet with it" - Derby Mercury. “It was a happy notion to gather into a single volume all the choicest English poems that have been written on the Rose. The result is charming, and it is delightful reading"- Rilmarnock Standard. “The tiny booklet is as beauteous end charming as the flower of which it sings"-Fifeshire Herald. "A poesy of choice poetical sayings about the queen of Aowers"--Dumfries Standard. ALBUMS. See under headings

Royal Cabinet Birthday Book. Queries and Confessions.
Pocket Birthday Text Book.

Querist's Album.
For Pen and Pencil Jottings.

Querist's Birthday and Confession Book. Querist's Album, Illustrated. Cabinet Birthday Bouk. Querist's Birthday Book, Language Thumb Confession Book.

of Flowers, and Confession Album. ALDRICH, T. B. Baby Bell, and Other Poems. Compiled from his works by M. M. GRISDALE. Crown 32mo, red borders,

GOLDEN THOUGHT white cardboard binding, Is.

SERIES “In the whole range of the poetical literature of America there is nothing finer in its way than the Baby Bell' of Thomas Bailey Aldrich; nor does

it stand alone as to exquisite delicacy of feeling and expression among the works of the New York merchant. There is hardly one piece in the charming booklet that is not as pure and fresh as a drop of dew"--North British Daily Mail. " Baby Bell' is a charming and artistic ballad, and it as well as the other poems have a rare and touching delicacy about them “-Greenock Advertiser. ALLAN, JOHN. Jean Sma' and 'The Glesgae Bailie.' Paper

Covers, is. net. "A very pleasant hour or so may be spent in the company of ‘Jean Sma: The printing has been well done."-Hamilton Advertiser. AMOURS, F.J., B.A. French Primer. By F. J. AMOURS,

B.A., French Master, High School, Glasgow. Author of "Study of French Verbs.” In preparing this little book, the author has borne in mind that simplicity and method are of the utmost importance to MENO beginners, and that sound grammatical training is the safest founda. tion for the thorough study of a language. Fifth edition. 98 pages. Limp cloth, is. in accordance with the requirements of the Code. Key to ditto, for Teachers only, 6d. "An excellent class-book"-Educational Guide and Literary Revica. ARMEAR, GRETA. What Was It? Second edition. Tourist

hotele WT Library. 300 pages. Size, 7 in. by 3} in. Cloth, is. 3d. ; tartan, 2s. I was “Miss Armear's very entertaining story consists of a well-distributed mixture of ghost, love, and a dash of politics. The style is bright and natural, and there is an approach to dramatic power in some of the more stirring, passages "-- Academy, "Deserves nothing but praise for a bright, fresh, well-written story.".- National Observer "The style is fresh, and the interest well sustained "-British Weekly. Has strength enough in its wild plot to keep a reader's curiosity awake during the little time it takes to read the book"-Scotsman. Greta Armear writes with great grace and vivacity. In reading it is impossible to skip a page."-Literary World. ACTUAL OUT TO BARTON, FRANK TOWNEND, M.R C.V.S. Horses, Cattle,

Dogs, Cats, Poultry, Birds, etc. Ilow to keep them well and treat them when they are ill. Illustrated.

Crown 32mo.

Lambskin, Is. 3d. Silk Tartan binding, is.

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trated by a Grave near Hanover. Crown 8vo, paper cover, with photograph, 6d.

Striking “It was my privilege on the evening of July 3rd, 1888, to stand by the side of this grave in the old burying ground in Marienstrasse, Hanover. The inscription on the Tower base granite block is ‘Dieses auf ewig erkaufte Begraebniss darf nie Geoffnet werden,'translated, 'this for ever bought grave may never be opened,' but it is the only grave in the whole yard that is opened. The well beaten path leading to it in one corner of the grave yard, the many inscriptions, names, initials, etc., cut upon the tree, all testify how great a witness it has been to the truth of God's Word." BEGG, MARY MILLAR. Mother's Marriage Ring,

fond Moreau and other Poems, with Portrait of Author. 184 pages. Crown

Rajec 8vo, cloth, bevelled boards, gilt top, 3s. 6d. "The poem that gives its name to the book is finely conceived, and tenderly gathers "ip the thoughts and memories that cling around that little mystic boop of gold. Many moods are expressed in the other poems and songs, and the treat. ment is marked by a literary grace and charm that cannot fail to please the most fastidious taste. The poems for children are charming"-Kilmarnock Standard.

Muy Les Dent "A modest volume of short poems, sonnets, songs, and other pieces"-North British Daily Mail

ACTUAL SIZE T'* K. BELL, ROBERT, M.D., F.F.P.S.G. The Home Book of Medical

Treatment. Being an Encyclopædia of Domestic Medicine. 472 pages. Crown 8vo, cloth, 2s. 6d. net. “ In preparing this work it has been my endeavour to employ language which may be readily understood, as a guide to the preservation of health and the management of illness. From a medical point of view it has been consistently brought up to the present state of knowledge on the various subjects which are passed in review. At the same time, I would like to impress very strongly, that it is never advisable in the case of illness to trust entirely to any book, however full the directions may, be, but at all times to have recourse to the services of a properly qualified medical practitioner, if available"-Preface. BELL, ROBERT, M.D., F.F.P.S.G. Our Children: how to keep them well and treat them when they are ill. A Guide to

Our Collorca Mothers. Third Edition. 236 pages. Crown 8vo, cloth, 2s. 6d. net. “The work is one of the best of its class, and the information it contains should be carefully studied by every mother who wishes to fully understand, and to be as far as possible equal to dealing with the diseases and ailinents to which children are liable" -Nottingham Daily Guardian. “Should be found on every mother's bookshelf" -Morning Post. It is a volume that ought to be in every household where there are children"-Glasgow Daily Mail. BELL, ROBERT, M.D., F.F.P.S.G. Woman in Health

and sickness, or What she ought to Know for the Exigencies of Daily Life. Third Edition.

Crown Svo, cloth, 2s. 6d. net. “This book may safely be recommended as one of the best, plainest, and most trust. worthy on the important subjects of which it treats"--Leeds Times. “ It is a work of great practical usefulness"--Manchester Courier. "Full of most valuable information about matters peculiarly interesting to women of all ages "--Bristol Times and Mirror.

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200 pages.


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BELL, ROBERT, M.D., F.F.P.S.G. Tuberculosis and

its Successful Treatment. Crown 8vo, cloth, is. 6d. “Is a fresh and valuable contribution towards the prevention and cure of the ills that filesh is heir to "-Weekly Citizen. "The publication is interesting, and philanthropic in its character " -The Rock.. " A little work which is quite interesting and intelligible to the general reader, specially intelligible, as Dr. Bell appends a glossary of the technical terms used "-Scottish Leader. BELL, ROBERT, M.D., F.F.P.S.G. The Secret of Long Life,

Crown 8vo, paper covers, 6d.

42 pages.


BELL, ROBERT, M.D., F.F.P.S.G. A Physician's

Poems: Pastoral and Pungent. 166 pages. Crown 8vo, cloth, 35. 6d. net.

" The author, who appears to be an enthusiastic lover of the Highlands and Highland scenery, is something more than a mere manufacturer, so to speak, of pleasing rhythm. He undoubtedly possesses the poetic faculty in a considerable degree, and his verses give evidence of a cultured and keenly perceptive mind" -Oban Times. "Many of the descriptive poems show sustained power, and frequently rise above the ordinary level, as in 'Glenorchy' and the Braes of Loch Awe'"-Brechin Advertiser.

ACTUAL SIZE UST BLACK, HELEN C. Notable Women Authors of

the Day. Biographical Sketches of Mrs. Lynn Linton, Mrs. Riddell, Mrs. L. B. Walford, Rhoda Broughton, Mrs. Arthur Stannard (John Strange Winter), Mrs. Alexander, Mrs. Reeves (Helen Mathers), Florence Marryat, Mrs. Lovett Cameron, Mrs. Hunger. ford, M. Betham Edwards, Edna Lyall, Rosa Nouchette Carey, Adeline Sergeant, Mrs. Edward Kennard, Jessie Fothergill, Lady and Miss Duffus Hardy, May Crommelin, Mrs. Houstoun, Mrs. Alexander Fraser, The Hon. Mrs. H. Chetwynd, Jean Middlemas, ACTUAL SZEREK A. de Grasse Stevens, Mrs. Leith Adams, Jean Ingelow. Twentysix full-page Portraits and Autographs. Second Thousand. 376 pages. Demy 8vo, in handsome cloth binding, gilt top, 10$. 6d. "One of the most interesting and attractive gift books of the season. Mrs. Black brings us into pleasant and familiar acquaintance with all the notable women sketched in this volume by her facile and discriminating pen, and wide circles of readers will be charmed with her vivid photographs and her life-like pictures"-Southampton Times. "This book is one of the most interesting volumes of literary history we have. It comes as womanly gossip, and this it is in the best sense, for it is spark ling and full of surprises. There is a dash of adventure, too, in almost every paper; and the happy, way in which the writer reaches her facts makes the story one of unmitigated enjoyment"-Liverpool Mercury. BIRTHDAY AND CONFESSION BOOK, with Four

Illustrations and 128 Drawings of Natural Grasses. 512 pages. Crown 16mo, printed in sepia, gilt cloth boards, gilt edges, 28. 6d.; French morocco, 3s. 6d.

A multum in parvo which ought to be very popular as a birthday gift. It makes a handsome volume, and has some capital and original illustrations, as well as engravings of natural grasses upon each page"- London Figaro. “The confession part consists of long lists of impertinent questions, to which the young proprietor inveigles his or her friends to commit themselves to written answers"-Bradford Observer BLAKE. Golden Thoughts from William Blake.

Selected by HENRY J. NicoLL. Crown 32mo, printed with red borders, and bound in white enamelled card binding, Is.

GOLDEN THOUGHT "William Blake, poet and painter, was born in 1757: Some of his pieces are perfect gems, as our readers will see for themselves when they peruse this little volume -Dundee Courier. “The selections are tastefully and carefully made, and the volume will doubtless command a wide circulation "-Breckin Advertiser. " Advice to young men. Take one of them with you into the railway carriage as an occasional substitute for the eternal newspaper"--Graphic. ."Selections from the poems of William Blake, and a short biographical notice is written by Mr. Henry J. Nicoll "-Aberdeen Journal.

ACTUAL 5023 34035 BOYD, A. S. (Twym). Childe Ronald's Pilgrimage per

S.S. “Columba." A Souvenir of the Clyde. Clever Sketches. Oblong

16mo, 6d. BROWN, JOHN, M.D., F.R.S.E. Rab and His Friends. Royal

32mo. Paper Covers, 6d. net. Silk Tartan, Is. Moire Silk binding, Is.

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WORLD. Crown 16mo, Leatherette binding, 6d. net. The ENGLISH DICTIONARY comprises, besides the ordinary and newest words in the language, short explanations of a large number of scientific, philosophical, literary and technical terms.

The Times says—" It is neither inadequate nor inaccurate." The Atlas of 75 maps contains at least one map-generally more than one-of every large and important area on the face of the earth; and where there is more

than one map of the same area, places not inserted on one will be found on another. BRYCE'S DAINTY LITTLE LIBRARY. Crown

32mo, limp leather, gilt edges, enclosed in a transparent case, Is. 3d. each ; or the Twelve Volumes enclosed in a leather spring clip, from 155. a set.

1. Early Poems by Lord Tennyson. 2. English Idyls by Lord Tennyson.

Wishes 3. The Princess by Lord Tennyson. 4. In Memoriam by Lord Tennyson. 5. Maud by Lord Tennyson. 6. Lady of the Lake-Sir Walter Scott. 7. Lord of the Isles—Sir Walter Scott. 8. Songs by Robert Burns. 9. Poems by Robert Burns. 10. Gleanings from Wordsworth. 11. Irish Melodies by Thomas Moore. 12. Macaulay's Lays of Ancient Rome. 13. Goldsmith's She Stoops to Conquer 14. Goldsmith's Deserted Village.

SPRING BOOK SLIDE. BRYCE'S EDUCATIONAL GUIDE; containing information about Public

and Private Educational Institutions, Boarding Establishments, Academies, Semin. aries, Schools, Teachers of Languages, Music, etc., in Scotland, England, and on the Continent, also Lists of the Leading Publishers of Educational Works. 35th year of publication. Gratis. “Contains a vast amount of information about the public and private educational institutions in this country as well as in England and on the Continent. There are also lists of the leading publishers of educational works, a feature which greatly enhances the value of the work"--Greenock Telegraph. “This useful little handbook has again come to hand, and is well worthy of consultation by parents and others interested in the education of the young"-Glasgow Herald. BRYCE'S DESK PROMPTER AND ADDRESS BOOK.

Comprising, inter alia, Rules for Spelling; Formation of Plural Nouns ; Common Errors to be avoided in Writing ; Words having the same Sound, but different Spelling and Meaning; Common Abbreviations ; Latin and French Words and Phrases ; Order of a Dinner Menu and French Terms used in the Cuisine; Table of Precedency; Forms of Addressing Persons of Rank ; The Post Office ; Inland and Foreign Telegraph Rates ; Licences, Duties, etc., etc., etc. Crown 32mo, cloth, is. 3d.; limp leather, 28. BRYCE'S PEARL ATLAS OF THE WORLD.

Containing 72 maps. 136 pages. Crown 32mo, cloth, Is. 3d. ; limp leather, 2s. This atlas contains at least one map-generally more than one-of every large and important area on the face of the earth, and when there is more than one map

(ATLAS of the same area, places not inserted on the one will be found on the other.

“This atlas, we believe, is the smallest published, and can easily be slipped into the vest-pocket; moreover it provides a cry considerable amount

of instructive and accurate geographical information "-Stationer and Printer, etc.

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