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H. PHILLIPS FLETCHER, F.R.I.B.A., F.S.I., Barrister-at-Law.

Crown 8vo, uniformly bound in cloth. 6s. 6d, each.
London Building Acts, 1894-1905.

A Text-book on the Law relating to Building in the Metropolis. Containing the Acts in extenso, the By-laws and Regulations now in force, notes on the Acts, and reports on the principal cases. Third Edition, revised. Illustrated by 23 Coloured Plates. Including the full text of the Amendment Act of 1905, with a Note explaining its effect on new and existing buildings.

"It is the law of building for London in one volume."- The Architect. Dilapidations.

A Text-book on the Law and Practice. Sixth Edition, thoroughly revised and enlarged, with all the most recent Acts and a large number of Legal Decisions, and special chapters on Ecclesiastical Dilapidations and on Fixtures.

An excellent compendium on the law and practice on the subject."— The Builder. Light and Air.

With Methods of Estimating Injuries, Reports of most recent Cases, &c. Illustrated by 27 Coloured Plates. Fourth Edition, revised and enlarged, with an Appendix containing a résumé of the House of Lords' decision in the case of “Colls v. Home and Colonial Stores.”

By far the most complete and practical text-book we have seen. In it will be found the cream of all the legal definitions and decisions."--The Building News. Valuations and Compensations.

A Text-book on the Practice of Valuing Property, and the Law of Compensation in relation thereto. With an Appendix of Forms of Precedents, and an extensive series of Valuation Tables. Third

Edition, revised and enlarged. “A complete guide to valuing land and houses for mortgage, renting, or investment, as well as for making valuations, when lands and houses are taken under compulsory powers by public bodies or companies. The tables contained in the Appendix are especially valuable, and there is an exhaustive index."-The Property Market Review. Arbitrations.

A Text-book for Arbitrators, Umpires, and all connected with Arbitrations, more especially Architects, Engineers, and Surveyors, in tabulated form, with the chief cases governing the same, and an Appendix of Forms, Statutes, Rules, &c. Third Edition,

revised and largely re-written. Crown 8vo, cloth, gilt. 55. 6d. " Especially useful to young surveyors as a compendium of the knowledge which professional experience gives in more concrete form and with infinite variety of detail."— The Surveyor.

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ADDENDA. Alfred Stevens and his work.

Containing a brief Memoir of the Artist and critical descriptions of his principal productions. By Hugh STANNUS, F.R.I.B.A., Hon.A.R.C.A. Illustrated by 57 superb Plates, printed in autotype, photogravure and collotype, reproducing a rich collection of examples of the Artist's work in Portraiture, in Sculpture, and in Decoration, together with various Studies and Drawings. Folio, half morocco, extra, gilt edges. £4 45. net.

A sumptuous folio, illustrating the leading works of this remarkable genius, who has been termed the Michael Angelo of the nineteenth century. Only 150 copies were issued at £6 6s. net by the Autotype Company, and the advertiser has secured a limited number of copies, which he offers for the present at the

special price affixed. Class Illustrations for the Study of Architec

tural History.
Comprising the complete Series of 300 plates, as appearing in the
Fifth Edition of "A History of Architecture on the Comparative
Method.” By Professor BANISTER FLETCHER, F.R.I.B.A.,
and BANISTER F. FLETCHER, F.R.I.B.A. The subjects comprise
reproductions of photographs of the chief Buildings of the World,
and of specially prepared drawings (mostly to scale) of plans,
elevations, views, constructive and ornamental details of all the
styles of architecture from the earliest to the present time, aggrega-
ting upwards of 2,000 separate Illustrations. The plates are printed
on one side of the paper only, and each forms a separate leaf.
They are supplied in sets, or grouped together in styles as follows:

1.-Classic and EARLY CHRISTIAN. 90 Plates. Price 45. net.

102 Plates.

Price 4s. net.
III.--RENAISSANCE and MODERN. 75 Plates. Price 4s. net.

IV.-NON-HISTORICAL. 36 Plates. Price is. 6d. net.
Nore.-Five copies of any one section, or two copies of the complete collection, must
be ordered at one time.
The Country House.

A Practical Manual of the Planning and Construction of the
American Country Home and its Surroundings.

By C. E.
HOOPER. Containing 350 pages, with about 400 Illustrations, com-
prising Photographic Views, Plans, Constructive and Ornamental
Details, &c. Crown 4to, cloth, gilt. 155. net.

To those contemplating the building of a country house this work will be invaluable, affording as it does hints and practical advice on every essential point. Although written by an American for Americans, there is a great deal which is applicable to English homes, and much of the architecture illustrated is strongly reminiscent of the work of some of our best English architects.


of Furniture and Decoration designed by Thomas Sheraton. Containing a selection of 167 typical specimens, reproduced on 16 Plates (18 inches by 12 inches), from his rare “Cabinet Maker and Upholsterer's Drawing Book," published 1791-1802. Folio, enclosed in portfolio. 155. net.

The selection includes examples of Chairs, Sofas, Beds, Tables, Side-boards, Cabinets, Commodes, Wardrobes, Secretaires, Bookcases, Tripod Stands, Screens, Mirrors, Girandoles, Tall Clocks, Brackets, etc., together with designs for Chair Legs, Backs and Elbows, Bed Pillars and Draperies, Bookcase Doors, Pilasters, Borders for Pier Tables, Window Cornices, Friezes, Panels and other instances of Painted and Inlaid Decoration.

Old and New Lace (Dentelles, Anciennes et Modernes). An Illustrated Catalogue of

) the choicest specimens displayed at the International Exhibition of Lace, held at the Museum of Decorative Art, Haarlem, MayJune, 1903, comprising examples from Important Public and Private Collections, edited, with Short Historical and Descriptive Text in French, by JOHANNA W. A. NABER. Containing 60 fine Specimens illustrated on 30 Plates (size 19 by 14 inches), reproduced from Photographs. Folio, enclosed in portfolio. 3os. net.

The volume contains reproductions to a large scale of the cest pieces, beautifully printed in collotype, and including examples of Venetian, French, Flemish, Russian, Valenciennes, Belgian, English, and Hungarian workmanship. The plates are so well reproduced that every detail of design can be clearly followed, and every texture of the thread is easily distinguishable.

The following Books are in Preparation, and will in all probability be

published during the Autumn of 1906.

Practical Drapery Cutting.

A Handbook for Practical Men, treating of the Setting Out,
Cutting and Fixing of Curtains, Panels, Hangings, Draperies, &c.
Illustrated by 30 Plates exhibiting upwards of 130 examples, with
Introduction, Practical Notes and Descriptions. By E. NOETZLI,
formerly Lecturer on Upholstery at the Manchester School of
Art. Large imperial 8vo, cloth.

[In the press.

Heraldry as Art.

A Handbook of its Practical and Artistic expression in Historical and Modern Ornament. By GEORGE W. Eve, Author of “Decorative Heraldry.” With many Illustrations from Photographs and Drawings, showing the Decorative Application of the Art. Large crown 8vo, cloth, gilt.

[In the press.

A Handbook of Wood Carving

Containing a full description of the Practice of the Craft, accompanied by an account of its History and Development during Mediæval and Renaissance times. For the use of Craftsmen, Amateurs, Designers and Students. By ELEANOR ROWE, Author of “French Woodcarvings from the National Museums,” “ Hints on Wood and Chip Carving," &c. With many Illustrations chiefly from Photographs. Large crown 8vo, cloth. [In the press.


Old English Wood Carving Patterns.

A series of Facsimile Rubbings from old oak furniture, illustrated on 20 Piates. By M. F. Malim. Imperial 4to, in portfolio.

[In the Press.

Old English Chimney pieces.

A series of Historical Examples from Tudor times to the end of the Eighteenth Century. Illustrated on 100 Plates, reproduced in collotype from Photographs specially taken by W. GALSWORTHY DAVIE. With an Introductory and Historical Essay and Descriptions of the Plates, including many Illustrations. By L. A. SHUFFREY. Small 4to, art linen, gilt. 2 IS. net.

[In the press.

Some Terms commonly used in Ornamental

Design. Their Definition, Explanation, and Application. By T. ERAT HARRISON and W. G. PAULSON TOWNSEND, Examiners to the Board of Education in Design. With numerous Illustrations selected from Old and Modern designs. Crown 8vo, cloth. 35. 6d. net.

[In the Press.

Recent Suburban Houses.

A Series of Inexpensive Examples, erected at Hampstead and elsewhere, from the Designs of C. H. B. QUENNELL, Architect. Containing 50 collotype and other plates from specially taken photographs, or from the large plans, including also some Interior Views. Imperial 4to, cloth, gilt.

In the press. The houses illustrated in this volume are of the best type of suburban house, usually semidetached and of limited frontage. A type upon which very little information has been published, although it is one very largely built round London.

Cleverly planned, of quiet refined design, and financially successful, the examples clearly demonstrate that it is not necessary to rely on characterless designs and stock patterns, as is often the case with the speculative builder.

Modern Practical Carpentry.

A Treatise on the present-day Practice of Carpenter's Work in all its branches. For the use of Carpenters, Builders, Clerks of Works, Architects, Engineers, &c. By GEORGE Ellis, author of “Modern Practical Joinery.” Fully illustrated by hundreds of Diagrams and Working Drawings. Large imperial 8vo, cloth.

[In the Press. This important and exhaustive work will contain fully illustrated treatises on every branch of the subject, including–The Framing of Roofs, Floors, Partitions, Girders, Trusses, Stagings, Piers, Jetties, Bridges, Coffer Dams, Caissons, Wooden and Half-Timbered Houses; the preparation of Foundations; Timbering of Excavations, Tunnels, &c.; the Construction of Scaffolds, Centreing, Shoring, Temporary Stands, Gates, &c.; and chapters on the Theoretical Principles of Trussed Frames, the Causes of Failure in Structures, the Physical and Mechanical Properties of Timber. With Methods, Rules, and Formula for Computing Scanilings of Beams, &c., and numerous Tables of Scantlings for Roofs, &c.

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