The ... Report of the Railroad Commission of Georgia, Volumer 23-24

Office of the Railroad Commission of Georgia, 1895

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Side 124 - Commissioners, to issue an attachment for such witness, and compel him to attend before the Commissioners and give his testimony upon such matters as shall be lawfully required by such Commissioners, and said court shall have power to punish for contempt, as in other cases of refusal to obey the process and order of such court.
Side 134 - Provided, however, That the provisions of this act shall not apply to the transportation of passengers or property, or to the receiving, delivering, storage, or handling of property, wholly within one State, and not shipped to or from a foreign country from or to any State or Territory as aforesaid.
Side 126 - States of competent jurisdiction, to a fine of not less than one thousand dollars nor more than five thousand dollars, or imprisonment for a term not less than one year nor more than three years, or both such fine and imprisonment ; Provided.
Side 130 - The General Assembly shall not remit the forfeiture of the charter of any corporation now existing, or alter or amend the same, or pass any other general or special law for the benefit of such corporation, except upon the condition that such corporation shall thereafter hold its charter subject to the provisions of this Constitution.
Side 28 - ... unloading during the period in •which held free of demurrage; that when the period of such demurrage charges commences they are to be placed accessible to the consignee for unloading purposes on demand of the consignee: provided, however, that if the railroad company shall remove such car or cars after being so placed, or in any way obstruct the unloading of...
Side 139 - All railroad companies shall, on demand, issue duplicate freight receipts to shippers, in which shall be stated the class or classes of freight shipped, the freight charges over the road giving the receipt, and, so far as practicable, shall state the freight charges over other roads that carry such freight.
Side 55 - Sundays or legal holidays) after legal notice of arrival, may be subject thereafter to a charge of storage for each day or fraction of a day that it may remain in the custody of the railroad company, as follows: In less than carload quantities, not more than one cent per one hundred pounds per day.
Side 140 - State, shall charge, collect, demand or receive more than a fair and reasonable rate of toll or compensation, for the transportation of passengers or freight, of any description, or for the use and transportation of any railroad car upon its...
Side 121 - Congress assembled, that any telegraph company now organized, or which may hereafter be organized, under the laws of any state In this Union, shall have the right to construct, maintain and operate lines of telegraph through and over any portion of the public domain of the United States, over and along any of the military or post roads of the United States which have been or may hereafter be declared such by...
Side 124 - railroad corporation," contained in this act, shall be deemed and taken to mean all corporations, companies, or individuals now owning or operating, or which may hereafter own or operate any railroad, in whole or in part, in this State ; and the provisions of this act shall apply to all persons, firms, and companies, and to all associations of persons, whether incorporated or otherwise, that shall do business as common carriers upon any of the lines of railways in this State (street railways excepted)...

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