Patents have been issued to the company for 659,206.87 acres of land, and the company reports that to December 31, 1887, the cash receipts from land sales were $696,745.

Financial condition of the Atlantic and Pacific Railroad Company, December 31, 1887.

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Comparative statement of the earnings and expenses of the Atlantic and Pacific Railroad

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The only portion of this road with which this office is concerned is that which was incorporated June 29, 1875, as the New Orleans Pacific Railway Company, whose line extends from New Orleans to Shreveport, La., a distance of 325.09 miles, with branch lines of 9.82, and sidings of 41.61 miles in length, making a total mileage of 376.52, of which 279.05 miles are laid with steel rails of 56 pounds per yard, and the remaining 97.47 with iron rails of similar weight.

The ties used are of oak, pine, and cypress, averaging 2,800 to the mile. The track for 286.34 miles is ballasted with earth, and for 90.18 miles with stone, gravel, and sand.

The rolling-stock consists of 46 locomotives, of which 14 are equipped with Westinghouse train-brakes; 16 passenger and official cars, all of which have Westinghouse train-brakes and Miller platforms and couplers; and 943 freight-cars fitted with Westinghouse train-brakes.

The New Orleans Pacific Railway Company has received from the Government 679,287.64 acres of land, as shown by the reports of the General Land Office, but no sale of this land has yet been consummated.

This company was consolidated with the Texas and Pacific Railway Company in 1881.

Revenue and expenditures of the Texas and Pacific Railway Company for year ending December 31, 1887.

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Financial condition of the New Orleans Pacific Railway Company, December 31, 1887.

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The mileage of this company, December 31, 1887, was of roads owned—

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On the lines owned by the company there are 117.33 miles of sidings, making the total length of track owned 1,139.58, of which 864.60 miles are laid with steel rails and 274.98 with American iron.

The rolling stock owned is the same as at the date of my last report, viz: Locomotives, 83, of which 68 have Westinghouse train brakes; 129 passenger and official cars, 1,660 freight and 66 road-repair cars.

The number of acres of land for which patents had been issued by the Government to December 31, 1887, was 1,229,135.07, of which 1,200,690.26 had been sold. The amount of cash received from sales of land to that date was $5,297,088.53, and there were then outstanding on contracts $3,224,175.63.

Financial condition of the Southern Pacific Railroad Company, December 31, 1887.

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Comparative statement of the carnings and expenses of the Southern Pacific Railroad

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Washington, September 29, 1888.

SIR: I have the honor to submit the following report of the inspection of railroads coming under the supervision of this bureau made during the months of July, August, and September of the present year, and embracing the following roads: Chicago and Northwestern; Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific; Chicago, Burlington and Quincy; Burlington and Missouri River in Nebraska; Saint Joseph and Grand Island; Southern Kansas; Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fé; Atlantic and Pacific; Southern Pacific; Union Pacific, Kansas Division; Missouri Pacific; Saint Louis, Iron Mountain and Southern; Missouri, Kansas and Texas; and Saint Louis and San Francisco.


The inspection of the main line between Chicago, Ill., and Council Bluffs, Iowa, was made in July, the distance being 491 miles, of which the land-grant portion is from Cedar Rapids, Iowa, to Council Bluffs terminus, 271.60 miles.

The track has been kept in very good condition and considerable expense has been incurred in the work, now partly finished, near Belle Plaine, by which the gradients will be materially reduced and the locomotive service greatly benefited. The rolling stock of all kinds is kept in excellent order, and improvements made in some of the station buildings and in the water service.

The bridging of all kinds has been kept in good order, and seems of sufficient strength to sustain the heavy loads required by the present needs of train service. More than two-thirds of the trussed bridges are now of iron or strong combination plans.

The total length of lines operated and controlled by this company December 31, 1887, was 5,334 miles, viz:

Chicago and Northwestern

Fremont, Elkhorn and Missouri Valley...

Sioux City and Pacific





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