Papers Relating to the Foreign Relations of the United States

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1884

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Side 485 - ... any other practicable communications, whether by canal or railway, across the isthmus which connects North and South America, and especially to the interoceanic communications, should the same prove to be practicable, whether by canal or railway, which are now proposed to be established by the way of Tehuantepec or Panama.
Side 154 - Empire grant to any nation, or the merchants or citizens of any nation, any right, privilege, or favor, connected either with navigation, commerce, political or other intercourse, which is not conferred by this treaty, such right, privilege, and favor shall at once freely inure to the benefit of the United States, its public officers, merchants, and citizens.
Side 212 - The limitation or suspension shall be reasonable and shall apply only to Chinese who may go to the United States as laborers, other classes not being included in the limitations. Legislation taken in regard to Chinese laborers will be of such a character only as is necessary to enforce the regulation, limitation or suspension of immigration, and immigrants shall not be subject to personal maltreatment or abuse.
Side 485 - Convention their views and intentions with reference to any means of communication by ship canal, which may be constructed between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans by the way of the River San Juan de Nicaragua and either or both of the Lakes of Nicaragua or Managua, to any port or place on the Pacific Ocean,— The President of the United States has conferred full powers on John M.
Side 212 - Whenever in the opinion of the Government of the United States, the coming of Chinese laborers to the United States, or their residence therein, affects or threatens to affect the interests of that country, or to endanger the good order of the said country or of any locality within the territory thereof, the Government of China agrees that the Government of the United States may regulate, limit, or suspend such coming or residence...
Side 487 - To this settlement and these islands the treaty we negotiated was not intended by either of us to apply. The title to them it is now and has been my intention throughout the .whole negotiation to leave as the treaty leaves it, without denying or affirming or in any way meddling with the same, just as it stood previously. "The chairman of the Committee on Foreign Relations of the Senate, the Hon. WR King, informs me that the Senate perfectly understood that the treaty did not include British Honduras.
Side 93 - The power of Peru no longer extends over its whole territory, and, in the event of our interference to dictate peace, would need to be supplemented by the armies and navies of the United States. Such interference would almost inevitably lead to the establishment of a protectorate — a result utterly at odds with our past policy, injurious to our present interests, and full of embarrassments for the future.
Side 435 - XXXIV-XLII of the Treaty of May 8, 1871, between the United States and Great Britain...
Side 291 - Each of the above-named Colonies or possessions that shall have adhered to the said Convention, shall have the privilege of withdrawing in the same manner as the contracting powers. In case one of the colonies or possessions in question shall desire to withdraw from the Convention, a notification to that effect shall be addressed by Her Britannic Majesty's representative at Paris to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of France.
Side 530 - The Governments of the United States and Great Britain having not only desired, in entering into this convention, to accomplish a particular object, but also to establish a general principle, they hereby agree to extend their protection, by treaty stipulations, to any other practicable communications, whether by canal or railway, across the isthmus which connects North and South America, and especially to the inter-oceanic communications, should the same prove to be practicable, whether...

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