Officer or Officers shall keepe a Register of all such Certificates as he or they shall soe give and returne a Duplicate thereof to the cheife Officers of the Customes at London for such as shall be granted in England Wales and Berwicke and to the cheife Officers of the Customes at Dublin for such as shall be given in Ireland, together with the Names of the person or persons from whom such Ship was bought and the summe of money which was paid for her as alsoe the Names of all such persons who are part owners of her if any such be.

XVIII. And it is further Enacted by the Authority aforesaid That from and after the first day of Aprill which shall be in the yeare of our Lord One thousand six hundred sixty one noe Sugars Tobaccho Cotton Wool Indicoes Ginger Fustick or other dyeing wood of the Growth Production or Manufacture of any English Plantations in America Asia or Africa shall be shiped carryed conveyed or transported from any of the said English Plantations to any Land Island Territory Dominion Port or place whatsoever other then to such English Plantations as doe belong to His Majesty His Heires and Successors or to the Kingdome of England or Ireland or Principallity of Wales or Towne of Berwicke upon Tweede there to be laid on shore under the penalty of the Forfeiture of the said Goods or the full value thereof, as alsoe of the Ship with all her Guns Tackle Apparel Ammunition and Furniture, the one moyety to the Kings Majesty His Heires and Successors, and the other moyety to him or them that shal seize informe or sue for the same in any Court of Record by Bil Plaint or Information wherin noe Essoyne Protection or Wager of Law shall be allowed.

XIX. And be it further Enacted by the Authoritie aforesaid That for every Ship or Vessel which from and after the [five and twentyeth] day of December in the yeare of our Lord One thousand Six hundred and sixty shall set saile out of, or from England Ireland Wales or Towne of Berwicke upon Tweede for any English Plantation in America Asia [or] Africa sufficient

bond shall be given with one surety to the cheife Officers of the Custom house, or such Port or place from whence the said Ship shall set saile to the value of one thousand pounds if the Ship be of lesse burthen then one hundred Tuns, and of the sume of two thousand pounds if the Ship [shal] be of greater burthen, That in case the said Ship or Vessel shall loade any of the said Comodityes at any of the said English Plantations, that the same Commodityes shall be by the said ship brought to some Port of England Ireland Wales, or to the Port or Towne of Berwicke upon Tweede and shall there unload and put on shore the same, the danger of the Seas onely excepted, And for all ships coming from any other Port or Place to any of the aforesaid plantations who by this Act are permitted to trade there, that the Governour of such English plantation shall before the said Ship or Vessel be permited to loade on board any of the said Cōmodityes take Bond in manner and to the value aforesaid for each respective Ship or Vessel, That such Ship or Vessel shall carry all the aforesaid Goods that shall be laden on board in the said ship to some other of His Majestyes English Plantations, or to England Ireland Wales or Towne of Berwicke upon Tweede, And that every ship or vessel [that] shall loade or take on board any of the aforesaid Goods until such Bond given to the said Governour or Certificate produced from the Officers of any Custome house of England Ireland Wales or of the Towne of Berwicke that such bond have beene there duely given, shall be forfeited with all her Guns Tackle Apparel and Furniture to be imployed and recovered in manner [as] aforesaid, And the said Governours and every of them shall twice in every yeare after the first day of January One thousand six hundred [and] sixty returne true Copyes of all such Bonds by him soe taken to the cheife Officers of the Custome in London.

3. An Act for preventing Frauds and regulating Abuses in His Majesties Customes1 1662

V. And for the better encrease of Shipping and Navigation be it further enacted That the Collectors and other Officers of His Majesties Customes in all the Ports of England shall forthwith give an account unto the Collector and Surveyor in the Port of London (appointed by His Majesty for all Duties and Matters relating to a late Act entituled An Act for encreasing and encouraging of Shipping and Navigation) of all Forreign built Shipps in theire Ports owned and belonging to the people of England of what built and burthen they are for which Certificates have beene made according to the said Act and that the said Collector and Surveyor shall make a true and perfect list of all such Shipps attested under theire hands and transmit the same into His Majesties Court of Exchequer on or before the Moneth of December in the yeare One thousand six hundred sixty and two there to remaine upon record And that no Forreign built Ship (that is to say) not built in any of His Majesties Dominions of Asia Africa or America or other then such as shall (bona fide) be bought before the First of October One thousand six hundred sixty and two next ensuing and expresly named in the said List shall enjoye the priviledge of a Ship belonging to England or Ireland although owned or manned by English (except such Ships only as shall be taken at Sea by Letters of Mart or Reprizal and Condemnation made in the Court of Admiralty as lawfull Prize) but all such Ships shall be deemed as Aliens Ships and be liable unto all Duties that Aliens Ships are liable unto by vertue of the said Act for encrease of Shipping and Navigation And whereas it is required by the said Act that

1 Statutes of the Realm, vol. 5, pp. 393–400.

in sundry cases the Master and three fourths of the Mariners are to be English it is to be understood that any of His Majesties Subjects of England Ireland and His Plantačons are to bee accounted English and no others and that the number of Mariners be accounted according to what they shall have been during the whole Voyage.

4. An Act for the Encouragement of Trade1


Forasmuch as the encourageing of Tillage ought to be in an especiall manner regaurded and endeavoured and the surest and effectualest meanes of promoting and advanceing any Trade Occupation or Mistery being by rendring it proffitable to the users thereof, And great quantities of Land within this Kingdome for the present lyeing in a manner waste and yeilding litle which might thereby be improved to considerable Proffit and Advantage (if sufficient incouragement were given for the laying out of cost and labour on the same) and thereby much more Corne produced, greater numbers of People Horses and Catle imployed and other Land alsoe rendred more valueable Be it enacted by the Kings most Excellent Majestie with the Advice and Consent of the Lords Spirituall and Temporall and the Commons in this present Parliament assembled and by the Authoritie thereof, And it is hereby enacted That from and after the First day of September in the yeare of our Lord One thousand six hundred and sixty and three and from thenceforward when the prices of Corne and Graine Winchester measure doe not exceed the rates hereafter following at the Havens or Places where the same shall be shipped or loaden (viz) The Quarter of Wheate Eight and forty Shillings, the Quarter of Barly or Malt Eight and twenty Schillings, The Quarter of Bucke wheate Eight and twenty shillings, The Quarter of Oates Thirteene Shillings and fower pence, The Quarter of Rye Two and Thirty Shillings

1 Statutes of the Realm, vol. 5, pp. 449–452.

The Quarter of Pease or Beanes Two and Thirty Shillings currant English Money That then it shall be lawfull for all and every person and persons to shipp load carry and transport any of the said Corns or Graines from the Havens or Places where they shall be of such Prices unto any parts beyond the Seas as Merchandice, Any Law Statute or Usage to the contrary notwithstanding paying such Rates for the same and none other as are to be paid when the same might have beene transported by one Act passed this present Parliament entituled A Subsidy granted to the King of Tonnage and Poundage.

IV. And in reguard His Majesties Plantations beyond the Seas are inhabited and peopled by His Subjects of this His Kingdome of England, For the maintaining a greater correspondence and kindnesse between them and keepeing them in a firmer dependance upon it, and rendring them yet more beneficiall and advantagious unto it in the farther Imployment and Encrease of English Shipping and Seamen, vent of English Woollen and other Manufactures and Commodities rendring the Navigation to and from the same more safe and cheape, and makeing this Kingdome a Staple not onely of the Commodities of those Plantations but alsoe of the Commodities of other Countryes and Places for the supplying of them, and it being the usage of other Nations to keepe their [Plantations] Trade to themselves, Be it enacted and it is hereby enacted That from and after the Five and twentyeth day of March One thousand six hundred sixtie fower noe Commoditie of the Growth Production or Manufacture of Europe shall be imported into any Land Island Plantation Colony Territory or Place to his Majestie belonging, or which shall [belong hereafter] unto, or be in the Possession of His Majestie His Heires and Successors in Asia Africa or America (Tangier onely excepted) but what shall be bona fide and without fraude laden and shipped in England Wales [and] the Towne of Berwicke upon Tweede and in English built Shipping, or which were bona fide bought before the first

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