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Side 42 - An Appeal in behalf of the views of the eternal world and state, and the doctrines of faith and life, held by the body of Christians who believe that a New Church is signified (in the Revelation, c. xxi.) by the New Jerusalem, including Answers to objections, particularly those of the Rev. G. Beaumont, in his work entitled "The Anti-Swedenborg.
Side vi - Vicinity of the 49th Parallel from the Lake of the Woods to the Rocky Mountains.
Side ix - MEMBERS are requested to apply to the Secretary. CANDIDATES, when proposed by four Members, are immediately admitted to all the privileges of the Institution. They are balloted for at the next General Monthly Meeting, and pay on Election, Ten Guineas (Five Guineas as an Admission Fee, and Five Guineas as the First Annual Payment), or Sixty Guineas in lieu of all payments.
Side xxxi - HENRY FA PRATT, MD, MRCP THE GENEALOGY OF CREATION, newly Translated from the Unpointed Hebrew Text of the Book of Genesis, showing the General Scientific Accuracy of the Cosmogony of Moses and the Philosophy of Creation. 8vo. cloth, 14s.
Side vi - Is an association of individuals who are attached to Science and desirous to promote its advancement. Its chief objects are : — I.
Side xxi - Rooms ; and their Families are admitted to the Lectures at a reduced charge. Payment : First Year, Ten Guineas ; afterwards, Five Guineas a Year ; or a composition of Sixty...
Side vii - These are held on every Friday evening during the session, and the members have the privilege of introducing two friends to them by tickets. The object of these meetings is to bring together men of literature and science, and...

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