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The overcoming the Difficulties and Temptations they may. meet with, and the making an early and happy Improvement of the Advantages they enjoy beyond others.

By the Author of

; Pottos tityanD Concern*


Printed for J o H N W Y A T, at the Rest in St. Paul's Churth-Yard. MDCCXI.

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To the Honourable

Sir John Hobart, Baronet,

$ I R,

AS your kind Acceptance of my former Book has encouraged me to present you with the Second, so your Academical Education and auspicious Improvements since your Perusal of that have (I doubt not) well disposed you for reading this, not only with an equal Candor, but with the more distinguishing Taste of a maturer Judgment. And tho' the Counsel here given be not nicely prepared for delicate Palates, that can relish nothing of this nature, unless composed with the elegant Seasoning of some ingenious Dialogue, or witty Poem, or diverting Romance, that may have a Tincture of Sport and Facetiousness, to suit the Humour of the Age we live in, yet 'tis hoped it will meet with some Readers besides your self whom neither'the Briskness of Youth, nor the Splendor and Affluence of worldly Prosperity, has rend?cet wholly averse t;o such plain and faithful Monitions as are of great Importance to their present and future Happiness.

A 2 Serious

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