first opportunity. The Lieutenant ing the main body assembled at Colonel further inentions the great Hamden, On this occasion the assistance he received from Captain enemy had one man killed, and Parker, of the royal navy, and the some wounded. Major Croasdaile naval forces employed under him; re-embarked without any loss. and says, that the conduct of the We arrived off Bald Head Core, troops is deserving of great praise. three miles distant from Hamden,

I have great pleasure in con- about five o'clock that evening, gratulating your Lordship upon when Captain Barrie agreed with the whole of the country between me in deterinining to land the Penobscot river. and Passama- troops immediately. Having disquoddy. Bay being now in our covered that the enemy's picquets possession,

were advantageously posted on the (Signed)

north side of the Cove, I directed J. C. SHERBROOK E. Brevet Major Riddle, with the gre

nadiers of the 62nd, and Captain (Inclosure No. 1.)

Ward, with the rifle company of

the 60th, to dislodge theni, and Bangor, on the Penobscot take up that ground, which duty River, Sept. 8, 1814.

was performed under Major Rid. Sir-In compliance with your dle's directions, in a most comExcellency's orders of the 1st in- plete and satisfactory manner by stant; I sailed from Castine with about seven o'clock; and before the detachment of royal artil- ten at night, the whole of the lery, the flank companies of the troops, including eighty marines 29th, 62nd, and 89th regiments, under Captain Carter, (whom and one rifle company of the 7th Captain Barrie had done we the huitalion 60th regiment, which honour to attach to my command), composed the force your Excel, were landed and bivouacked fo: Jency did me the honour to place the night, during which it rained under my command, for the

pur. incessantly. We got under arms pose of co-operating with Captain at five o'clock this morning; the Barrie, of the royal navy, in an rifle company forming the adexpedition up this river.

vance under Captain Ward ; Brevet On the morning of the 2nd, Major Keith, with the light comhaving proceeded above the town pany of the 62nd, bringing up the of Frankfort, we discovered some rear; and the detachment of maof the enemy on their march to- rines under Captain Carter moving wards Hamden, by the eastern upon my flanks, while Captain shore, which induced me to order Barrie, with the ships and gunBrevet Major Croasdaile, with a boats under his command, addetachment of the 98th, and some vanced at the same tine up the riflemen of the 60th regiment, river, on my right, towards Hamunder Lieutenant Wallace, to land den. In addition to the detachand intercept them, which was ment of royal artillery under accomplished, and that detach- Lieutenant Garston, Capt. Barrie ment of the enemy (as I have since had lauded oue C-pounder, a six learned) were prevented from join- and half-inch howitzer, and


rocket apparatus, with a detach- men in advance.

The enemy's ment of sailors uoder Lieutevants fire now began to slacken, and Symonds, Botely, and Slade, and we pushed on rapidly, and sucMr. Sparling, master of bis Ma- ceeded in driving him at all points jesty's ship Bulwark.

from his position; wbile Captain The fog was so thick, it was Coaker, with the light company of impossible to form a correct idea the 29th, bad gained possession of of the features of the country, or the hill on his left, from whence to reconnoitre the enemy, whose it was discovered that the Adams number were reported to be four- frigate was on fire, and that the teen hundred, under the command enemy had deserted the battery of Brigadier-General Blake. Be- which defended her. tween seven and eight o'clock, We were now in complete posour skirmishers in advance were session of the enemy's position so sharply engaged with the enemy, above, and Captain Barry, with as to induce me to send forward the gun-boats, had secured that one-half of the light company of below the hill. Upon this occathe 29th regiment, under Captaiu sion tuenty pieces of cannon fel! Coaker, to their support. The into our hands of the naval and column had not advanced much military force, the return of which further before I discovered the I enclose ; after which Captain enemy

drawn out in a line, occu- Barrie and myself determined on pying a very strong and advanta- pursuing the enemy towards Bangeous position in front of the gor, which place we reached town of Hamden, his left flanked without opposition ; and here 2 by a high hill commanding the brass 3-pounders, and 3 stand of road and river, on which were colours, fell into our possession. mounted several heavy pieces of Brigadier-General Blake also in cannon ; his right extending con- this town, surrendered himself siderably beyond our left, resting prisoner, and with other prisoners, upon a strong point d'appui, with to the amount of 121, were adan 18-pounder and some lightmitted to their paroles. Eighty field pieces in advance of his cen- prisoners taken at Hanıden are in tre, so pointed as completely to our custody. The loss sustained rake the road, and a narrow bridge by the enemy I have not had it in at the foot of a hill, by which we my power correctly to ascertain ; were obliged to advance upon his report states it to be from 30 to position. As soon

per- 40 in killed, wounded, and miss. ceived our column approaching, ing. he opened a very heavy and con- Our own loss, I am happy to tinued fire of grape and musketry add, is but small, viz. one rauk upon us; we, however, soon and tile killed; one captain, seven crossed the bridge, deployed, and rank and file, wounded; one rank charged up the bill to get pos- and file missing. Captain Gell, session of his guns, one of which of the 29th, was wounded when we found had already fallen into leading the column, which dethe hands of Captain Ward's rifle prived me of his active and useful assistance; but I am happy to sition was fortifying for her proadd, he is recovering,

as he

tection, I have, &c. (Signed) Towards evening the wind beHENRY John, Lieut.-Col. ing fair and the weather favoura

ble, the fleet made sail-up the Pe

nobscot Bay, Captain Parker, in the Admiralty Office, Oct. 8. Tenedos, leading. We passed beCaptain Senhouse, of his Ma- tween the Metinicus and Green jesty's sloop the Martin, has ar- Islands about midnight, and steerrived this afternoon at this office, ing through the channel formed bringing a dispatch from Rear Ad- by the fox Islands and Owl's miral Griffith, addressed to John Head, ran up to the eastward of Wilson Croker, Esq. of which, and Long Island, and found ourselves of its enclosures, the following at day-light in the morning in are copies :

sight of the fort and town of Cas

tine. As we approached, some His Majesty's ship Endy- show of resistance was made, and mion, off Castine, en

a few shot were fired; but the trance of the Penobscot fort was soon after abandoned and River, Sept. 9, 1814.

blown up. At about eight a. m. Sir, My letter of the 23rd of the men of war and transports August, from Halifax, by the Ro

were anchored a little to the northver, will have made you acquainted ward of the peninsula of Castine, with my intention of accompany

and the smaller vessels taking a ing the expedition then about to station nearer in for covering the proceed under the command of landing, the troops were put on his Excellency Sir John Sher-shore, and took possession of the brooke, K. B. for this place.

town and works without oppoI have now the honour to in- sition. forin you, that I put to sea on the

The General wishing to occupy 26th ultimo, with the ships and a post at Belfast, on the western sloop named in the margin, and side of the bay, (through which ten sail of transports, having the the high road from Boston runs), troops on board, and arrived off for the purpose of cutting off all the Metinicus Islands on the morn

communication with that side of ing of the 31st, where I was

the country, the Bacchante and joined by the Bulwark, Tenedos, Rifleman were detached with the Rifleman, Peruvian, and Picton. troops destined for this service, From Captain Pearce, of the Rifle and quiet possession was taken, man, I learned, that the United and held, of that town, as long States frigate Adams had a few

as was thought necessary. : days before got into Penobscot;

Arrangements immedibut not considering herself in ately made for attacking the frisafety there had gone on to Ham- gate at Hamden, and the Gene den, a place twenty-seven miles ral having proffered every military higher up the river, where her assistance, six hundred picked men, guns had been landed,

under the command of Lieuto


and a pom

Colonel Joho, of the 60th regi- by this time, the troops are in posmert, were einbarked the same session of it. After destroying the afternoon, on board bis Majesty's defences they are directed to resloops Peruvian and Sylph, and a turn here. small transport.

To this force The inhabitants of several townwere added the marines of the ships east of this have sent de Dragon, aud as many armed boats putations here to tender their subfrom the squadron as was thought mission to the British authority; necessary for disembarking the and such of them as could give troops and covering their landing, reasonable security that their arms and the whole placed under the would be used only for the procommand of Captain Barrie, of tection of their persons and prothe Dragon; and the Lieut.-Col. perty, have been allowed to remade sail


the river at 6 o'clock tain them. This indulgence was that evening.

absolutely necessary in order to I have the honour to enclose secure the quiet and upoffending Captain Barrie's account of his against violence and outrage from proceedings; and taking into con- their less peaceable neighbours, , sideration the enemy's force, and and for the maintenance of the the formidable strength of his po- peace and tranquillity of the sition, too much praise cannot be country, All property on shore, given him, the officers and men bona fide belonging to the inhabiunder his command, for the judg- tants of the country in our posment, decision and gallantry with session, has been respected. All which this little enterprise has public property, and all property been achieved.

afloat, has been confiscated. So soon as accounts were re- Sir John Sherbrooke conceive ceived from Captain Barrie that ing it to be of importance that the the Adams was destroyed, and the Government should be informed, force assembled for her protection without delay, of our successes dispersed, the troops stationed at here, has requested that a vessel of Belfast were embarked, and ar- war may take his dispatches to rangements made for sending them England. to take possession of Macchias, the I have, in compliance with his only place occupied by the enemy's wishes, appropriated the Martin troops between this and Passama- for that service, and Captain Senquoddy Bay. I directed Captain house will take a copy of this Parker, of his Majesty's ship Te- letter to the Secretary of the Adnedos, to receive on board Lieut. miralty. I have the honour to be, Colonel Pilkington, Deputy Ad- &c.

Edw. GRIFFITH. jutant-General, who is appointed To Vice-Admiral the Hon. to command, and a small detach- Sir Alexander Cochrane, ment of artillery and riflemen, and K. B. &c. &c. &c. to take under his command the Bacchante, Rifleman, and Picton His Majesty's Sloop Sylph, schooner, and proceed to the at

off Bangor, in the Per tack of that place. He sailed on

nobscot, Sept. 3, 1814. the 6th instant, and most likely, Sir,--Having received on board the ships named in the margio, a picquets advantageously posted detachment of twenty men of the near the highway leading to Hamroyal artillery, with one five and den, on the north side of the half-inch howitzer, commanded Cove. by Lieut. Garston; a party of eighty We immediately determined to marines, commanded by Captain land one hundred and fifty men, Carter, of the Dragon ; the flank under Major Riddel, to drive in companies of the 29th 62nd, and the picquets, and take up their 98th regiments, under the com- ground. This object was obtained mand of Captains Gell and Coaker, by seven o'clock, and notwithMajors Riddel, Keith, and Croas- standing every difficulty, the whole daile, and Captain M.Pherson; of the troops were landed on the also, a rifle company of the 7th north side of the Cove by ten battallion of the 60th regiment, o'clock; but it was found imposcommanded by Captain Ward; sible to land the artillery at the and the whole under the orders of same place. The troops bivouacked Lieut.-Colonel John, of the 60th' on the ground taken possession of regiment; I proceeded agreeably by Major Riddel. It rained incesto your order, with the utmost santly during the night. At daydispatch, up the Penobscot. Light break this morning the fog cleared variable winds, a most intricate away for about a quarter of an channel, of which we were per hour, which enabled ine to reconfectly ignorant, and thick foggy noitre the enemy by water ; and I weather, prevented my arriving found a landing-place for the aroff Frankfort before two p. m. of tillery about two-thirds of a mile the 2nd inst. Here Colonel John from Ball's Head. Off this place and myself thought it advisable to the troops halted till the artillery send a message to the inhabitants; were mounted, and by six the and having received their answer, whole advanced towards Hamden. we pushed on towards Hamden, The boats under the immediate where we received intelligence command of Lieutenant Pedler, the that the enemy had strongly forti- first of the Dragon, agreeable to a fied himself. On our way up, se previous arrangement with Colonel veral troops were observed on the John, advanced in a line with the east side of the river making for right flank of the army. The Brewer; these were driven into Peruvian, Sylph, Dragon's tender, the woods without any loss ou our and Harmony transport, were kept side, by a party under the orders a little in the rear in reserve. of Major Croasdaile, and the guns Our juformation stated the enefrom the boats. The enemy had my's force at fourteen hundred one killed, and several wounded. men, and he had chosen a most

At five p. m. of the 2nd inst. we excellent position on a high hill. arrived off Ball's Head Cove, dis- Abont a quarter of a mile to the tant three miles from Hamden. southward of the Adams frigate he

Colonel John and myself landed had mounted eight 18-pounders. on the south side of the Cove, to This fort was calculated to comreconnoitre the ground and obtain mand both the highway, by which intelligence. Having gained the our troops had to advance, and hills, we discovered the enemy's the river. On a wharf close the

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