Affluence and Poverty in the Middle East

Routledge, 1998 - 298 sider
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This text explores the causes and consequences of the persistent poverty and extreme inequality that have characterized the Middle East. Using extensive empirical evidence the author helps the reader understand the impact of co-existing affluence and poverty. In the first part of the book, he investigates the common cultural and economic factors that have brought about such an extreme polarization of living standards. Focusing particularly on, historical origins, religion, economic foundations, and corruption, the author uses a number of case studies to illustrate how each factor has affected different countries in the region. The second part consists of country studies that examine how particular governments and NGOs have responded to vast inequalities in the distribution of wealth, income and opportunities.

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Om forfatteren (1998)

M. Riad El-Ghonemy is a Senior Research Associate at the International Development Centre, Queen Elizabeth House, University of Oxford.

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