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STATE of Public Affairs at the commencement of the Year—Serious decrease of the Revenue—Depression of Manufactures, and Reduction in Agricultural Produce—State of Public Opinion—Parliament opened by Commission on the 2nd February—Her Majesty's Speech—Earl Powis moves the Address in the House of Peers, seconded by the Earl of Eglintoun—Speeches of Marquess of Lansdowne, the Duke of Wellington, Lord Brougham, Lord Auckland, Lord Ashburton, the Bishop of Exeter, and other Peers—The Address voted nem. con–In the House of Commons Lord Courtenay moves the Address, which is seconded by Mr. Philip Miles—Important Speech of Sir Robert Peel—Observations on the North American Boundary Question, on the Question of the Right of Search, and on the Defalcation of the Revenue—Speech of Lord John Russell—Remarks on the conduct of the Governor General of India; and on the Corn Laws, and Income Tax—Lord Stanley vindicates Lord Ellenborough's conduct—Speeches of Lord Palmerston, Mr. Hume, Mr. Williers, Mr. Ewart, and other Members—The Address is carried unanimously - * - - - - - - e - - [l


National Distress—Commercial and General Depression—Activity of the Anti-Corn-Law League—Lord Howick's Motion for a Committee and Consequent Debate of Five Nights' Duration—Lord Howick's Speech —Comprehensive and able Reply of Mr. Gladstone—Speech of Mr. Labouchere—Mr. Ferrand's Amendment—Mr. Ewart resumes the Debate on the 14th–Speeches of Mr. Liddell, Lord Worsley, Mr. Gally Knight, Mr. Ward, Mr. D'Israeli, Mr. Ross, Dr. Bowring, Mr. Stewart Wortley, Mr. Wallace, Mr. Bickham Escott, Mr. C. Wood, Sir J. Graham, Mr. Borthwick, Mr. Cochrane, Mr. C. Williers, Lord Sandon, Mr. a 2

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merston, and Lord John Russell, who are answered by Mr. Emerson

Tennent, Lord Stanley, and Sir R. Peel—The Motion is rejected by 242

to 157—Thanks voted by both Houses to the Army and Fleet for their

Services in China—Thanks to Lord Ellenborough and the Officers and

Men engaged in the operations in Afghanistan—Moved in the House of

Lords by the Duke of Wellington—Interesting Account of the Military

Proceedings contained in the Duke's Speech—Lord Auckland seconds

the Motion—Speeches of the Marquess of Lansdowne, Lord Fitzgerald,

Marquess of Clanricarde, Lord Brougham, and other Peers—The Motion

is carried nem. con.—A similar Vote is proposed in the House of Com-

mons by Sir R. Peel in a long Speech descriptive of the various opera-

tions in Afghanistan—Lord John Russell gives a qualified support to the

Motion—Mr. Hutt complains of the excesses committed by the British

Troops—Sir H. Hardinge vindicates the Army from the Imputations—

Mr: Hume moves an Amendment which is afterwards withdrawn, and

Sir R. Peel's Resolutions are agreed to without a division—Mr. Roebuck

on the 2nd March moves for a Select Committee to enquire into the

Causes of the Afghan War—Mr. Hume seconds the Motion—Lord

John Russell defends the late Ministry and opposes the Motion—Mr.

D'Israeli and Mr. B. Escott support it—Sir R. Peel, without approving

of the policy of the War, opposes the Motion for a Committee, on the

grounds of public policy—Speeches of Lord Palmerston, Sir R. Inglis,

and other Members—After a Reply by Mr. Roebuck, the Motion is

rejected by 189 to 75 - * - - - [71

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