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ENTERED, according to Act of Congress, in the year 1862,


In the Clerk's Office of the District Court of Connecticut.


In the following chapters, prepared originally as articles for “ The American Journal of Education," the editor does not profess to give a connected or exhaustive view of English Pedagogy, but simply to contribute material for such a development of the subject, and at the same time to bring together a large amount of suggestive thoughts on the principles and methods of education from the successive publications of eminent teachers and writers of England, from Roger Ascham to Herbert Spencer.

To give variety and interest to these articles, we have introduced the portraitures of the school and the teacher, which some of the most admired writers in the English Language have drawn in prose and verse, as reflecting the popular estimate in which education and its disciples have been and are still held, and as helping to perpetuate that estimate, both in England and in this country.

In a subsequent volume, we hope to make another contribution to the material for a History of Education in England, drawn from authors omitted in this collection.


Editor of the American Journal of Education. HARTFORD, Connecticut.

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