The law reports. Indian appeals: being cases in the Privy council on appeal from the East Indies, Volum 6


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Side 142 - And it is hereby declared and enacted that no person who may have acquired property by his own industry, or by the exercise of any art, calling, or profession, or by inheritance, assignment, gift, or bequest, shall be dispossessed of such property or prevented from taking possession thereof on the ground that such person, or that the person from whom the property may have been derived, was a Slave.
Side 67 - ... justice and mercy of the British Government. To those amongst them who shall promptly come forward and give to the Chief Commissioner their support in the restoration of peace and order, this indulgence will be large, and the Governor-General will be ready to view liberally the claims which they may thus acquire to a restitution of their former rights.
Side 39 - We entirely concur with Lord Denman, CJ, that ' the proposition that a watercourse of whatever antiquity, and in whatever degree enjoyed by numerous persons, cannot be enjoyed so as to confer a right to the use of the water, if proved to have been originally artificial, is quite indefensible...
Side 245 - There is no doubt that the right to the water of a river flowing in a natural channel through a man's land, and the right to water flowing to it through an artificial watercourse constructed on his neighbour's land, do not rest on the same principle. In the former case each successive riparian proprietor is...
Side 102 - William, one coparcener had not authority without the consent of his co-sharers to mortgage his undivided share in a portion of the joint family estate, in order to raise money on his own account, and not for the benefit of the family.
Side 62 - For these reasons their Lordships will humbly advise Her Majesty, that the judgment of the Court of...
Side 224 - Sep. tcmber 1937. contiguous estates divided by a river (such as that the main channel of the river dividing the estates shall be the constant boundary between them, whatever changes may take place in the course of the river, by encroachment on one side and accession on the other), the usage so established shall govern the decision of all claims and disputes relative to alluvial land between the parties whose estates may be liable to such usage.
Side 67 - But, as regards any further indulgence which may be extended to them, and the condition in which they may hereafter be placed, they must throw themselves upon the justice and mercy of the British government.
Side 33 - In the former case each successive riparian proprietor is, primd facie, entitled to the unimpeded flow of the water in its natural course, and to its reasonable enjoyment as it passes through his land, as a natural incident to his .ownership of it.
Side 75 - The first care of the Governor-General will be to reward those who have been steadfast in their allegiance at a time when the authority of the Government was partially overborne, and who have proved this by the support and assistance which they have given to British officers.

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