confift, 2570

of, 33•

racter, 355

See more


CULPEPER, Lord, his spirited let- racterized, 255. In what her
ter, to Mr. Ashburnham, 27. chief military strength ought to

DANIËL, his predictions enquired Eratosthenes, account of his
into, 5

See also APOCA- curious fieve, 32. Operation
Dunkin, Dr. his poetical cha. EVANSON, Rev. Mr. prosecuted

His humourous for omitting the Athanasian parts
verses relative to Mr. Faulkner, of the Church service, 64–65.

Eye. See WARNER.
DENMARK, great revolution there

in the reign of Fred. III. 433. FAULKNER, George. See Dune

of this kingdom under

Fire. See Higgins.
DISSENTERS, their late applica- FISHERMAN, good fory of, 19.

tion to parliament defended, 214. FORDYCE, Dr. his method of cu-
Farther vindicated, 384.

ring the malignant sore throat,
DROWNING, detail of the success

attending the establishment at forster, Mr. his account of an
Paris, for the recovery of per- Indian root for dying red and
sons supposed to be drowned, yellow, 288

FOTHERGILL, Dr. his conduet
DUBLIN Society, when, and for with regard to Dr. Leeds im-

what purposes inftituted, 81. peached, 78. Defended, 239.
Beneficial effects of, ib.

Reply to the Defence, 334.
DUELLING exploded, jj. Me. Note on the reply, 416.

thod of abolishing devised by FREDERICK UI. K. of Denmark,
Guftavus Adolphus, 15.

effects a great revolution in the
DUNSTABLE, Robert, his literary form of government, 432.
performances, 424.


EACHARD, Dr. John, his cha- GLOVER, Mr, his general opinion

racter, 141. His epitaph, 143. of the present itate of our linen
East India Company, mifmanage-

trade, 487.
ment of their shipping, 65. Gold, coinage, obf, on the late
Charged with the most criminal

act relating to, 295.
rapacity, 253. State of their GOLDSMITH, Dr. how far bene.
shipping, 276. Obf. on their fited or hurt by the fever pow-
private trade, 278.

der in his last illness, 494.
ECLIPSE, solar, account of one Good company, comnion idea of,

observed at George's Island, 29. exploded, 363.
Elder, recommended for preferve Goths, their poetry, 293..

ing vegetables from the fly, &c. GOVERNMENT, ideas relating to

the origin and fra forms of, 449
ELECTRICITY. See Henly. See GYRALDUS Cambrentis, his great
LIGHTNING, See KINNER. learning, 425i His curious de-

scription of the abbey of Lan-
ENGLAND, form of government
in, favourable to literary contro-

versies, on all subjects, 147. Her HEARTLY, Mr. killed in his bed
inhabitants opprobriously cha- hy a thunder-storm, 479:






tony, ib.

HEMLOCK, a specific for the Chin-Jurors, not the same with the
cough, 45. See also Oenant be

lawmen of our Saxon ancestors,

195. The contrary opinion, 196.
Henly, Mr. his account of a JUSTICES of the peace, when firft

form of lightning, 287. Of a appointed, 189. Summary of
curious ele&trometer, 288. Of their qualifications, 191.
other electrical experiments, ib.

HIGGINS, Dr. his account of ac- KINKCOUGH, nature and cause

tual fire and detonation produced of, 45. Hemlock a {pecific
by the contact of tinfoil with the for, ib. Method of exhibiting,
falt composed of copper and the 46.
nitrous acid, 479.

KINNERSLEY, Mr. his account
HISTORY, its teltimony very pre- of some peculiar effects of light-
carious, 266. That of the an.

ning, 477
cient gods and heroes univer. KNOWLEDGE of the world, study
fally unisunderstood, 471.

of recommended, 464.
HORNSBY, Mr. his astronomical

inquiries, 352.

LANGUAGES, origin of the di-
HORSLEY, Mr. his account of the versity of, 40.

fieve of Eratosthenes, 32, LANTONY, abbey of, curious de-
HUNTER, John, his obs. on the

fcription of, 425
digestive power of the stomach, LAUD, Archbp. his character, 165.
after death, 280.

His strange diary, ib. the notes.
Hyde, Sir Ed, bis remarkable let- LAUGHTER, decried, 265.
ter to his lady, 140.

LAW, question whether the pro-

feffion of admits of eloquence,
ACKSON, Mr. his account of

discussed, 340.

Usefulness of
the manner of making isinglass, history to, 341.

Laws, penal, for the direction of
JAMES, Dr. his fever-powders. conscience, tyrannica', and sub-

versive of the real interest of a
JERNINGHAM, Mr. verses, by him- community, 215. General ideas

felf, alluding to his poetic cha- of the British laws, 453. Ex-
racer, 504.

cellence of our criminal law, 454.
JOHN, K. of Denmark, his ami- Letter from the E. of Newcaitle
able character, 428.

to Scc. Wiudebank, 23. From
JOHNSON, Sır Wm. bis obf. on Sec. Windebank to K. Charles I.

the N. American Indians, 481. 24. From Lord Mcuntnorris to
Jones, Col. his curioys laconic the E. of Strafford, 25. From

epiftle to Lord Ormond, 53. the Marquis of Worcester to
INOCULATION proved to be idola- Lord Clarendon, 26. From
try, 7!.

Lord Culpeper to Mr. Athburn-
IRELAND, particulars of the hist. ham, 27. From the Bishops of


of, at the time of the grand re- London and Sarum to Charles I.
bellion, 50–56. Natural pro- 138. Fram Sir Ed. Hyde to
ductions of, 82.

his Lady, 140. From a tutor
IŞINGLASS. See JACKSON. 10 a young man of fashion, 175.
JUPITER, new methods of im. LIBERTY, Jove of, the ancient

proving the theory of his fatel. national virtue of the English,
lites proposed, 353:

JURIES, British, trial by, the no- LIGHTNING, obs. on, 386. Form

blelt form of policy that ever of conductors for, contelted, 387.
was invenied, 454.



Caution with respect to, ib. ORANG-OUTANC, how far endued
Some peculiar effects of, 477.

with the faculties of speech, 440.
LILLY, the astrologer, some ac-

count of, 168.

PAINTERS censurea for their im-
Lindsey, 'Rev. Mr. his account proper choice of sacred sub.
of his religious doubts and scru-

jects, 242:
ples, 57. Of his giving up his Pairing, the effects of, in the
benefice, 61. His notion of the

animal creation, 445.
Trinity, 101. A strong Uni- PARLIAMENTS, prelent Crcum-
tarian, 102,

His farewell Ad. ftances of inadequate to the great
dress to his parishioners, 159. defign of representation, 13.
LINEN-TRADE Sę GLOVER. Monstrous irregularity of, 15.
LITURGY, of the Church of Eng- Annual parliaments recommend

land, alterations in proposed, ed, 121. Present state of re-

presentation vindicated, 451.
LUCombe's oak, interesting ac. Peers, spiritual, their legislative
count of, 285.

rights asserted, 450.
LUTHER, his motives and conduct PLEASURE, cautions against the

in the reformation scrutinized, seductions of, 263, 365. A

reasonable indulgence of plea-

fures recommended, 368.
MAN, different races, or kinds Pliny, the naturalist, obl. relating

of, originally fitted to different to the precise spot where he pe-
climates, 438. By nature di.

rished, 410.
rected to matrimony, 444. De Politics, general observations
fined and fitted by the Creator on, 109–113.
to inhabit different parts of the Pope, Mr. forms the plan of an
globe, 469.

history of English poetry, 290.
MARLBOROUGH, D. of, his real Improved and extended by Mr.
character, 366.

Gray, 291. Mr. Warton's work
MATRIMONY, natural 'to man, formed on a different plan, ib.

Both sexes impelled to it, POPULATION, low state of in Eng-

land, during the Saxon times,
MOUNTNORRIS, Lord, his affect-

ing letter to the E, of Strafford, Press, liberty of, the palladium

of all the civil, political, and
MURDER and Manslaughter diftin- religious rights of an English-
guilhed, 9.

man, 185. Reasons why go-

his new obr, on ve. vernment cannot form any dan.
getation, 475:

gerous designs against it, 186.

PRIESTLEY, Dr. his discoveries
Neckham, Alexander, speci. relating to air, 280.

mens of bis Latin poetry, 426. PROBITY, poetic cncomium on,
NEGLIGENCE, in behaviour, ad- 213.
vice againlt, 261.

PuitEnEY, Dr. his account of a
NEWCASTLE, Earl of, his letter to cure of an inveterate scorbutic
Sec, Windebank, 23.

disorder, by the hemlock drop-

wort, 282.
OAK, new and valuable species PYRRHONISM, historical, recom-
of, 285

mended, 267
OenanTHE CROCATA, a cure for
scorbutic disorders, 282.

lities, 427.

eafes, 474


Sarther remarks. on a subje&t of
REculver, one of the moft an-

this kind, 480.
cient Román ftations in Bri.

tain, 318. Antiquities found TUcker, Dean, vindicated as a
there, 39.

commercial writer, 127. His
REGULUS Marcus Attilfus, ftory scheme for a separation between

of, 28. Dramatic representa- Great Britain and her colonies,
tion f by Metastasio, 244. An- 135. Opposed, 413.
other, in English, 245,

RICHARDSON, author of Pamela, VEGETATION, new observations
ensured, 19.

on, 475


ROBINS, Mr. account of the MSS. mark, his extraordinary qua.

left by him, at his death, 32.
ROMANTIC fi&ion, its origin in Warner, Mr. his account of the
Europe, 292.

Glandula Ciliares, and their dis-
SATIRists satirized, 317–318. Watson, Dr. thermometrical ex-

SCALA; Marquis de, excellent periment by, 481.
ftory of his porter and a fisher- Wilkes, John, foretold in the
man, 19.

revelations, 346.
SCHOOL MASTER described, 376. Wilson, Mr. his proposal for al-
SELF-LOVE defined and illustrated, tering the form of metallic con-

ductors for lightning, 386.
SERMON by Lord Chesterfield, 458. WINDEBANK, Secretary, speci.
SHENSTONE, Mr. verses in praise mens of his correspondence, 23.

WITCHELL, Mr. his account of
SORE-THROAT, malignant, me-

obf. on the solar eclipse, July 25.
chod of curing, 42,

1767, 29
STOMACH, curious account of its Women, depreciating character

digestive faculty after death, of, 361. Their great influence

under the Gothic conftitutions,
STYLE, alteration of, anecdotes 417. See also MATRIMONY,

relative to the act for, 462, WOOLASTON, Mr. his account of
STRAFFORD, Lord, his conduct in an astronomical clock, and other
Ireland inveftigated, 49.

instrumentsa 3510
SUBSCRIPTION to articles of faith, WORCESTER, Marq. of, curious

of, 406.

fewn to be a fatal scheme, 96m letter from, to Lord Clarendon,
300. Farther conliderations on, 26.

Welsh, their animofity toward the
SUICIDE, investigated, 151. Anglo-Saxons, 198. Their an-
SWALLOWS, curious account of cient conneâions with Armorica,

their periodical migrations, 283. 296, With Cornwall, ib,
Swinton, Mr. his account of a

fubærated denarius, 286, His


[ocr errors]

INDEX to the Remarkable Paffages in the Foreign

ARTICLES contained in the APPENDIX.

of, 535.


ed, 512.

of, 549.


Glass, the folubility of, in water,
LMOADAN, Sultan, his gallant proved by experiment, 546

behaviour to the Crusaders, 548.


time-keepers, 558–556.

HERCULES, his real character and
BATTLE, burlesque description history investigated, 506. The

common stories of his heroism
BERTHOUD, M. his marine clocks, all allegorical, ib. His exploits

Particular investigation relate to agriculture, 509. Ido-
of, 557-566.

lized under various names, 511.
BOILBAU, vindicated against Vol- The Hercules Mufagetes explain-

taire, 576.
BRAMINS, their religious and phie Heretics. See Huss.
lofophic principles, 522. Huss, John, and Jerom of Prague,

their burning, the most magni-

ficent of all human facrifices,
CAssini, M. his account of the 528.

Abbé Chappe's astronomical HYDROMETERS, proposed im-
obr. on California, 553554

provement in the construction
CHURCH, how enriched by the
superstitions of the firft Chriftian

princes, 542.


ments, 551:
CZARINA, present, her letter to JÈ URAT, M. his memoir on the

refractive and difperfive powers of

glass, 554.

DE Luc, his curious experiments L Ande, M. de la, his memois
and obr. on the air, 368-572, relative to the diameter of the

fun, and to the protuberance

observed on its disk, during the
ELECTRICITY. See Li Ror. transics of Venus, 552. On the

sun's parallax, 553.

Lavoisier, M. his memoir on
FONTAINE, vindicated againit the transmutation of water into
FOUGEROUX, M, his memoir on Laws of Minos, one of Voltaire's

the Petroleum of Parma, &c. beft tragedies, 525.

Le Roi, M. his memoir on the

.construction of electrical con-
Gelon, medals of, 573. dúctor, 549. His reflections oa

Gentoos, or Moghols, ac- hydrometers, iba
count of them, 522,

JARS, M. his chemical experi-

Voltaire, 533

Voltaire, 573

earth, 544

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