Lewis, the Saint, his fuperftitious

weakness with regard to his em• SEXDIGITISM, a new word, meat-

barking in the Crufades, 532. ing of, 550.
LITERATURE, French, present Silvek, new method of separating
ftate of, 579.

from other metallic bodies, 551.

SÜLLY, Mr. his time-keeper, 557.

Sun, obs. relative to its true dia.
MEdats. See DUTENS. meter, 552. On the dark pro-

MONNIER, M. le, his me. tuberance observed on its dik,
moir on the variation of the during the transits of Venus, ib.

magnetic needle, 548.
MORAND, M. his obs. on Sexgidi.

tism, or Polydactilism, 550. VANDALS, &c. effect one of

the greatest revolutions that

ever happened, by the ruin of
NEEDLE, magnetic, obs. on its

the Roman empire, 537. Re-
annual variation, 548.

flections on, ib.-543.
VOLTAIRE, M. his account of the

Gentoos, 522. Of the Bramins,
Peter, the Czar, his great im- 523. Of ancient Heathen su-

provements of his empire, 514 perstitions, 535. Of his tragedy

entitled, The Laws of Minos, ib.
PETROLEUM. See FOUGEROUX. Of an august asembly of Popilh
PINGRE, M. his critical examen princes, &c, at the burning of

of the obf. made on the transit two heretics, 528. Of the ori.
of Venus, 553

gin of the Crusades, 530. His
POLYDACTILISM. See MORAND. Letter to the K. of Prussia, 533-

His age ascertained, ib. Letter

to, from the present Czarina, ib.
Roman empire, ref. on the ruin

Clement's Letter to, 575.
of, by the Barbarians, 537.
Russia, favage and deplorable

state of, at the accession of Peter WAter, its transmutation into
the Great, 514. Wonderful se. earth, proved by experiment,
formation and improvement of,

under that Prince, ib. Farther
attempts of his fucceffors, 520.



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ERRATA, in this VOLUM E.
P. 160, for stated, enforced, and shewn, read • stated and enforced;

and it is shewn, &c.'
- 304, for surgeon do not want,"read • surgeon does not want, &c.'
-408, 1. 3 from the bottom, del. more.
- 456, par. 6, l. ult. for improprieties of a singular nature, read

of a similar nature.'


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