Review of the Trade and Commerce of Cincinnati, Volum 54

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Side 38 - AMENDMENTS These by-laws may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the members present and voting at any annual meeting of the Society...
Side 17 - Philadelphia, be, and shall be, for ever hereafter, persons able and capable in law, to sue and be sued, plead and be impleaded, answer and be answered unto, defend and be defended...
Side 56 - The principal groups included in the two hundred and twenty-three articles were: food, cloths and clothing, fuel and lighting, metals and implements, lumber and building materials, drugs and chemicals, house furnishing goods, and miscellaneous articles such as powder, rubber, soap and starch.
Side 263 - Board for the faithful performance of his duties and for the payment of all damages assessed against him by the Flour Inspection Committee. The Board of Directors shall have power to suspend or dismiss an Inspector at any time. An Inspector shall not be directly or indirectly engaged in the Flour trade.
Side 120 - Mexico, one of whom shall hold the office for five years ; one for four years ; one for three years ; one for two years; one for one year...
Side 109 - At low stages it was obstructed by shoals and numerous gravel and rock bars. Steamboat navigation was practicable at high stages as far upstream as Morgantown. Occasionally a boat could go as far upstream as Fairmont, and downstream navigation of flats and small rafts was practicable at medium and high stages.
Side 261 - Unless otherwise specially provided, the time within which an act is required by the rules regulating the grain trade of Cincinnati to be done shall be computed by excluding the first day .and including the last, and if the last be Sunday, it shall be excluded.
Side 24 - VicePresidents and the Directors shall be for two years, or until their successors are elected and qualified.
Side 250 - Time of Hearing. — Upon said petition named in Section 5 of this rule being filed, it shall be the duty of said committee to give notice of the time and place set for the hearing of said case. Such notice shall give the names of the parties, complainant and respondent, and shall succinctly state the cause of complaint and the relief demanded.
Side 17 - Smith, and their associates, be and they are hereby created a body corporate and politic, with perpetual succession, by the name and style of the Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce and Merchants...

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