Temple bar, the city Golgotha, by a member of the Inner Temple [J.H. Wilson].

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Side 14 - That you shall have, by the grace of God. See that execution be done on Friday next, according to law. You shall have the full benefit of the law ! " Armstrong was hanged, embowelled, beheaded, and quartered accordingly.
Side 55 - On his examination he affected a disorder of his senses, and said his reason for so doing was his strong attachment to the present Government, and that he thought it was not sufficient that a traitor should only suffer death, and that this provoked his indignation ; and that it had been his constant practice for three nights past to amuse himself in the same manner ; but the account adds, " It is much to be feared that he is a near relation to one of the unhappy sufferers.
Side 67 - There should be present, likewise, the governor of the gaol, the chaplain, the surgeon, and other officers, the sheriffs of the county or city, and two inspectors of prisons. All these should sign a grave and solemn form of certificate (the same in every case) that on such a day, at such an hour, in such a gaol, for such a crime, such a murderer was hanged in their sight. There should be another certificate from the officers of the prison that the person hanged was that person, and no other; a third,...
Side 54 - I remember once being with Goldsmith in Westminster Abbey. While we surveyed the Poets' Corner, I said to him, ' Forsitan et nostrum nomen miscebitur istis.
Side 2 - Jehovah, from lying lips, and from a deceitful tongue." cxl. 3. " they have sharpened their tongues like a serpent." Prov. x. 18. " he that uttereth a slander is a fool." Eccles. x. 20. "curse not the king, no not in thy thought, and curse not the rich in thy bed-chamber ; for a bird of the air shall carry the voice.
Side 24 - William died at Kensington Palace, on the 8th of March, 1702, in the fifty-second year of his age, and the thirteenth of his reign over England.
Side 54 - Temple Bar he stopped me, pointed to the heads upon it, and slily whispered me, ' Forsitan et nostrum nomen miscebitur ISTIS.
Side 67 - ... and doings being served up in print on Sunday mornings for the perusal of families. His execution within the walls of the prison should be conducted with every terrible solemnity that careful consideration could devise. Mr. Calcraft, the hangman (of whom I have some information in reference to this last occasion) should be restrained in his unseemly briskness, in his jokes, his oaths, and his brandy.
Side 66 - I would allow no curious visitors to hold any communication with him; I would place every obstacle in the way of his sayings and doings being served up in print on Sunday mornings for the perusal of families.
Side 42 - Temple Bar, it was picked up by a gentleman in the neighbourhood, Mr. John Pearce, an attorney, who showed it to some friends at a public house, under the floor of which, I have been assured, it was buried. Dr. Rawlinson, meanwhile, having made inquiry after the head, with a wish to purchase it, was imposed on with another instead of Layer's, which he preserved as a valuable relic, and directed it to be buried in...

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